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Last weekend, I made my way over to a quilt show being held here in town. I was in heaven the minute I walked through the door, starting with the delightful women selling tickets as I walked in. I went through the exhibition twice, reveling in the beauty of each and every quilt – the designs, colors and all the skill and love that went into these masterpieces. Be still my heart! My friend Judy, pictured above, is standing next to one of her award winning creations. I’m going to have to ask her for some tips on making something that involves more than just squares.

And speaking of squares, I just couldn’t resist purchasing a bundle of 42 pre-cut squares. The colors and lovely prints were calling my name. For some reason, the squares I cut myself are never really exact like these. I enjoyed wandering the aisles, viewing all the goodies being offered by the various vendors – fabric, sewing machines, patterns, buttons and antiques quilts. It was all a feast for the eyes, as well as the soul, and I’m so glad I didn’t miss this wonderful event, hosted by the local quilters guild. How lucky am I to live in a community filled with so many creative women.

Wishing all of you a beautiful, creative week.



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    Wonderful…every bit of this post! Thanks for the inspiration, Susan. I just posted a photo of the fifteen squares I sewed together…a practice pillow of sorts, and I have the same issue as you with squares that I cut! Know that I am cheering you on your sewing efforts from out here. xx

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      Thanks, Gracie. I managed to have most corners meet since the squares were so perfectly pre-cut, but now I’m on to hand quilting it and my stitches aren’t as even as I’d like. I’m going to call it my Practice pillow too. xo

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    Wow! Judy’s quilt is so very intricate…
    I really like the one with the vases of flowers and greenery, it’s soothing for my eyes :-) and your precut squares are a beautiful choice…

    I hope you’ve been well Susan, sending lots of love to you and yours…

    Love Sita

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    So good to hear from you, Sita. I’m hoping all is well with you. It seems like you’re traveling with Amma – what an incredible spiritual experience. I wish you the very best. xo

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    Oh my goodness, I am lost in admiration of those quilts! They are quite stunning. I like the squares you have chosen, the colours are soothing and pretty. Buying the squares pre cut saves a lot of heartache! I hope you enjoy stitching them x

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      Thanks, Penny. I enjoy hand quilting, although I’m hoping the stitches are somewhat even. I guess that’s the beauty of something that’s handmade – it’s never quite perfect, and that suits me fine.

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    What a wonderful expo!
    They take my breath away..I have a very old red and white one is in shables..and 2 Sunbonet Sue?Hollie Hobbie ones..40 yrs ago..when our girls were born..we had a friend..Martin and his mom made them..all by hand..I still have them..they are precious.
    The one w/ the dresses reminded me of that..
    Susan I love the colors that came in your set..I have always loved pink and green..gingham..chintz..polka dots..lovely.

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      Thank you, Monique. I remember my mother making a sunbonnet sue baby blanket so many years ago. How lucky you are to have them and know the love that went into making them. xo

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    oh susan!
    to come here and find this!
    and your words match my own! just how I felt as if I were walking through it too.
    the colors just SING! and I found something about each one to love.
    some just took my breath away in their originality and beauty.
    but every one of them I would delight in having.
    I have always been a quilt lover. I have one hanging on the wall over my bed.
    it was made by my niece in law whom I think of more as my daughter in law. I love her so.
    and I love IT so. it makes the perfect headboard. and to think she did it with a two year old!
    she said she worked on it while he napped. LOL! he’s 17 now.
    and on the opposite wall hangs another that I love. it’s behind a long console with a lamp on it.
    I sit by it to read at the window. such joy in quilts! they give so much more than mere décor.
    thank you for this wonderful post.
    well. it’s nothing unusual for you. I always just revel here in all of your posts. :)
    have a wonderful week! XOXO♥

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      Oh, Tammy, I’m so glad to see you here! I remember you speaking about the beautiful quilt your niece made you.
      I love that you have it hanging over your bed where you can enjoy it everyday. They really cozy things up, don’t they.
      I hope all is well with you. Did you ever get that new bike you were thinking about? I picture you riding around on these beautiful autumn days.
      Sending lots of love your way. xoxo

