Soulful Sunday – Do Something Nice For You Today!



I know you’re busy – working, taking care of children, catching up on laundry, etc. But, sometime today, try to do something nice for yourself! Instead of cooking dinner, heat up leftovers or order pizza, don’t make the beds, linger over coffee. We don’t always have to be perfect – we have to be happy! And that means putting ourselves first once in awhile. When we’re feeling our best, everyone around us feels better.

So, go lock the bathroom door, light a candle and slip into the tub for 15 minutes, even if it means waiting until everyone is in bed and the house is quiet. As Buddha says, “You deserve your love and affection!”

Sending love and good wishes to all of you!



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    Thank you, Susan. I love this post, I have been driving kids,around all weekend. A bath and fifteen quiet minutes sound divine.

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    Wise words Susan. Thank you for reminding! Just adore your mindset and point of focus. You’re a blessed woman. This new month of June im training to be a foster care parent, for tiny newborns to small children. I will need to take self care into this journey also.

    With love and friendship, love Sita

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      That’s so exciting, Sita. How lucky are those children that will get to call you mother. God bless you and this wonderful part of your journey. xoxo

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    Susan, such calming words and something to really think about. Even though I’m retired, sometimes I meet myself coming and going and really do need to take the time to slow down, count my blessings, and…..knit!

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      That’s right, Darlene. I know you love to knit – that’s what gives you great joy. So what if there are a few dust bunnies in the corner. They will be there tomorrow or the day after – today you should do what makes you feel good. So, knit away, my friend!

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    Always good advice! Not always easy to follow, so it’s good to hear that reminder, especially with a beautiful cup of coffee underneath! X

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      Hi Penny – I know it’s not easy advice to follow, but isn’t it funny, that we always seem to have the time to meet everyone else’s needs but our own? Just being aware of that, is a reminder that it really is a good idea to consider ourselves now and then. xoxo

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    I found you via the Homemade Heart blogspot, and so glad I did. What a lovely blog you have. I so agree about making time for yourself. I’ve done this most of my adult life, but even more so since passing the 60 mark several years ago. I bet you believe in listening to your body as well?

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      Hi Edwina – I’m so glad you found me! I loved your book selections for May and will be downloading a couple of them on my Kindle. Yes, I do agree that as you get older, you tend to listen to your body more. I think that’s because when you’re in your thirties and forties you’re so busy running to get everything done, you don’t take the time for yourself.

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    Not make the beds—EEEK!! That would stress me out every time I walked past the bedroom–LOL! The rest sounds divine though. I am so glad that I am at a place in my life that I can find time for myself almost everyday. I remember the days of raising children, schooling them, are RUNNING through my day.

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      I’m a bed-maker too, Lynne Marie – the minute I wake up usually. I’m glad you get to find time for yourself every day. It’s so good for the soul, isn’t it?

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    Thank you for this much needed reminder. I absolutely love the quote by Buddha. I’ve actually been telling myself this last week to be more kind to myself and celebrate all that is wonderful about me. It’s so often that we are too hard on ourselves. Have a beautiful week, Susan!! xo

    ~ Wendy

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    Oh Susan your words are music to my ears! I have been going 200 miles an hour trying to get this huge home ready to sell. After reading your post yesterday I told myself take a day off and just enjoy, do something you want to do. So I did and now I have renewed myself to take on this task. But I have given myself the freedom to stop every day and just enjoy. Thanks for the reminder. Sharon

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      Getting your home ready for sale is a huge undertaking, Sharon, and it can be quite stressful. I did it a couple of years ago and I remember it well. Glad you were able to find a little time just for you.

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    I love the picture! and I have that book… Loved it! It is a great book. My husband and I practice taking time out to care for ourselves, I call it my “alone time” or a “Me mini vacation” Thank you for sharing have a great week

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      Yes, Amy, but why is it that no matter our age, we still need to be reminded how important we are and that we need to take a little time for ourselves? I’m going to remind us all every now and then.

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      Oh, but you do, Kathy! What’s wrong with treating yourself sometimes? There’s a bakery by me that uses all natural ingredients – all non gmo. If you’re going to splurge, it might as well be on something really delicious!

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    If we would LIVE the Four Agreements . . . life would be very peace filled . . .
    Living In the Now, Ekhardt Tolle is another mindful way of living.
    Looks like I might have misspelled his name . . . excuse please . . .
    I hope this finds you filled with all good and happy moments . . .

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      Hi Lynne – I’m a big fan of his too. I remember when Oprah did a live online program with him for about 8 Mondays in a row when he wrote “A New Earth.” The book was difficult to understand until he explained everything. I remember crying after each show because I was so moved. His thoughts on living in the moment really changed the way I live my life.

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