Playing In The Dirt

It’s that wonderful time of year when we’re getting ready to spend more time in our outdoor space. Living in a townhome limits the amount of space we have to a small courtyard and deck so it’s strictly container gardening for us. Time to hit the nurseries! The colors were just glorious.


Row after row of goodies to choose from.





I love the way they incorporated this old tractor in their display.


I was not only enchanted by the beauty of all these flowers but of the views next door and across the road from the nursery.




I finally made my choices.


I couldn’t wait to get home and play in the dirt, but I wanted to make a quick stop at one more nursery on the way home. Look what I found – fairy houses!



This one had a chandelier hanging in the entryway.


And this one actually had Irish moss growing on the roof!


One of the women that work at the nursery makes these charming little homes and you can see her work on her Facebook page, Annie’s Garden. And now it was time to head home and start planting. My first pot was filled with herbs – basil, oregano and mint – I’m thinking a fruity, minty white wine sangria here.


I filled a pot for the table in the courtyard….


And a beautiful mandevilla that will bloom all summer long.


A little bit of this and that in a lovely old blue and white pot. It’s looking a little droopy now, but it will perk up in just a few days.


I filled a couple of clay pots to put out by the front steps…


and one last tiny pot for the table on the deck which is the perfect spot for morning coffee.


It’s amazing what a few pots of flowers can do to fill this small spot with the beautiful colors of summer! I’m looking forward to spending hours out here, reading, enjoying morning coffee and even meditating. Oh, and of course, sipping on that delicious sangria I mentioned. So good for the soul.

So, tell me, have you planted any flowers yet or do you have beautiful perennials that add pops of color to your garden all summer long? Or, like me, does your landscape, in large part, consist of container gardening? Either way, I hope your plantings bring you joy all summer long!



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    Oh what a wonderful walk through your nursery. Your choices are beautiful. We try to keep flowers planted in pots at the front and on the patio, but it’s hard when the temperatures are in the 90’s and no rain for months in the summer. Actually by the end of the week we’ll be in the 100’s, so we have cacti, succulents, some geraniums in a pot that are doing well, and pineapple palms, bougainvillaea (which is hard to grow, but beautiful). Enjoy all your color!

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      I can’t believe you’re having such hot temps so early in the season, Darlene. You must spend a lot of time watering.
      Stay cool!

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    It’s still cold here…I am not sure the flowers would do so well in this awful chill. Oh wait, maybe that’s me! 😉 Your pots look lovely and now I am going check out those sweet houses!

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      Hi Kim – We actually had a frost warning last night and had to bring a lot of the pots inside. But, today was sunny and beautiful. Aren’t those little fairy houses great?
      Have a Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

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    I don’t know about you but my back is ready for small container gardens. I have more than enough dirt to work in but I’m wondering if I shouldn’t keep it low key with plants that are easy to grow and keep up. Can you tell I just came in from yard work. Hahaha.

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    I kept things simple this year, Barbara. It’s wonderful going out to garden on a day like today when it’s mid 70’s and sunny but when it goes up to 90 and the humidity is high, I want to go out quick and water and wait until the deck is in shade before I spend any time out there. Have a great weekend.

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    I love your flower choices and the fairy houses are just adorable! I try to use perennials in the garden, plus I have a few pots at either side of the path and at the front door. I grow shrub roses and lavender in the front garden , as they bloom all summer, and I have three climbing roses that grow up the wall outside my kitchen window, I put them there so I could see them when I am working at the kitchen sink (that is where I seem to spend much of my time!). Our back garden is just plain grass, the boys played out there when they were younger, now Meg our dog regards it as her private kingdom, and I have my washing line out there too, so it’s pretty functional, but we are fortunate that it has a high hedge all down one side, plus mature trees on the other sides so is very private. I love having all the space round our house, it gives us a lot of privacy, even though it creates a lot of work in the gardening season! Enjoy your plants, they are all beautiful. X

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      Oh, It all sounds just beautiful, Penny. I don’t have any roses but I may have to plant one soon – they’re just so beautiful, aren’t they.

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    Such a lovely nursery and that view! The little fairy houses are adorable ! I have a mix here…some things ( seedlings ) in containers and some flowers and bushes in the ground. Waiting for a warm up later on today or tomorrow to plant zinnia seeds :)

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    I enjoyed my plant shoppin with you..Susan..containers bring as much is the caring and nurturing.Snipping off spent blooms..admiring new growth..that’s what gardening is all about ..not to mention the visual sense of color an harmony..You did well!
    I too love the bucolic views..and that first fairy house is my favorite but they all have a charm.
    Enjoy this time..
    Did you happen to see that particular Wayne Dyer special on PBS?

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      I haven’t seen Wayne Dyer lately. I’ll have to keep my eye out – perhaps they’ll repeat it. What subject was he discussing? I really enjoy listening to him.
      I agree with you – whether you have a large property that you plant or simple containers like I have, it is truly a joy planting and tending to these flowers.

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    Love your colorful flowers . . . and the pots too. We have a large yard and many garden areas . . . They keep us busy from now and into the summer and fall. Mostly perennials and ground covers of Ivy, packazandra and myrtle . . . I mix in containers though to add more color and definition. My woodland garden is my most recent creation . . . I have added more flowers that I can use for cutting and bouquets . . . For some reason fairy gardens haven’t caught my interest. Maybe I have too much to tend so that a small fairy garden doesn’t tweak a mystique

    I agree with you . . . creating a space to sit and relax and read is a wonderful treat. My space is a screened porch overlooking the woodland garden. The singing of the birds in the background and watching them flying in and out of the feeders makes life pretty close to perfect for me.