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        temps still hot in the 80’s here dearest bean! nary a leaf has turned!
        and i’ve decided i’ll have to have a kid’s 20 inch bike . . .
        for my height and also to heft it up the stairs.
        the plan is to bring back jacob’s (he’s the marine’s grandson.)
        and i’ll bring back his old 20″ bike when we go out to georgia.
        still just walking in the cooler early mornings now. :)

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    Those quilts are so beautiful and I love the fabric you picked out for yourself. I’ve always wanted to learn to quilt but have never been brave enough. Maybe soon…

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      Well, it really doesn’t require too much bravery to sew a couple of squares together. My first pillow was 4 large squares sewn together. So what if all the points don’t match perfectly. The pleasure comes in the making.
      Hope you have a beautiful week, Laura.

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    Oh my! I had to go back and look at some of these quilts a few times. The one with the little dresses is charming. It looks like one is actually three dimensional? The one that replicates an old city fascinates me. I’ve never seen one quite like that. And the vases! Wow. Just wow!

    The squares you choose are simply lovely! Good luck with your project!

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      Actually, the one that looks like an old city was inspired by an ancient city, built in the mountainside in Arizona. The quilter dyed all the fabric herself and won best in show! The quilts were all beautiful, each in their own way.

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    I loved seeing your trip to the quilt show and the packet that you bought while you were there! I had the good fortune to work in a quilt store for almost 20 years and I have ALOT of fabric yet to show for it….hahaha!

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      That must have been wonderful, Lynn Marie. You must have some big stash.
      And, how wonderful to have first crack at everything when it first came in the door! Sounds
      like fun.

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    Susan, what a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. I am a quilt admirer and hopefully someday, an actual quilter! 😉 Your friend does beautiful work. Her quilt would look lovely on my beach cottage wall. I am also quite smitten with the one with all the little outfits on it. What a cute nursery hanging that would make!!

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      Well, Kim, I feel that whether you quilt or not, you can appreciate these beautiful works of art.
      The time and skill that go into each one just amazes me.

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    Hi Susan,
    I was just looking at an old post of mine when I saw your name, and came to visit you!
    All these quilts are wonderful, love all the pictures, but especially the one your friend Judy made … so much work … looks like a prize winner to me!
    Love your squares! My squares never were …. then I discovered rotary cutters! They make all the difference!
    Quilt shows are always such fun …. I’m visiting one next week …. can’t wait!
    Good luck with your pillow …. looking forward to seeing it finished!
    Barbara xx

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      Thanks for stopping by, Barbara. Judy has the patience of a saint when it comes to quilting, taking out stitches and re-doing until everything is perfect. Me, not so much.
      And, believe it or not, even rotary cutters don’t give me perfect squares.
      Enjoy your quilt show!

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        En el post tienes todos lo paquetes necesarios, si instlaas eso no hay problema.Si no te funciona dirmatceente revisa la versión de cada paquete que seguramente estara actualziada, logicamente.

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    These are gorgeous quilts! I really love the one with the little dresses. Your friend made a wonderful quilt as well. I can see how you’d be inspired to start a project. Cold weather does that for me and it’s definitely here!


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      Yes, Deb, the women that created these beautiful works of art are so talented. I really appreciated all the hard work and love that went into these. You are an incredibly talented quilter too!

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    Hi Susan,
    I LOVE quilts and anything to do with them. Starting from when I was young I have been involved in quilting… Church events, Quilting groups and such. I love to get inspiration from others creations. I may have told you this but not to long ago my mother gave me a unfinished quilt that my Great Grandmother (Whom I’m named after) started but never finished. I tucked it away and intend to finish it my self but need more time…. Well maybe when I retire lol. Have a great week!

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      How wonderful that you have one of your grandmother’s quilts, Eva. You’ll get around to finishing it one day and it will become a family heirloom.

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