Snow Days

Well, it wasn’t exactly the blizzard they predicted, but I guess we got somewhere between 8 – 10″. It just gently drifted to the ground over the last 24 hours, making for beautiful views from our windows and a nice, cozy feeling inside.













I know some of you may not agree with me, but, I think this time of year is just wonderful! I’m perfectly fine with staying indoors – I can always find something to do. I made a loaf of cranberry walnut bread this morning, but this time I tried it with gluten free flour and agave nectar instead of sugar. It didn’t rise as much as usual but I thought it was delicious (and healthy!)

I was going through one of Ina’s cookbooks today and found several recipes I’d like to try. I love all of her dishes – she keeps things rather simple and that’s definitely how I like to do things. Her roasted asparagus and prosciutto with a bit of hollandaise was calling my name. I have to admit, her slow roasted filet of beef with basil parmesan mayonnaise had my mouth watering too.

As wonderful as all these recipes looked, I had taken turkey scallopine out of the freezer, so that was our dinner tonight. I cooked them in a butter and ginger sauce and they were delicious. I made baked sweet potatoes and steamed brussel sprouts and the whole meal only took about 15 minutes to make. I told you I like simple.

Earlier in the day, I was reading a little of Esther Hicks’ “Getting Into The Vortex.” One of the passages says, “Your body responds primarily to the contents of your thoughts. Your life is supposed to feel good to you and you are meant to feel happiness in your life – and you are meant to satisfy your dreams.” I hope all of you are experiencing happiness in your life today.

Have a wonderful day!



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    Love the snow pictures – looks so quiet and calm. We lived in several “snow” cities in our earlier life, but happy to be in Arizona now and temperatures on the 60’s and 70’s.
    The recipes all look scrumptious in that cookbook – just may have to investigate further. I’m sure our library has it, or maybe do the Amazon thing.
    Happy, peaceful, beautiful days to you.

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      Thank you so much, Darlene. Yes, it’s quite cold here but nice and cozy inside. I hope you’re enjoying your 60-70 degree weather. Sounds lovely.

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    We never get snow here, so I’m envious of your beautiful white world and your cosy indoor days. I’m glad though you didn’t have a dangerous blizzard!

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      Hi Sarah – Yes, we were very lucky that the expected blizzard missed us. I’m enjoying the snowy wonderland outside, but mostly from the windows.

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    What a cozy nest you have. It is such a privilege for those of us who have the luxury of staying home. I remember the days of having to trudge through the traffic to get to work every day. I am thankful to have my little Ebay store from home now, and my blog, and blog friends like you! Being home is such a joy.

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      You are so right, Linda. When I had my shop, there was no way I could just stay home. People expected me to be open. On the other hand, I do miss working and have thought of a shop on ebay. How do you like it? Maybe it’s something I’ll look into.

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    Dear Susan … it is wonderful to be inside all cosy and warm and look out at such a pretty winter snowfall. I too, love those kinds of days. Although, our January has been so very mild and I too have loved that. I think it is nice to be happy and content in whatever the situation. My thoughts are, in whatever the circumstance, just keep it simple. Thank you for the passage that you shared. It is one that I will write down and read often. Warmest Blessings ♥ Teri

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      I love your attitude, Teri – being happy and content in every situation. It really does make life so much easier, doesn’t it? Thanks so much for stopping by.

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    I LOVE this time of year too now..When you don’t have to start a car..and leave for’s great cocooning.♥
    Like it feels at your home.

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      Not having to drive somewhere makes a big difference, Monique. I must admit, though, they do plow and sand the roads pretty quickly. I’m just happy to be home.

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    Delicious looking food. I always think everyone else’s cooking looks so much more appetising than mine. I love this time of year and could quite happily stay indoors. We are getting snow showers today that are forecast to become much worse in a few hours time.

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      Anything we don’t have to cook ourselves always looks better, Gillian. Sounds like you have some serious weather heading your way. Try to get whatever you need now so you don’t have to drive in it! xo

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        Does anyone see the irony in the SNP showing off an enrsodement from Connery (a confessed wife beater) one month after they dismissed an MSP for hitting his wife?

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        [..YouTube..] Yay!! It’s always good to see that even if you’re having a tough week you can still get the numbers moving down. Good job! I hope life has eased up on you and that this following week goes by much smoothly.

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    The view out your window looks like it could be in a storybook. You have truly captured the essence of snuggling in on a snowy day! And this is my favorite sort of day as well.

    I have three of Ina Garten’s cookbooks, I have to check to see if this is one of them. Because I also give them as gifts to my daughters and daughter in law, I get confused. Your dinner looks delicious, healthy comfort food. I make a habit of jotting down the ingredients for a few new recipes before I do the shopping. It’s always fun to try something new.

    You mentioned all the cookies I made in your comments to my last post. I had a relative ask me to make her these for a wedding shower she was going to. I was flattered that she enjoyed them when I had them a my DIL’s baby shower a few weeks ago. It was a lot of work but not a bad way to spend a cold Saturday afternoon!

