Saying Goodbye to February

In just a few days, February will come to an end and, hopefully, it won’t be too long before spring shows its face.  When I look back, I honestly can’t say that I didn’t enjoy this snowy, bitter cold month.


Yes, there were so many grey, cold days – you had to think twice before leaving the house, but home became a joyful haven for me, a place to rest and rejuvenate my soul. There was lots of cooking and baking.




And yes, I finally finished the afghan I had been working on all year.


I loved curling up under a quilt with a good book, or doing a bit of writing or sewing.


And playing with different fabrics to decide what new projects to start.


So, I can’t say I won’t be happy to spend more time outdoors and begin potting up lots of beautifully colorful plants, but I admit to fully enjoying my hibernation. It reminded me of that old saying, “life is what you make it.” Isn’t it all really about choices? In most of the moments that make up our day, isn’t it up to us to find the joy? When we go to that dark place that makes us miserable, we have the ability to change that around by just changing our thoughts. I choose joy every time! How about you?

I hope you are all choosing joy today. Thank you all so much for stopping by.



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    Yes, we have to do what we can to find joy, even though it’s so easy to just give in and listen to those dark thoughts that sneak in. I actually couldn’t do that without the help of anti-depressants!! It totally changed my perspective once they took effect and there was joy all around that I wasn’t able to see previously. Life is so much better when you can clearly focus on all the joyful things around you!

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      I’m so glad you were able to find something to help you, Evie. No one should have to go through life feeling a dark cloud hanging over them all the time. xoxo

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      What a great post and perspective. I am in Western Pa. We’ve had snow and ice and bitter cold. We’ve NOT had the hell ( 70 / 80 inches ) that the far Northeast has gone through. We’ve just had an average February…maybe colder than usual.

      And every single day I reminded myself that I was not sweaty and miserable, mowing grass in humidity.

      I’m with you! :)

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        LOL. I picture PA summers to be on the cool side with no humidity. I can understand why there’s no rush for summer to come in your neck of the woods.

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    I agree, life is what you make of it. It’s a blessing to have a nice warm home to curl up under a quilt, do baking and cooking that you otherwise might not do on days you can be outside, and finishing up an afghan. Such pretty colors and congratulations on finishing. That’s always an uplifting moment to say “I’m done”!

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      Hi Darlene – It definitely is a blessing – my husband and I talk about that all the time. How fortunate we are to have a roof over our heads, good food on the table and a nice comfy bed to rest in at night. I’m very grateful for all the simple things in life.

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    Susan, when you start knitting socks if you have any questions just let me know and I will help in any way I can. I honestly don’t think there is a better knit than socks.
    The spongeware bowl you have in the third photo? That is my dish ware and I love them.

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      Hi Tracey – The pottery is Beaumont Brothers from Ohio. When I had my shop on Long Island I took a few pieces home. I love it too. The bowls will last forever.

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    Beautiful words Susan…I have a little phrase I’ve printed out in my bedroom and read every morning “Please be responsible for the energy you bring into this space”. We all have a choice don’t we and I try my hardest to choose calm, peach and happiness as much as I can, although we are only human!! Jan x p.s. your blanket looks yummy!!!

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    Hi Susan … I love the peace and quiet of the winter time. It is a perfect time to sit with my cup of coffee and plan and prepare for spring, summer and autumn. There are so many little inside projects around our little cottage that I love to putter with. Winter always feels like a “slow” time for my hubby and myself. We have so very much to be thankful for and simple living is at the top of our list. Warmest Blessings ♥ Teri

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    This is so well said, Susan. I love it. While I am tired of the snow and the cold, yesterday I read a post from someone who saw the snow and was delighted by it. You’re right, it’s up to us to decide how we see the day. I choose joy as well!

