The Colors of Spring

















What could be better than this beautiful time of year, on the cusp of summer, with everything so lush and green and bursting with color. I really do enjoy each and every season, but right now I’m soaking up the sun on these 80 degree days, and finding joy in potting up some beautifully colored plants, reading on the deck with a delicious glass of iced tea, and even something as simple as a walk through the neighborhood.

After a bit of a health scare over the winter, I’ve learned to truly appreciate every moment of every day. It feels like the beauty of the season is a gift to be savored and appreciated, and I do. I look forward to days at the pool and beach with my husband and family, the bounty the farmer’s markets have to offer this time of year and spending time indoors in the cool ac on the days when the heat and humidity becomes unbearable. I can always find another book to read or something to sew or crochet.

Speaking of the farmer’s market, I bought the most delicious fresh spinach that turned into a great salad. There’s also a young man there that makes the best pesto I’ve ever tasted. We enjoyed that on slices of toasted baguette with a bit of homemade mozzarella. I can see we’ll be eating very well this summer.

Are you enjoying this time of year as much as I am? I truly hope so. Have a wonderful weekend.



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    Oh Susan, such a lovely posting and such beautiful photos. It feels more like summertime here in Kansas as our temperatures have been in the upper 90’s the past few days. Enjoy your pretty days. Blessings ♥ Teri

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      Wow, that’s hot, Teri. We had a hot spell like that a couple of weeks ago, but I’m happy to say that we’re now hovering around 82 which is just perfect for me.

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      Thanks so much, Amy. Yes, all is well in the health department right now, I’m happy to say. I swear it’s because so many people were praying for me. So glad you stopped by.

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      just to let you know, when Tricia gets back from the West Coast, i’ll finally cave in to all the peer pressure and read &#8oi0;Tw2light”……2h this better be worth all the rave everyone is giving it…..i’m game for an AA street team

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    I am Susan..what’s important and beautiful to me is the same as you.Even thetea:) LOL.
    I hope you are feeling well..and that the summer will be so good to you.

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      Thanks so much, Monique. Yes, I realize that you and I have similar thoughts on what is important to us. It is very often the simple things that bring us the most joy. xo

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    So nice to read and view your colorful post Susan. I was heading out yesterday to our local farmers market when we had lightning and loud thunder. It actually shook the house. I looked at the puppies and told them we are staying home. Then we lost power for awhile. So shall have to wait til next week. LOL

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      Wow, sounds like you had quite a storm, Sharon. Good for you for staying home. There’s always tomorrow.
      Hope all is well with you.

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    Beautiful, colourful post Susan, and I am happy to hear your health scare is behind you. We all appreciate every day and all the simple joys of each season, but a health scare makes us even more aware of the beauty of each day. Have a wonderful summer! X

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    oh susan.
    what a feast for the senses is this post.
    and you always make me want to eat better. that alone is worth each visit! :)
    now I must go and see if I’ve missed any of your other posts…
    and to re~visit favorite ones along the way. XO♥

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    So glad it was just a scare and you’re good now. Looks like you have a lot of beautiful color to revel in each day and that is wonderful. Sending smiles!! :)

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      It is a wonderful thing to be surrounded by all of this glorious greenery and lots of bright happy colors, Kim. It does make me smile.

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    Your food photos always look so delicious, especially the chicken, asparagus and sundried tomato. I’m glad things are going well for you and you are enjoying this beautiful season! It is already summer where I live, in the 90s this week. But the evenings cool off quickly and it makes for perfect temps for sitting on the back deck.

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    Wow…. Sorry about the health scare! I understand how that feels. I hope that you continue to get better. I love that square block quilt your working on… Quilting is such a rewarding activity Have a great week end

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      Hi Eva – I’m feeling quite well again, thanks to some amazing doctors.
      I love quilting small pieces. Don’t look too close though – my corners usually don’t line up perfectly!

  9. Sue McQuade says

    So glad you are feeling better and enjoying each moment! The chicken, sundried tomatoes and pasta look delicious. Do you have a special recipe? Blessings! Sue

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      No special recipe, Susan. I just sautee the chicken, asparagus, sundried tomatoes and garlic in olive oil and toss it into the pasta. If it’s too dry, I add a little of the pasta water. And of course some fresh grated cheese.

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      The weather has been perfect, though I understand we’ll be heading into some of the hot, humid stuff soon.
      Hope all is well with you and yours, Wendy.

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    Your post is bursting with colors of pretty flowers and vibrant food! I think I can count on that when I visit. You sound busy as usual and I can see your summer is going well. Enjoy each and every moment.

    Scrolled back to read about your visit to the Country Living Fair. I’m so envious! I am swooning over the painting of that precious lamb!

    Take care, Susan, and thanks always for your visits!


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    Like you I am soaking in the loveliness of this time of year, Susan. After some super hot days while camping we had a coolish cloudier week last week and yesterday was in the low 80’s with sun and a gentle breeze. A friend took me across the Colombia River a bit northeast of here and we enjoyed iced tea in a lovely setting and an hours swim in mineral water…the best hours swim I have ever had. I wish you could have been there because I know you would have enjoyed it. Do you ever drive over to enjoy sitting by the Hudson? xx

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      Funny you asked, Gracie. My husband and I just said we were going to take the 2 1/2 hour Hudson River cruise.
      We’re also heading up to the Sagandaga Resevoir, at the foothills of the Adirondacks, where he has built a beautiful cabin overlooking the water. I’ll be sure to take pictures!

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      I’m enjoying every minute, June. It makes me happy just to be able to sit outside and read or run over to the farmer’s market for fresh produce. I’m in heaven.

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    So glad you’re feeling better and out and about. The flowers, the food, the sewing,,,,it’s all gorgeous! Enjoy the season!

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    Your flowers are gorgeous! I’m afraid the heat and humidity have already arrived here in NC. At least it’s nice and cool inside! Have a good weekend!

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    I’m so glad your health scare was just that…a scare, and that you’re ok. There’s nothing like the threat of losing one’s health to help us appreciate the everyday simple things.

    We have been blessed with some lovely weather here in the northeast, and I see you’ve been making the most of it. Your food pics always are inspiring Susan! I planted some large spinach seeds last week and they’re already doing well, so I think we’re going to have to have a salad ‘face off’. ;).

    Keep enjoying life!


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    A wonderful set of pictures, Susan, as ever! I love everything, but your quilting is really so lovely! Glad you’re ok and enjoying life after your scare. These things always act as a bit of a wake-up call for us, I find! Take care. xCathy

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