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Today is day three of six days of rain. Sigh. Now, I can really enjoy a rainy day – hunkering down, putting on a pot of soup, sipping tea, reading. But, I must confess to a major case of ants in my pants! I have pots waiting to be scrubbed and filled with colorful flowers, patio furniture waiting to be uncovered and decked out with cushions and pillows. Yet, here I sit with visions of warm, sunny days dancing in my head. I guess I’ll just have to be patient.

I’m finding that being stuck inside also has some benefits. I’ve been spending time getting my guest room/office a bit more organized. I’m waiting for a console to be delivered to put my tv on and then all I’ll have to do is hang a few pictures, add some colorful pillows and a throw to the couch, and that room will be done. Yay!

I’m looking forward to this weekend when the sun is once again expected to make an appearance. In the meantime, I’ll enjoy the pretty yellow roses on my dining room table, the green house plants and some quiet time to read a good book.

Wishing you all a beautiful week.



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    After two sunny days it is cloudy again here with some rain in the forecast for the next few days. I can appreciate your anticipation for warm sunny days to enjoy more time outside! It is exciting that you have made good progress on some of your inside organizing and decorating and reading, however. I admire how you have your material and books arranged so that they are not only handy to reach, but easy for you to see what you have to plan for projects. [So many of my supplies are out of sight, out of mind :) ] Rain or shine I wish you happy days, Susan xxxxx

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      I went through every basket and bin and got rid of anything I don’t use/need/want. Now I can start all over again!
      Wishing you happy days too, Gracie. xo

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      Hi, Natalie. I’m getting there with this room. It seems like it’s taking forever, but I think it will be worth it. I definitely did lots of decluttering.

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      I enjoy all my days, Amy. And I really don’t mind the rain at all, though I am anxious to plant some flowers and clean up our little courtyard.

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    Rainy days carry such a soft, home-centered feeling. Your photos always provoke that hominess in me, which I very much appreciate.

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    what lovely colorful glimpses into your life you’ve given us here!
    I think you make your own sunshine!
    wishing you a wonderful week as well dear bean!

    It’s a particularly wonderful one for me.
    my beloved nephew (the marine’s son) is back from the middle east.
    he’s been deployed for 8 months and we couldn’t know where he was.
    he’s in a special operations unit for the air force. but NOW he’s HOME!
    safe and sound once more! and I get to see him and spend time with him today!
    YAYYY! XO♥

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      That’s wonderful news, dear friend. Enjoy your time together and God bless him for keeping us safe.
      I’m sure it wasn’t an easy tour of duty and I know how you must all feel having him home safe and sound. xo

  4. Laura says

    You have always made a lovely warm & cozy home, and this one is no exception ! Between you and my mom I have learned a lot about making a house a home and a place I want to be. I too, love being home in the oasis I have created! I have also learned from you the importance of a good pot of homemade soup on days like these! These rainy days will pass soon enough and we will be saying its too hot before you know it!
    Thanks for the morning lift! XO

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      That’s so sweet of you to say, Laura. Your mom is probably the best home decorator I have ever met. Her homes are always unbelievably warm and beautiful. I have a way to go to finish this place, but I haven’t felt any need to rush. You made me think of my mother when you spoke of putting on a pot of soup on a rainy day. And a loaf of bread and something wonderful for dessert. Ah, the good old days. Love you. xoxo

  5. Lainey says

    Rainy days , I think, are those days when closets can be straightened up,
    Good Will piles made, and recipes for soups and stews contemplated for cooking.
    How about a strolling along the aisles of Home Goods too!
    Think of it as catch up days. Everything looks green and lush outside. Can’t wait to go to perusing
    various nurseries and start gardening , however, because the sun is going to shine again! Sun is going to shine again!!

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      I like your positive thinking, Lainey! Everything is starting to look beautiful outdoors – buds on all the trees are starting to open. Before you know it, the world will be full of color again – can’t wait!

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      The rain has really brought the colors of spring to life here, Monique. We’re supposed to have sun and temps in the 70’s next week, so I’m looking forward to hitting the local nurseries.

  6. says

    Lots of rain here, too, Susan. I am trying to find things to make me happy indoors, but the grass is getting greener and the trees have begun to sprout and I want to go outside! 😉

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      I know exactly how you feel, Kim. I honestly don’t mind the rain, but now I’m getting anxious to get outside and putter.

  7. Susan says

    Hi Susan…here in IL, the rain has been coming and going. A few nice days of sunshine anticipated ahead. I, too, am a homebody and can find many things to do which is a blessing. Your organization is admirable! Have a blessed day!

    • says

      I still have a ways to go to get organized here, Susan, but I’m heading in the right direction.
      And as for being a homebody, well, I love going out with family and friends, but I really love coming home!

