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Spring is in the air! Well, yes, the ground is still covered with snow, but, this week we’re expecting temps in the forties and possibly up to 50 by Wednesday! Can I hear a woohoo?

I’m in a pillow making mood today. I cut out a pretty piece of pink fabric that I plan to add some large straight stitches to with some embroidery thread. I haven’t sewn in so long, I feel like it’s my first sewing project ever. I have to get my sea legs back before I advance to anything else. Before I moved here from Long Island, two years ago, I gave away shopping bags full of fabric. I think that now’s the time for some shopping – little bits and pieces of colorful fabric to turn into patchwork pillows and maybe some with ribbon embroidery. Or, perhaps, just to look at and enjoy.

Have thoughts of Spring inspired you to start any new projects? Are you eyeing your stash of brightly colored yarns and fabrics thinking what to start next? Enjoy the beautiful shift we’re experiencing this time of year and whatever projects you’re working on and take a moment to think about what’s bringing you joy in this very moment.

Whatever part of the world you’re reading this from, I hope you’re having a beautiful day.

Joyfully yours,



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    Dear Susan … I so love all of the pretty colors. My, I do think that “SPRING” is in the air. Have a blessed week. Hugs ♥ Teri

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    May I make a suggestion? I’ve found that clothing and linens from thrift and consignment stores can yield wonderfully soft, easy to stitch cloth.

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    Lol I thought the picture of your fruit salad was going to be a dye bath :)
    Beautiful spring colours, it feels so good that winter is on the way out!

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      Hi Jill – I enjoyed winter and all the peace it brought with it but, I’m so ready for spring and a lll the beauty it brings with it!

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    It is approaching 50 degrees here too and I am so excited to be without my scarf and mittens today! Your pillow is so pretty. I would love to see your finished product! :) Enjoy the day and all of your pretty pastels!

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      Ah, 50 degrees! Only 2 weeks until spring. We can say goodbye to boots, hats and gloves for another year. Thanks for stopping by, Kim.

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    Such beautiful fabric Susan and perfect for spring. I have been pouring over seed catalogs and today spent a few hours getting my hands dirty in the herb bed. Spring is has arrived here in the south.

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      That sounds so good, Tracey. I’ll be happy to see the ground again. I’m hoping the higher temps this week will melt a lot of the snow. How lovely to have an herb garden.

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      Thanks so much for visiting, Julia. I’m glad you’re getting a taste of spring in your neck of the woods. It will be here before you know it!

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    The pillow is going to be simply lovely, Susan. Is there a name for this type of embroidery? I used to be an avid “cross-stitcher and have many pretty samplers tucked away. I loved the old scenes of ladies in long dresses and men in morning suits, pushing babies in fancy carriages along rivers with beautiful homes in the background. And of course…the entire alphabet!! :)

    Your meals are enticing…I was studying that salad with the broccoli and hard boiled eggs. Care to share the recipe?

    Thanks so much for your kind comments on my last blog post. I am starting to see the sun behind the clouds. We will be fine, I know. And your comments mean more than I can say.

    Jane xx

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      Hi Jane – Hope you feeling a bit better with all you’re dealing with right now.
      I love salads and usually use whatever we have available – Lots of greens and other veggies with bits of egg or cheese and sometimes turkey or chicken, maybe some salty olives, nuts or seeds. No recipes, just whatever is on hand.
      Your samplers sound lovely – maybe time to put a few out on display.

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    I love the pretty spring colours of your fabric and threads. Lots of spring colour here too in UK, lovely to feel the season change X

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      Oh, opening all the windows and letting the fresh air blow through sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? And in my case, a good spring cleaning wouldn’t be a bad idea either. But like Scarlet O’Hara said, “I’ll think about that tomorrow!”

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    Hi Susan, thanks for leaving a comment about my quilt! Just had a nice visit through your blog :) Love your photography and projects. I have that exact same piece of pink fabric in my stash, and have yet to cut into it (It’s like a bark cloth right?)
    It’s going to make a lovely pillow. Have fun with your sewing this week!

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      Hi Lynne – Thanks so much for stopping by. I’ve had that piece of fabric forever – thought it was about time I made use of it!

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    I’m hungry looking at those food pics, and yes, you can never have enough bits of fabric! Spring keeps coming and then retreating here – playing tricks with my mind! I have an exciting secret project for when Spring properly comes though…!!!

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    Spring is in the air here too. I just came in from the shoveling out the garden, and picked up a handful of dirt from our tunnels….the seeds will go in the ground soon. Love the fabric, it shouts spring.

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      If you’re shoveling out the garden, it must mean all the snow is gone there and, that’s a good thing, Kim. Not too much longer.

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    I love the vibrancy of your photos in this post. Spring has hit us here in Oregon (today was close to 70!). So bring on the season of sunset playdates and late dinners. Fresh air cleaning and local salads. Sunrise runs and bbqs. I’m so ready!

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    There is definitely a change in the air here in the Niagara region … and with it that pull to be outside, finally! I’m not thinking crafts, I’m thinking walks on slushy paths and towards the warm(er) sun! Soon enough though, we will be making Easter crafts and loving it :)

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      Oh, you’re quite a bit north of us, so I’m sure it’s still quite chilly where you are. Enjoy those slushy walks with your face toward the sun.

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    Woo hoo! for spring! Our apple trees are starting to bloom already. Our snow is melted except in the surrounding mountains which is still very pretty. I love needle point and sewing, I remember watching my grams sew all kinds of projects that she then gave as gifts. She was really good, My mother still has two wall hangings that she did years ago in her dinning room. I on the other hand although loving it I seem unable to finish one needle point to completion. I had four when we moved here from California but gave them away to someone who finished them. I am looking forward to seeing your finished project

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    I love the colours of that fabric piece. Very springlike.

    Spring has definitely arrived here in my little part of the UK. My mind is already turning to spring knits for my daughter and I might even break out the sewing machine.

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      It’s typical March here, Gillian. 18 degrees one morning and up to 50 the next day.. Glowing sunshine one day and pouring rain the next (better than snow, though).

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    Woohooo it’s Autumn here :) I’m almost finished a bright happy flower granny square blanket for my daughters 8th birthday, I am a wee bit late but it’s been a big job! I love the fabric you have and you could almost inspire me to do something with fabric…almost I say as I’m too scared as I wouldn’t know where to start getting my sea legs! Jan x

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    The fabric is beautiful! I’d like to try a bite of that loaf of bread…or is it cake?

    I don’t really enjoy sewing myself, but spring is inspiring me to work on finishing the skirt-sewing project I started some time ago–now if only the inspiration will be strong enough to help me get it done!

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