    Jane x

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      That was so nice of you, Jane. Those cookies really did look delicious. I hope you set aside some for yourself, even if you’re on a fitness kick!

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    I could hibernate all winter if I didn’t have to go to work! I’d really love to just snuggle in and watch it snow and cook and eat and knit from January to mid March.

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      I know what you mean, Marie, I’ve always felt that way this time of year. Maybe you can plan to do that on week-ends, if you’re off. Give yourself some time to sit and enjoy your knitting.

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    Wow, that’s some yummy-looking grub. :) And what a cozy little town. I used to live in Cazenovia, where I went to college. Your town reminds me of it–so quaint and snug. Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

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      Hi, Mia. It is a great little village – a slow, easy way of living, which suits me just fine. Thanks so much for stopping by. Love your goats!

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    My mouth is watering … a perfect meal for a cold winter’s night. And a beautiful series of photos that absolutely radiate contentedness.

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    Just beautiful photos Susan…I particularly love the ones showing the snow…it’s hard to imagine you being knee deep in snow and we in Australia are in our summer, although where I am it has been mild which is a blessing as I prefer the cooler climate!! That bread sounds interesting, your dinner looks delicious too!
    Cheers, Jan x

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      Well, enjoy your beautiful weather, Jan, and your new chicks. From what I understand, we’re getting more snow on Friday and then again on Monday. Right now,I’m really enjoying it all.

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    Oh, that snow! Here in Oregon we are experiencing spring-like sunshine, which is awesome but weird. There’s a part of me that wishes for hot cocoa and warm, cozy fires… But it’s also a treat to have the windows open in January!

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    Thank you so much for taking the time to comment on my blog.
    I so wish I could experience some of that snow, and the coziness one gets from cuddling inside.
    Alas, I’m a southern California girl.

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      Well, in that case, I hope you’re enjoying that beautiful California weather! I honestly don’t mind the changing seasons – I’ m perfectly fine with cozying up inside.

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    I too brought out my Ina Garten cookbooks and made chicken stock. A lot of chicken stock! I love her recipes and try to watch her show when I can. You really did get the snow. We have had none and the ski resorts are hurting. I especially love your photo looking down the road at the bridge and all the houses. Reminds me of a William Moss’ painting.

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    The scenes from your window are beautiful, and all of the food sounds delicious! I agree with you – I love this time of year, and the excuse to do some cozy baking/ crafting/ reading.

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      I used to think I was the only person who enjoyed this time of year (I always have) but I see that there are so many of you that feel the same way I do. It’s snowing again right now and I’m loving every minute of it!

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    I’m so glad that the storm was not as predicted. You live in such a beautiful place Susan! What a pleasure it has been to read here this morning. From your previous post, I see you love fabric like me!!

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      Thank you, June. I do like fabric. I get joy from just looking at it! I love the colors you use in your sewing- a beautiful pastel palette.

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    Oh, I am so jealous of the snow. In Minnesota our lawns and fields are green right now and that’s just not right for winter! I always think that we’ve gotta have the cold, we must have snow!

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    I’m the same way, I love winter… yes, some days are hard and cold, but some days in summer are hard and WAY too hot. LOL! Every season brings something amazing to life. I feel blessed for having 4 full seasons. A true observation of constant renewal. It is a wonder.

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    I agree with you that this is a cozy time of year. This is a busy stage of life for me though and I can’t really be all that “cozy” with seven children to tend to. :) But I try. It was nice to put my feet up and read your post. I liked your photos and thank you very much for your comment today on my post. Stay warm!

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    you have such a pretty home, so cozy and I love your array of magazines on your table. I love flipping through cookbooks and coming up with different foods to eat.

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      Thanks, Karen. I love to drag out a pile of cookbooks and just flip thru them too. I can almost always find something that makes me try something new.

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    We were hit with about 16″ of snow and I was happy that we were all tucked in safe and snug. It was nice to have everyone home. I agree that there is something lovely and cozy about this time of year, but I am a summer girl living in a beach community and I am ready for surf and sun! 😉 Love that quote, need to investigate that book!

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      Hi Kim, Having lived most of my life on Long Island, I know what you mean about summer. For many years it was all about the beach. These days it’s the mountains for me. Thanks for coming to visit.

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    I LOVE! This time of year when the snow falls! Next to autumn its my fav… Esther Hicks… Getting into the Vortex… Sounds really interesting, I think you mentioned her before… I will have to check into her books. I totally believe that what you think affects your health and life! Thank you for sharing

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      I’m a big fan of fall too, Eva. And I do love Esther Hicks – I’ve been to a few of her presentations. I like her Into The Vortex meditation CD. It is so calming. I hope you give it a try.

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      Thank you for stopping by, Lottie. Can I assume you’re not getting much snow in S. Carolina? I have a feeling we may be getting quite a bit more here in NY.

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    Such a cozy and warm post… just perfect for this time of year. Your dinner sounds yummy and healthy! I love Ina Garten and have several of her cookbooks. I also like to watch her television show on the food network – it always relaxes me! I love Esther’s attitude, as well!

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