The Calming Effects of the Sea


We’re spending this week at the shore and I’m simply amazed at the calming effect the sun and the water are having on me. It just feels so good to sit on the beach, sort of mesmerized, and watch the tiny waves breaking on the shore or closing my eyes, enjoying the stillness. Floating around in the calm waters of the sound with our noodles as the sun beats down on us, listening to the girls giggling – I feel like I’m in heaven!

I’ll have lots more pictures next week, if I can get the sand out of my camera! Wishing all of you a calm, peaceful, sunny (but, not too hot!) week too.



  1. says

    When I was still in the working world I carried far more stresses around … standing at the edge of the ocean, I could literally feel them drain away, leaving perfect calm in their wake.

    Enjoy your blissful interlude … there’s nothing better!

  2. says

    I’m so glad you are enjoying time by/in the sea, Susan. The ocean shore is my favorite place on earth! I look forward to the pictures you will post when you get home :) xx

  3. says

    in all the old books that I love and re~read often . . .
    whatever was ailing a person . . . it was always prescribed that they “go to the sea!”
    just being near it seemed to be good for body and soul.
    the air coming across it is cleansed somehow.
    the sounds that steady the heart and mind. the infinity of it all.
    I can remember it and how I’ve always loved it. though now I am land locked.
    your post here has brought it all back. like a gift to me. thank you!
    looking forward to all the pictures you take with your sandy camera! LOL! XO♥

  4. Gina says

    Beautiful photo. There isn’t anything more grounding or soothing than spending time at the beach. Sand under your feet, sun on your face, smell of the sea air, gathering shells, long walks, watching the pipers being chased by the waves, salt water on your skin, the sound of the gulls…… I don’t believe I could ever move away from the coast. ☀️☀️☀️ Have an amazing time!!!

  5. says

    I grew up in Pacifica Ca. a tiny town off hwy 1 our house was three blocks from the ocean… I loved it and truly miss it. There is magic in the water, shore, birds, sounds that soothes the soul, sand between your toes but the true magic is in the Negative Ions and the amazing benefit you get from them… I sure miss those! I am happy that you are taking time out and looking forwards to more pictures

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