Visiting The Farm

Rogowski’s Farm, in the Black Dirt Region of Pine Island, NY holds a Farmer’s Market once a month thru-out the winter. Yesterday was the last one. The good news is that the Farmer’s Market will be open here in town every Sunday in a month or so. I had to stop by today to pick up some of the local goodies.



Cheryl, who runs this second generation,  family owned and operated farm, has even been written up in the NY Times in an article entitled, “Women Find Their Place In The Field.”  It amazes me how many women operate farms up here – God bless them – it’s certainly not easy work!


There weren’t as many vendors as usual, but I did manage to find  some delicious cheese from Bobolink Farm…


… and raw honey and maple syrup….


and tried some fresh goat cheese while I listened to a few local musicians.


They have a cold room with organic (not certified organic, but REAL organic) fruits and veggies.



I had to try a bit of the incredible cheddar when I got home.


I picked up a cranberry walnut bread stick so I sliced off a few pieces and topped it with some goat cheese and a swirl of honey. Can you see my eyes rolling?


My husband loves hot, Italian sausage so I picked up a couple of those and put on a pot of sauce. I love pasta dishes – I’m sure I must have been Italian in another lifetime!



We kept it simple tonight and made a salad topped with some delicious shrimp. Yum!



What I love about the market is that you never know what you’re going to come home with. I pick up whatever looks good and it turns into the most delicious meals. Since we live in a townhome, we’re not able to grow our own veggies, so I feel very fortunate to be able to find all these wonderful things at the farmer’s market. The weather will be turning warmer soon and the barren, black dirt fields will be a beautiful green. Cheryl, the farm’s owner, said she can smell it – she can feel it in her soul.

What’s going on in your kitchen? Have you been trying some new recipes, moving away from winter’s heavier comfort foods? I’m definitely looking forward to our weekly markets to find some inspiration.

Hope it’s a wonderful week for you.



  1. says

    Those vegetables look divine – but oh, the cheese! I can practically taste it from just looking at the pictures :-) Because we are heading into autumn here, I’ve started thinking about soups and vegetable casseroles and other warm, nourishing meas for the cold days ahead.

    • says

      It’s a beautiful time of year for you, Sarah – I love everything about autumn.
      And, yes, the cheddar cheese is beyond delicious – so creamy and full of flavor. The goat cheese is perfection too. I think we’ll have salads topped with that soon.

    • says

      I’m with you, Penny, on the bread and cheese. Delish!
      This was our winter indoor market. I can’t wait until the outdoor market next month!

  2. Laura says

    Your pictures are always wonderful! I seriously could taste that cheese and shrimp! I so enjoy your writing and your photos, my very talented lifelong friend xo

  3. says

    Hi Laurabell! I have to admit, everything was really delicious. And I truly appreciate all these talented people who make these incredible breads, cheese, honey, etc. They are so dedicated to their craft. xoxo

  4. says

    What a wonderful Farmer’s Market. And I liked hearing about the woman behind it.
    Love the look of the colorful veggies . . . an inspiration for our market which will open the first week of May. And true organic, not the certified . . .
    Enjoy that cheese and honey . . . and sausage tomato pasta . . . YUM . . .
    I tried a new recipe the other day and one I will do again and again . . . lots of calorie and comfort for sure! (I am trying to give the calorie thing a rest for a bit . . . too much C&C over the winter months I think . . .)

    • says

      LOL – yes, Lynne, lots of C&C this winter. Every time I make one of those calorie laden meals, we have salad for dinner the following day – it sort of balances everything out.
      I didn’t realize until I moved up here that certified organic means that there are still over one hundred chemicals that can be used on our food. That’s the beauty of getting to know the farmers that grow the food your eating.

  5. says

    Oh my. That black soil is wonderful. I’m envious. Our soil is very high maintenance.

    “(not certified organic, but REAL organic)” As a former market farmer who didn’t certify for political and practical reasons, I love that simple statement. REAL organic.

    The bread, cheese and honey look wonderful. I bought local raw honey a few days ago and have a semi-local blueberry cheddar. I’ll make a bread to go with them in the morning .I’m glad you shared those pics. Great inspiration.

  6. says

    Okay, now you are inspiring me. I haven’t made a good loaf of bread in awhile. I think I’ll give that a go this week. I’ll use the NY Times no knead recipe. There’s a long time before starting the dough and putting it in the oven, but well worth the wait. Thanks for stopping by Robin.

  7. says

    Oh, that cheese looked so yummy!!! Yesterday, due to the snow, I decided to make a pot of beef stew. I wanted to make something simple yet hardy and I think that’s exactly what it was. : ) I’m going to share the recipe tomorrow on my blog. Have a very happy Sunday!!!

    ~ Wendy

    • says

      Hi Wendy – beef stew sounds wonderful! Though we are one week into spring, we had snow yesterday too. So, as much as I’m looking forward to the light, delicious eating of summer, we’re still enjoying winter time meals.
      I’m looking forward to checking out your recipe tomorrow.

