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There isn’t one single thing I don’t like about autumn! Isn’t it the best? I love having to grab a sweater before I walk out the door because of the nip in the air. And how about the incredible color of the leaves. Here in NY we have some trees that are still green, but most have turned to the gorgeous shades of fall – rust, gold, red. It’s such a gift to be able to spend time outdoors after the scorching, hot summer we had.

And, the kitchen is open again! I love making soup, and could actually eat it everyday this time of year. My husband found a recipe in Runner’s World magazine last year that’s ready in less than a half hour and it’s so delicious. All you do is bring 4-5 cups of chicken broth and a can of diced tomatoes to a boil, add a heaping cup of shell pasta and cook about 10 minutes. Add 1 cup of cooked chicken, a
cup of fresh spinach or arugula and a can of cannelini beans (rinsed and drained) and heat through. The whole thing takes about 20 minutes and it’s delish! I add a drizzle of olive oil and some parmesan cheese to the top to serve. Simple and delicious – my favorite combination!

Enjoying the fireplace, hot cups of afternoon tea, the smell of cookies and bread wafting from the kitchen, snuggling in your favorite chair with a good book,covered in a cozy throw – how could you not love this time of year!

Wishing you all beautiful autumn days.



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    Oh my word. SO much good stuff in those photos!! All that beautiful Fall foliage, the gorgeous pumpkins on display, that beautiful salad! I want to come visit right now. :) Seriously though, I love soup and salad at this time of year. You have made me want to have it today!

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    Your photos are stunning, such beautiful scenery. I love all the autumn touches you’ve added to your home, it looks lovely. What a great recipe for soup, sounds delicious. Still hot here in the south, we hit 85 today. We get the fall colors around Thanksgiving so we are still looking forward to a nip in the air.
    I enjoyed the tour, thank you for sharing……..

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    Your photos always leave me breathless…they are truly outstanding and tell a complete story (a wonderful story) on their own. Enjoy the season and that soup!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    Your photographs are so evocative Susan, they capture the season perfectly! I am an autumn/winter person too, and just love this time of year. X

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    I have all the ingredients on hand for that soup (arugula is still growing in my raised bed) and just took out some chicken to defrost. I’m definitely making it!

    Here in New England we are at peak. It’s such a lovely time of year, but unfortunately so fleeting. like summer, I wish it could last at least another month!

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      You’re so right, Doreen. It really is fleeting. On good, rainy, windy night and that’s the end of the beautiful fall foliage.
      Hope you enjoy the soup!

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    Hi Susan,
    Yes, there isn’t much to not love about fall; I think the coziness of the season is the best though. Your home looks very cozy and all ready for the season.
    The area where your live is just beautiful. Here in Illinois, with the exception of the Sugar maple, we don’t get the colors like you do, but it’s still beautiful, lots of golden, and even the browns can be pretty. Easy soups are what I cook the most (even in the summer). Yours looks yummy.
    What are you crocheting?

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      Thank you, Cindy. I’m enjoying every minute of this colorful time of year.
      I’m finishing up a throw that was supposed to be one of my daughter’s Christmas presents last year. Better late than never.

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    I simply love this post. and thank you for the delicious soup how-to! I will be making that one.
    you’ve touched on every single thing this autumn lover cherishes too.
    our leaves have not even begun to turn. last year it was almost december!
    but I live in hope. LOL!
    still… we ARE having some heavenly cool mornings. and enough that I can sleep with the windows wide open!
    that is a gift right there.
    love and happy autumn hugs dear bean! XOXO

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      What a relief it must be for you to be able to sleep with the windows open after all the extreme heat you experienced this summer, Tammy. You’re right – it really is a gift.
      Happy autumn!! xoxo

  8. Laura says

    Pictures are so warm and inviting as usual!!!! You are the perfect mix of your mom and mine With some Martha Stewart thrown in! Hoping we can catch up soon! Love you girl

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      You’re too funny, Laura! Of course, I only take pictures of things that look good. I don’t think anyone would care to see a shot of the tumbleweed drifting down my stairs (I’ll clean it tomorrow or the next day!) I can just hear Martha
      tsk tsk-ing over that!
      Love you too, Miss Laura! xoxo

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    Fall is my favorite time, Susan, and your beautiful photos show so many reasons why it is! The puffy inflated cat made laugh out loud to see, and reminded me of driving down one of our main streets and being startled to see a HUGE inflated black spider on one corner of the GoodWill store! So far I have made a variation on the theme of Minestrone Soup and enjoyed it for days. Thanks for sharing the recipe for your soup…yum! xx

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      Hi, Gracie – The inflated cat must have been 30-40 feet high – saw it at one of the local nurseries. So glad you’re enjoying this beautiful time of year. I imagine the views in your area are truly spectacular.
      Have a wonderful week-end. xo

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      Hi Jane – I am loving every single minute of this beautiful month. The small trees out front have just turned orange and I find myself staring out the window at them several times a day. Perfect time of year to be outdoors.

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    Susan every one of your pictures tells a story of why you love Autumn. What is there not to love? Especially living in New York, you must have all the glorious color right now and are making me home sick. Enjoy the weather and the soup and I’ll be enjoying your photos some more.

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      Ted is Bev’s brother and our lives have been intertwined with Morningside as well. Our 3 children were christened there and we filled the Smith/Sinclair pews for several years before joining a congregation closer to home in Mississauga. Your article reminded us of those years and the many sales we attended to sample Marice’s beans and salad. When I married Ted in 1967, I was a recipient of one of “Grannie’s ” aprons.[]

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    Oh, Mary, I don’t want to make you homesick!
    Today it’s so rainy and windy that many of those beautiful leaves are quickly falling.
    Glad you enjoyed the photos.

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