Spring Is In The Air!

It may be a grey, rainy day, but there’s no snow on the ground and the temperature is beginning to rise -Oh, happy day!














I love this time of year – it holds so much promise. I’m definitely thinking all things Spring! Last week, I treated myself to a few spring-y stems of flowers from the local florist. Without spending much money, I was able to add beautiful pops of color all over the house. I’ve had them for a week now and with the exception of a few tulips, they look as lovely as the day I bought them.

Ever since my trip to the farmer’s market a couple of weeks ago, I’ve been reading about all the advantages of eating whole foods and just eating healthier in general. Of course, the obvious fact is that it’s absolutely delicious. According to Michael Pollan in his most recent book, “Cooked,” “Taking back control of cooking (from scratch) may be the single most important step anyone can take to help make the American food system healthier and more sustainable.” I don’t think it requires hours slaving away in the kitchen everyday either. Sometimes the simplest things are the best – sliced seasonal fruits served on a pretty plate, or a beautiful salad of healthy veggies with add-ons of nuts, cheese or hard cooked egg or some leftover chicken. I made a salad for lunch with arugula, goat cheese, toasted walnuts and strawberries topped with lemon vinaigrette – it took just minutes to make and was really delicious. Because I haven’t gotten into bread making in a serious way yet, I picked up some multi-grain batons from the local French bakery – they use all healthy products – no gmo’s. And, yes, I do use butter and enjoy every mouthful!

How about you? With the coming of warmer weather, are thinking lighter, healthier meals too?
Are you eager to spend more time outdoors? I think we could all use a bit of sunshine at this point.

Wishing you all a beautiful day!



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    Yes! This time of year always gets me thinking lighter meals because winter meals are usually the stick-to-your-ribs variety. Now I need to get all of the rib-sticking-goodness off! LOL Salads are pretty much my go-to during the spring and summer. It’s so easy to put one together!

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    I am craving heathy, fresh meals, for sure! The warmer weather always does that to me…I just wish we’d get some warmer weather soon!! Love that fabric!

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      I feel like you, Kim. Can’t wait for the weather to get warmer. Right now it’s 30 degrees one day and 55 the next. I’m sure things will level off soon and we’ll be able to “go out and play” everyday.

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    Hi Susan! My oldest son down in Bayside, NY, sent me a text photo yesterday showing hopeful signs of Spring, too :) Yay! The geraniums I brought inside in Fall are twice as big now and started to bloom, but I am not hurrying to replant them outside yet in case we have one last cold snap. Meanwhile, I am enjoying the blooms inside. Your cooking always looks so yummy. I have been enjoying adding strawberries to salads and I tried toasting some kale in my toaster oven yesterday. I washed it, sprinkled a little salt on it and baked it at 250 degrees for about 30 minutes. I left the stems in and those were not chewable but the leafy part was crispy good even without using any oil. Wishing you happiness! xx

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      I’ve been wanting to try making kale chips. Thanks for the heads up about the stems.
      I was hoping to go to the local nursery for some pansies and ranunculus – they both tolerate colder weather pretty well. I’m getting anxious to see a pretty wreath on the front door along with a few pots of flowers.
      Thanks so much for stopping by, Gracie. Happy Spring! xo

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    I thank my stars everyday that I go out and pick our homegrown produce for our meals – nothing compares. The fact that it’s good for you is an added bonus cause for me it’s about the flavour. Aren’t flowers an easy way to brighten you up – your salad looks delicious Susan!! xxx

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      What a lucky girl you are, Jan, to be able to get your produce right out your back door. I’m going to try your recipe for cauliflower. Looks delicious

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    Love your flower bouquets, especially the one in the pitcher. I looked in one of our local groceries this week for some tulips, but couldn’t handle the $1 per tulip price, so passed. I don’t think they can be grown here in AZ – too hot for them.
    I, too, have been preparing to eat healthier – and your food pictures look wonderful.

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      Oh, thank you so much, Darlene. I was very fortunate that I was able to buy my flowers by-the-stem so I could pick the ones I wanted without spending much.

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    What beautiful seasonal photographs Susan. Love the single bloom in the bottle, very sweet. Spring has sprung here in Scotland too, new buds and bright days, wonderful! X

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      Oh, how I would love to go to Scotland – home of my ancestors.
      It feels so nice to have small jars of flowers around the house, Penny. It really lifts your spirits! xo

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    Oh yes! Whole, real, honest food. Almost all I do in live some how revolves around food. Good bread with real butter is my weakness.

    I wish I’d thought to order Pollan’s book when I placed my book order yesterday. I will when I get close to the bottom on my reading stack.

    As always, lovely photography. I enjoy your photos as much as your words.

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      Hi Robyn – I’m with you on the delicious bread with butter. Simple and delicious. I love Michael Pollan’s thoughts on food. He’s made me so aware of the foods we eat. I’m lucky to be living in an area where I can get wonderful dairy products and fresh produce.