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    What a wonderful cook you must be–your food always makes my mouth water. And I agree about February (though your weather was much more bitter than ours) I really enjoyed it. Cozying up in the barn with the goats each evening has been so restful and snuggly, and I cooked quite a bit and am also feeling my creative spirit coming to life bit by bit. Winter and hibernation, in a measure, I think, are good for the soul. :)

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      Hi Mia – I love that you get to snuggle with baby goats – they’re so sweet. I loved every bit of winter but I’ll confess to being very excited about the prospect of spring!

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    I am so glad that you shared your wonderful ginger ale bread recipe with us. It is delicious and I have another loaf in the oven right now that I am making for my son. He has been so helpful to me that I wanted to send him home with something I know he will love. I am hoping Spring comes soon for you. Thanks again.

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      Hi Sharon – I’m so glad you like it! I can’t believe you already made two loaves. Today I’m making some beer bread with a few add ins. I’ll have that recipe up soon.

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    I agree with all your wise words..
    All of them..
    I know too that for some the dark place is inescapable..for them I wish a change in weather:)
    I know you agree too..
    Susan..I feel the same way about home as you do.
    Our haven.
    Your fabrics are beautiful! I have some Chintz looking fabric draped over my sewing macjhine chair to recover my front porch outdoor furniture..I still have time:)

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      That sounds like a huge undertaking, Monique. I can’t imagine making any type of slip covers.
      Yes, We’re blessed to be able to make the best of a situation and to have homes that comfort us – very blessed.

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    My daughter has been saying lately: “you get what you get and you don’t throw a fit.” I think that’s a great place to start, accepting what you get and going for the joy from there. As soon as the warmer weather hits in our region, I feel like our lives are going to get overly-busy so I’m enjoying the slower pace and the time inside. Reading about your projects and recipes add good things to my day. Thanks!

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      Thank you, Manisha -You are so right about the warmer weather bringing about a lot of busy-ness. Right now, the slow pace is okay. There’s only a few weeks until spring anyway.

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    Is February over already??? Didn’t it start last week? blazing fast this month of February lol. I say YAY! To finished blankets… such a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction when done. Have a great weekend!

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    What a lovely cozy post! I really love your use of the variegated yarn in that blanket – it works so well alongside the other colours. I’m definitely going to try that idea! xx

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    I don’t mind winter and actually enjoy most of it. I do however miss my daily walks because it’s just too darn cold out there. But I know March is a changing season and every day will bring me close to my outings! I love snuggling under my scrap blanket while I knit it :) So does Frodo.

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    I’m most ready for February to be gone. March looks promising. I like your sign off – “I hope you are choosing joy…” Such an important choice.

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      Hi Robin – I just heard we’re expecting more snow on Sunday, March 1st. Maybe we’ll get some rain later in the week when it warms up and it will wash all the snow away!

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    Having such slow, idle days sounds heavenly. I keep so busy with my Ebay store, blog, and now opened a place at the antique mall. Winter has gone by in a blur so far. And Sweetface and I are closing out the month on a getaway to sunny San Diego! Beats the st. louis cold!

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      San Diego sounds perfect, Linda. You’ve been so busy that a bit of R&R is just what you need and a bit of sunshine and warmer weather is good for the soul. Your ebay store and new jewelry shop in the antique mall make me miss my busy little shop on Long Island. Looking forward to whatever comes next for me.

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    Yes, when I’m feeling down/negative/grumpy, I try really really hard to ‘flip my mind’ because as you say, happiness is often in changing our thoughts about something, not the something itself.

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    What a lovely cosy winter you have had……lots of lovely time at home to bake, cook and craft and enjoy the quiet snowy days of hibernation. I enjoy winter days at home too….there is always something to be busy doing. And then there is the spring to look forward to, and as you say, the potting up and the awakening garden to enjoy soon.
    Happy week ahead.
    Helen xox

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    We think just alike! I am excited for spring to arrive, but in the meantime I continue to enjoy all of my nesting activities without feeling guilty that I “should” be outside. There’s lots of time for “percolating” ideas in the winter; not a moment to be wasted! :)

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      I agree about the “percolating”, Nicole. As far as the weather goes, we take what we’re given and do what we can to make the best of it!