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    Looks like ants in your pants has you super organized. Everything looks wonderful. Can you believe I am still trying to organize my studio….! I keep having projects and orders get in the way. But I am determined. Rain or shine it will get done.

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    Hi Susan, I must say you are handling the rain much better than I did last week. We, too, had 6 days of very dreary weather. I was in the midst of working with the color blue and I needed the sun. I got through it though… On Monday and Tuesday we had gorgeous days; today hasn’t been super sunny, but not dreary either. I’m not complaining. Hope you get sun sooner than expected.

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      I’m sure you must have great lighting in your studio to do the precise work that you do, turning out the most exquisite creations. A little sun coming thru the windows though, always make work a little easier.

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    Beautiful photos showing all the beautiful things you have at your home including colours and oh yes balls of wool, they make me smile and me inside today cleaning an oven…..no fun at all lol At least with rainy days you can always sew/knit/crochet or even draw and do like your selection of pencils there Susan. ☺☺

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      You are so right about rainy days, Wendy. Like you, I can always find something to do.
      Oven cleaning is definitely one of my least favorite chores too.

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    Your house looks so peaceful, and tidy, and organised, and generally lovely Susan! I love your piles of fabric, such beautiful colours. Inspiring! X

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      Don’t let the photos fool you, Penny. On the side of the room opposite those nice, tidy shelves is a desk piled with a hundred bits and bobs – that’s a project for another day.

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    you have lots of lovely things going on inside but six straight days is a bit much, yes! we have had quite a bit of rain but there has been breaks here and there…just enough to get the grass cut before we watch it grow again, ha ha!

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      LOL. Well, the good news is that is can’t last forever, right Deb? And in your case, there’s always a beautiful quilt (or two or three) to work on.

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    I try to think of rainy days as blessings. Something we truly couldn’t live without if we didn’t have them!

    BUT…I’d be less than honest if I said it didn’t get to me after a while. When we left the states on Tuesday, it was day three of rain and I was starting to feel like it was enough already. I think the change in barometric pressure truly has an effect on us, so it’s normal to feel a little ‘bleh’ when it rains for days on end.


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      Well, in all honesty, I don’t mind a few rainy days myself – everything is becoming lush and green and really looks beautiful.
      Hope you enjoy every minute of your trip to Singapore.

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    It has been quite the rainy season here in Indiana as well! On Tuesday, I was at the greenhouse in a short sleeve shirt and Wednesday I had my winter coat and rain boots back out!! I am in the process of doing some home re-doing as well. I have very ambitious plans of repainting all the ceilings, the living room and kitchen walls and last but not least–GULP!–the kitchen cupboards. This will be an all summer project as the weeks allow but will have all fall and next winter to enjoy it as I tuck in again. I see The Fairy Tale Girl on your bookshelf. Three of us are going to one of her book signings and an afternoon tea next week in Chicago. Say a prayer for us as we brave the Chicago traffic which is always as nightmare ☺.

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      Those truly are ambitious plans, Lynn Marie. I’m sure it will all look beautiful when you’re done and well worth the effort.
      Safe travels to Chicago. It sounds like a fun day and how wonderful to meet Susan in person. I love her books.
      Have a great time!

  15. says

    I hope your sunny days come soon! I love the rainy days! We are having thunder storms right now and the clouds are so dark they cover the mountains completely. I get to drive up into the mountains today and enjoy them. I know I am kinda weird lol. My girlfriend says that I am a pluviophile and I think she is right lol have a great weekend.

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    What I wouldn’t give for a good, rainy day! It was 86 degrees in the shade today!
    Your room sounds like it is going to be the perfect place to relax and be creative.
    Wishing you many sunny days this spring! (Just send me a little of that rain!)

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      I wish I could send you some of this rain, Julie. It’s never ending. I can’t imagine it being 86 degrees – it seems so far off for us. But, I won’t be complaining because there’s nothing I can do about the weather.

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    Your home looks lovely, Susan, and your craft supplies look so pretty and well organised. We have had a rainy afternoon here after a few sunny days, but that is good for the flowers. I hope you have a happy week despite the rain and that the sun is shining for you again soon.
    Helen xox

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    I love the plant stand. I have one of those plants and it is growing like crazy. I have mine in a basket on the floor but yours looks great up off the floor. I will have to check out the yard sales and antique stores for some sort of stool or stand.

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      I love having live plants scattered around the house, Vickie. This morning, as I was watering them, I was thinking how much joy they bring me. And, by the way, that plant stand did come from a yard sale.

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    Lovely post. You did better than me, then. We had one day this week when it pretty much rained the whole day and I was quite pathetic! Just kept thinking it shouldn’t be happening, and feeling fed up! I had so much outside stuff to do and wanted to do it! xCathy

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