  8. says

    Everything looks so delicious. I can’t wait to have the farmers market open here too. I do grow my own but have deer and elk that think it’s their farmers market. Fences don’t stop them and trying to talk it out with them does not seem to work. When 1500 lb. elk wants your lettuce you kind of don’t argue. But I keep trying. :–)

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    Oh my, your food chooses are divine! We, here in Melbourne Australia, are heading towards winter. Hot steamy soups, roast veggies and hot chocolate milk. Love your presence here! With love and a huge hug for you dear Susan, love Sita

  10. says

    Oh yes… I have been moving to more salads lately and loving it. Here in Nevada I do not get the great variety of fresh organic fruits and vegetables like I did in California but there are small places here and there. Love the cheese pictures! I really love cheese and was raised on goat milk and cheese. It is hard to a good source here and have been contemplating getting my own goats and making cheese myself lol. That shrimp looks very good! My son would be in heaven… and your salad OMG… Yummy. Your food pictures always look so good

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      Thank you, Eva! I’m sure it’s already quite warm where you are in Nevada. We actually had a bit of snow last night so we go back and forth between cold weather comfort foods and yummy salad.

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    You had me at cheese and honey :) we’d be great foodie friends Susan!!! I’ve got the slow cooker on, relishing in the cold nights that are here with Autumn….I’m making a pork & beef bolognaise with lots of homegrown vegies blitzed up in it – red & green capsicum, zucchini, basil, mint, onion, garlic, carrots and celery – the 8 yr old has no idea she’s eating so many ‘disgusting’ vegetables… she really my daughter??? :) Jan x

    • says

      I’m swooning, Jan. That sounds soo good and how clever of you to disguise the veggies and make it child-friendly!
      Hard to imagine you just heading into winter – we had a bit of snow yesterday and hoping it will warm up a bit next month.

  12. says

    Oh Susan, you have such a wonderful place to go for produce and goodies during the winter time. Simple blessings for your week. ♥ Teri

  13. says

    When I saw the cheese..and then the honey and maple syrup..I thought I hope she puts some honey on the cheese..and you did:)
    The cheese looks so so so well as your pasta dish..I love pasta dishes and so does my husband..we had shrimp pasta last night..and home made pizzas tonight.
    We are so fortunate aren’t we?
    The market..I would love it.
    Thanks for taking us.

  14. says

    We really are fortunate, Monique. I count my blessings daily.
    Homemade pizza sounds delish. Do you make your own dough? I haven’t done that in years.
    You always give me the best ideas.

    • says

      That’s exactly how I felt when I saw that display, Carie. What a pleasure it is to be able to buy something so fresh and delicious!

  15. says

    WOW. You just really made me HUNGRY!
    Yes, “certified organic” vs. “real organic” ….I’m glad you make that distinction! Makes such a difference that people have no idea.

    • says

      I can’t believe how ignorant I was to that fact, Cory. I’m so glad I have the opportunity to buy the REAL stuff where I live. Thanks so much for stopping by.

  16. says

    Wonderful pictures and lovely thoughts on going to the market. I think we are all ready for nature to burst forth into Spring. I am sure the goat cheese was as delicious as all of us think it was. And the pasta and sauce looked wonderful!

    • says

      I agree, Lynn Marie. Technically, spring is here, but in reality, we’re still experiencing cold weather and I can’t wait to see buds on the trees and the grass turning green.

  17. says

    Fresh veggies that are “real” organic. I love it! The smell of dirt is just one of the many wonderful things that Spring has to offer. Now you’ve got me all excited about farmers markets. I gave up my CSA this year just so I could visit more markets. Oh, and the shrimp looks lovely. Yum!

    • says

      Hi Manisha – I love the smell of dirt too. It’s snowing again for the third time this week, but I’m still hoping to be able to smell the earth soon! I’m glad I’m not the only one that gets excited about farmer’s markets! There’s nothing better!

  18. says

    We get some much pleasure in visiting our local farmers market and supporting local businesses. The produce you have shown above looks so good and that cheddar looks so crumbly and tasty. Sarah x

    • says

      Hi Sarah – You live so close to the sea that I imagine you packing a picnic basket of market goodies and sitting by the water to enjoy it!

  19. says

    we have something similar but way way way smaller. We try to go once in a while because it’s limited but the vibe is fantastic. They do have area musicians that entertain and local organic farmers. That salad looks yummy!

    • says

      Hi Karen – This one was a smaller than usual market, but just enough to find a few really delicious things. And, you’re right, there is definitely a wonderful vibe!

  20. says

    We have land enough to grow, but critters in abundance that would wreak havoc unless we build fences. So to the Farmer’s Market I go … fresh asparagus this week.
    Love your food photography … beautifully done!

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