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    I agree with you about choosing joy. I think I might be obnoxiously optimistic, but my friends and family seem to be able to put up with me, so that’s good. Your photos and thoughts on staying cozy inside on a winter’s day made me realize that although I’ve relished our warm, dry winter here in Oregon, I do miss baking. There’s just something about pulling hot cookies or bread from an oven on a cold, wintery day.

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      Obnoxiously optimistic. Yup, that’s me too. I see that things are beginning to look beautifully green in Oregon, with buds bursting into flowers. Enjoy it!

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    Dear Susan,
    This post say so very much about you and I like all of it. Warm, cozy, kind, caring. All of those things. Those lovely different patterns of material..the delicious dinner..that you bake and sew and you take the time to visit other people’s blogs and leave sweet comments.
    Have a wonderful Tuesday..
    May all your days be cozy.

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      Thanks so much, Mona. I do love doing all those things but I’ll admit to being excited about the thought of spring arriving and getting outside more.

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    I, too, try to focus on joy. It looks like you found many ways to take advantage of the extra cozy indoor time! I saw on the news that you’ve had another storm; as lovely as it is to sit by a fire, I hope that that the weather softens soon so that you can enjoy your garden. Thanks for sharing this uplifting post!

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      Hi Shannon, Though we had snow yesterday and a bit more expected tomorrow, we’re looking at temps in the 40’s for next week. Spring is definitely on its way!

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    Wow! What a beautiful blog. As I was reading your post I felt the first wind chills of the approaching autumn and you are writing about the approach of spring. We are from different hemispheres and I adore your newly found blog. So warm greetings Susan. With love from Australia, Sita

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      Hi Sita – I’m so glad you stopped by! Yes, we’re looking forward to spring, but you’re on the cusp of autumn where you are and that’s my favorite season of all! Please come visit again.

  23. Suzie says

    HI Susan, I’m sure you will be glad to see the back of such a chilly winter…however all that home made comfort food looks delicious…also all that lovely fabric…decisions, decisions. Enjoy.

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      Hi Suzie – It will be nice to see spring, but I’ll confess to enjoying every minute of winter. You’re seeing the end of summer where you are now. Enjoy every minute of it.

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    Beautiful fabrics, delicious food and some good books. What more can you ask for? It’s called seeing the glass half full, and it’s so much nicer to live life that way. Good for you Susan!

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      It’s snowing here right now, Doreen, but, the good news is that they don’t see anymore snow in the forecast in the near future. Like you said, when you have good books, needlework and good food, what more do you need?

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    I agree with you!! I’m enjoying this last bit of winter. This last bit of cozying up in the house, making hearty cold weather meals, taking photos of the winter birds that come for food every day and so much more. At this point, I’m so used to the relentless cold here in New York. I’m dreading the muddy season that the dogs will be tracking inside, especially since we’ll be putting our house on the market in the next couple of months. I enjoyed your photos and I’m so happy that I found your blog recently. Have a beautiful weekend!! : )

    ~ Wendy

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      Hi Wendy – So glad you’re here! Hopefully, the wet, muddy season will be over when you’re ready to put your home on the market. We were in that position a few years ago. It’s tough keeping everything spotless (?) during that process. Will you be staying in NY or are you heading someplace warmer?

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    Hi Susan! I love the fabrics you have chosen… they remind me of spring! I especially love the quilt on your sofa, too. In fact, I am very ready for spring to arrive. I am so, so eager to get outside and start gardening again. I ordered a bunch of seeds from Botanical Interests last week, and I cannot wait for them to arrive! I think I will go ahead and start a few inside. I am excited to get my hands in some dirt again!

    • says

      I’m with you, Julia. In fact, I’m heading over to the Botanical Gardens this week and can’t wait to take in the sight of all the beautiful orchids.

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    Lovely images and the kind of post that I definitely need to read repeatedly in Winter! Happily it feels like Spring is coming over here now!

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