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Oh, how I love this time of year. The weather has been crazy – last week we had a foot of snow and today it went up to 55 degrees! I’ve enjoyed cooking soups, stews and pasta dishes this past week –
such a great time of year to hang out in the kitchen, isn’ it?

Today we took a ride over to Pine Island where they were holding an indoor winter Farmer’s Market.
What a treat! They had wonderful breads, rolls and pies and delicious homemade soups, pesto, stuffed mushrooms and homemade mozzarella. We were also able to get some winter veggies and local honey and pure maple syrup. Even my favorite soap maker was there. We topped off the morning with a trip to a local cafe for a cappuccino. Delish!

Am I the only one that loves this time of year? Or are there others like me out there who enjoy hunkering down, cooking, reading and enjoying the coziness of home? However you’re spending your days, I hope you’re able to find the joy and beauty in this wonderful season.




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    I love this time of the year . . .
    Precisely . . . hunkering down, reading, creating, soups!
    I call it, “me time” . . . because I have time to enjoy what I like most.
    I am a four season kind of gal and find pluses in each season but winter is probably my favorite.
    I love to walk in the winter cold too . . . it brings some great color to my face.
    A visit to the market to find some fresh veggies would be great .
    Love the soaps . . .
    Happy winter snowy hunker down days Susan!

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      I’m with you, Lynne. I really love all 4 seasons too. There’s something to be said about each one of them. Happy winter to you too. xo

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      Hi Jude – I’m on a mailing list from Madura Farm. They’ve been having a winter market for the last 3 years but this is the first year it’s indoors. Thank you so much for my hyacinth – I love it and I love you! xoxo

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    Weather is so unpredictable here that it is like a surprize everyday. I am locked inside doing a MAJOR decluttering of my studio, with no end in site. Ha! Next it will be clothes closets. I am determined. All your food looks so yummy. Especially the pasta dish. I would love a farmers market close to home right now.

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    Oh, Sharon, think how happy you’re going to be when your studio is all decluttered and everything is exactly where you want it! It’s going to be wonderful and you’ll be so happy you took on this huge chore. And it’s the perfect tim of year, isn’t it? xo

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    oh good grief. yes. I love this time of year.
    EVERYTHING about it! it’s the triple digit heat summers here that I simply ‘endure.’
    I loved every picture in this post!
    the mug on that beloved little pug. even napping they look like they’re SMILING!
    and that wee bottle of new York pure maple syrup brought back memories you couldn’t believe. almost even brought tears to my eyes.
    my beautiful new york mother. that syrup. her special pancakes. oh my.
    another post that literally touched my heart. thank you dearest bean.

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      I have a feeling you’re like me Tammy and love every time of year! What’s not to love. Just being alive is such a blessing, isn’t it. xoxo

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    I live in central Pa. and by now we should have had quite a bit of snow but we have had little more than two inches so far this winter season! Ugh, I love the “stay in the house” snowy days. The farmer’s market adds to making all those good eats!

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      I feel the same way, Nancy. Last year it snowed every other day and this year the snow melts right away with the high temperatures. Enjoyed the farmer’s market even though it’s a much smaller version than the summer market. xo

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    We had two feet of snow last week and today it was 60 degrees. This is my kind of winter…the best of both worlds. Although truth be told, I am ready for spring. Thanks for sharing such pretty pictures!

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      Hi Kim. I know it’s crazy, isn’t it? I’m leaving the house in a few minutes wearing a heavy jacket because it’s 28 degrees out there, but later it’s going to be in the 50’s. I love it! xo

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    Fantastic photo’s here Susan and I sure enjoyed seeing all the yummy food…….and a big WOW to all
    that snow…..summer here and hot hot and I am much more a winter person ☺☺

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    Hi Susan, I have missed reading your posts. I got a new ipad a couple of months ago, and only realised last week that I was no longer getting notifications from you in my emails. Just a glitch of the new ipad I guess. I remedied that, and it is so nice to visit you again and see all your cosy home-making. Your farmers market looks such an interesting place to do your shopping. How lucky your favourite soap stall was there. Like you, I enjoy all the seasons, each for different reasons. I really like winter though, the cosy feeling indoors, and the long evenings beside the fire really make me happy. X

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      So happy to have you back, Penny! I love the cozy feeling of winter too, but I have to chuckle because we are enjoying pretty high temps here. I’m not complaining though and I confess to already looking forward to another snow day. xo

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    I love this time of year, and we’re having a snow day today which makes for a perfect day. This post is absolutely delicious, by the way! I could go for that pasta dish right now.

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      Glad you’re enjoying your snow day, Karen. I love pasta too, as you can see – I try to limit it to once or twice a month but that doesn’t always work, as you can see. xo

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    Visiting your blog is like being invited over for a scrumptious lunch…finding warmth, beauty and friendship at the end of a snowy walk. Thank you.

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    You got a good and proper snow! My son’s family in Bayside, NY, got over two feet of snow in the blizzard. I posted a few photos he sent me :) I love winter, too. Most of the snow in our area is up on Mt. Hood. [Pretty, and I don’t have to shovel it!] I have been trying to do an exercise program on PB and then go swimming at a local gym several times a week, but otherwise I am cosy at home reading and crafting and I have been enjoying making meals in my crockpot, still making salads and especially enjoying citrus fruit. Wishing you more happy, healthy days :) xx

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      Your views of snow covered Mt Hood are spectacular, Gracie. Good for you for keeping up with your exercise program and swimming – it’s just so easy to forego exercise this time of year so I really give you a lot of credit.
      I haven’t done anything in the crockpot lately so thanks for the reminder – it makes life so simple. xo

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      Thanks so much. I seem to be very into eating lately. One of my favorite winter pastimes though we try to keep it healthy most of the time.

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      Thanks so much, Deb. I’m glad I took those photos because I’m not sure we’re going to see much snow the rest of the season. It has actually been on the warm side. xo

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    Ohhhhhhhh boy do I love this time of year where the snow falls and stays! And stews and soups…mmmmmm Love them. I love to make all kinds of crock pot meals this time of year so that when I get home there is only too scoop dinner right up. We have had a very nice winter filled with snow and a small amount of rain, our reservoirs are slowly filling up but not to normal yet. I am hoping that this next weekend will bring the snow they say will fall. Have a great week

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