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    I liked your . . . “Just a few blossoms” here and there and your fresh fruits, a few nuts and a bit of cheese . . . perfect for an evening meal . . .
    Inspiring . . .

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      Hi Lynne – thanks so much for stopping by. I loved your pansies – I want to run out and get a few – the deep purple is my favorite too.

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    I;ve joined Weight Watchers . Started end of Feb. Doing well but wishing I wasn’t so food focused! I love the lighter meals: Asparagus, that is pencil thin, grilling turkey burgers, getting fruit that is not from half way round the world….
    and trying to stay away from Yummy muffins like blueberry lemon. I love all things lemon

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      Hi Kathy – Is there any way you can find a way to make your own muffins with lemon and blueberry that would fit into the ww plan? I love lemon too. Lemon vinaigrette on salads with strawberries is delicious, ice water with lemon and mint. I add it to asparagus with just a dash of oil and salt and pepper and roast them in the oven – So delicious.
      Good luck on your path to good health.

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    Gosh that salad looks good!
    I had to look extra hard at the photo of your green vase of flowers on your kitchen counter, I though they were somehow floating! Fab photo!

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      LOL! I just took a second look. It looks like the flowers are behind the jar rather than in the jar. Shows you how much I pay attention.
      Have a great weekend, Jill.

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    My eating habits have become so terrible lately. No fruits or veggies hardly at all. I need this post to make me get serious! Thank you Susan.

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      My problem, Mona, is that I like it all – the good and the bad! But lately, I’ve been concentrating more on the delicious, healthy foods, not much sugar. I’ll be honest though, I have quite a sweet tooth.

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      Hi Lynn Marie – I agree – it’s wonderful to see everything coming back to life, though I’ll admit to liking all the seasons.
      Not sure about the fabric. I just couldn’t resist the colors.

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    Happy, happy day! And a flower happy home! Really Susan, with such flowers adornig you retreat, all must be well! Happy spring to all you the nothern hemisphere dwellers!

    With love and a kiss, Sita

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    such pretty flowers! they add such joy to a place… My doctor wants me to go Paleo, I am more of a vegetarian but I have already started the change, More veggies, less processed foods, meat… but the trick for me is finding the right places to purchase pastured free range. whole food has some but it’s realllllly expensive. About an hour away are such places so I think a trip in the near future is needed. Have a great weekend

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      I’m trying to get rid of a lot of the processed foods too, Eva. I’m aware that a lot of the free range, whole foods are more expensive, but it is so worth it. I’m lucky to be surrounded by farms and dairies and bee keepers that grow their foods without chemicals and allow their animals to be free and feed on grass. I think it ‘s mostly about being aware. Enjoy your new way of eating!

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    Green shoots and no snow; that’s definitely Spring in action – and even though it’s warmer over here it has the same effect, sending me chasing after nice fresh food after a winter of lovely warm soups and stews!

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      I think that’s why I love living in a place where the change of seasons is so obvious. Each season brings such beautiful gifts and I really enjoy it all. Have a great day, Carie.

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    Would you believe we still have some snow? The winters just seem to get longer and longer, but the good news is that today for the first time I was able to take off my jacket while outside. Of course, it could be because I was coming from a Zumba class and felt warm, but I prefer to think that Spring is close by ;).

    I was discussing food and diet today with a friend. We concluded that we are very different…she said if it wasn’t for her hubby, she’d be 300 lbs, whereby I said if it wasn’t for mine, I’d be hot! lol To answer your question, it’s not warm enough yet for me to be thinking about lighter meals, but once it is then yes,I’m will definitely take things down a notch or two.

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    Your salad looks like one of mine! Lately I am loving salads with goat cheese, pears, and walnuts. I used to make very full, complicated salads, but lately am loving the simplicity of just a few ingredients. I have never read Cooked, but have often thought it looks like a good read. Your photos, as always, look so beautiful and delicious!

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    I’m definitely trying to eat better–more vegetables and fruit. And honestly, it’s working! I feel very well and am losing weight every week. Our farmers’ market hasn’t opened yet but I’ll be going to it for sure! Lovely photos!

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      Thanks for stopping by, Karen. Good for you for losing weight every week! Believe me, I know first hand that it’s not easy. Keep up the good work!

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    Hi Susan! We are still waiting for spring weather to arrive. It’s cool and rainy today and it’s been that way for the past week. I’m ready for warmer temperatures and sunshine. I love all the fresh flowers you have around your house! And the green wall color in your kitchen is so pretty.

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    Would you believe there was a little bit of hail and snow today?! Seriously, I couldn’t believe my eyes.

    I love pesto, and your pics and recipe look fabulous. I usually use the pine nuts, but I’ve been known to use walnuts and they’re delicious too, as well as less expensive.

    Stay warm Susan!

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    What gorgeous pops of colour around your house. I always find this time of year quite hard with food, because yes I am starting to want fresh, fruity foods, but the Summery berries aren’t quite in season yet, and the Winter oranges and apples are way past their best, same kind of thing with veggies too. But hopefully it won’t be long now.

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