    Enjoy your lovely flowers and your quiet retreat place Susan . . . Happy summer . . .

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      Thanks so much, Lynne. Your screened porch overlooking the garden sounds heavenly. I imagine you spend lots of time there. Enjoy this wonderful time of year.

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    Hello Susan and how nice to meet you! I was looking at fairy houses and found you there. The garden centre looks lovely; just the sort of place to lose an hour and a week’s wages in!
    I love the fairy houses; I’m thinking of making one for the bottom of my garden!

  10. Tina Zucconi says

    Hi Susan, love your trip to the garden center. I could spend hours in those places. I actually do..!
    LOVE the fairy houses….I’ve discovered an area WAY in the back of this 1/2 acre…had some guys in to clean it up…IT’s PERFECT for a FAIRY GARDEN… The houses would be a great addition… Going to
    Check out the web site. This is year two of my four year project to get this yard in shape.It’s hard work BUT I do ENJOY it… The FAIRY GARDEN is going to be the most FUN… Did you know that New Mexico is the same zone as New YORK ? But very different in my opinion.. I’m still learning!!!
    Thanks for your inspiration and your lovely pictures.

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      Hello, my Tina. It doesn’t seem possible that we’re in the same zone. Weather here is crazy 30’s at night and 70’s during the day. Your fairy garden is going to be beautiful – very Tina-ish! Hope your studio is almost ready to roll. I can’t wait to see all your crystal creations. Love you. xoxo

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    I love fairy houses! and container gardening is fun. I have a girlfriend who only container gardens and she has the best fresh vegetables I have seen anywhere. Love the views and pretty flowers!

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      Thank you, Eva. I’ve got herbs in a pot, but I’ve yet to try tomatoes, etc. I’m lucky enough to be surrounded by farms so we also have fresh veggies even if I’m not able to grow them myself.

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    Love the tour of the nursery. Loveyour choices. Living in a small space is freeing isn’t it?
    We have a few new rose bushes this year. My perennial irised began to bloom today in blue/violet.
    My columbine is purple/blue too. I have two hanging baskets and some vines and impatient in my front window boxes

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    Loved the tour of your nursery. It is so much fun to see what is “in style” in different parts of the country as to their climate. We have a large yard and numerous flower beds and a small vegetable garden. All are now filled up and we have a slight rest this week with all the rain predicted but next week will most likely be busy, busy, busy with weeding!

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    I would go mad in a place like that…and what made me smile was that my choice was exactly what yours was and I came home and played in the dirt too!!l Honest! Not only that…with my brand new garden tool set! I LOVED those deep purple petunia’s… :) Do we have good taste ..OR WHAT? :):)

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      You are so funny, Mona. I thought of you when I saw those sweet fairy houses too. Love the one you have.
      Hope you had as much fun as I did playing in the dirt!

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    The nursery you visited reminds me a bit of one not too far from us in Southwick, Ma. It’s only open about six weeks out of the year, from just before Mother’s Day to around Father’s Day, but boy, do they have beautiful flowers, and great prices too. People come from far and wide. Mind if I ask what nursery this is?

    Your flowers are so pretty, and the containers the perfect compliment to their beauty.

    Oh, and I’d love the recipe for the sangria when you make it Susan ;).

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      Hi Doreen. The nursery is called Heaven Hill and the sangria is easy. I use white wine and add some grapes cut in half, a lemon cut in thin slices, strawberries and some mint leaves. Let it sit in a pitcher in the fridge for several hours to get the most flavor. Enjoy!

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    What a delightful post. I can feel my paintbrush wanting to go to the nursery with you. I am heading to one today to get some plants. I am having trouble with the elk invading my yard as of late. 1200 lbs of trouble multiplied by 10. They just don’t listen to me. I have provided three pastures for them but they prefer my yard. :-(

    • says

      Now that’s a problem, Sharon. Have you googled to see what they don’t like? Here, in NY, we have deer and I just read that they don’t care for marigolds so I planted a few here and there. We’ll see if it works.
      I can only imagine what you would paint surrounded by all that color! You’re so talented.

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    Your flowers are fabulous :-) I love to play in the dirt too! My back yard has a pirate theme to it. No flowers, just mostly green plants and lots of pirate “stuff” lol
    big hugs,

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      Hi, Cheryl. Thanks so much for stopping by. I checked out your ice resin jewelry – fabulous! I wasn’t able to leave a comment because your drop down didn’t include a Name/Url drop down.

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    Your flowers and pots are gorgeous! What combinatin of flowers did you use in the green pot on your table? They are so pretty! I planted a pot of zinnia seeds in late March, and they are just about to start blooming. I also planted a pot of herbs – basil, mint, and chives. I also planted a few pots of lettuce for the first time. It’s so nice and convenient to just walk out on my patio and pick lettuce for a salad. I also planted a pink geranium, a mixed pot consisting of a sweet potato vine, cosmos, a polka dot plant, and a trailing little plant full of pink flowers ( I have no idea what the name of it is) and a little purple flower that looks like a daisy ( I have no idea what it’s called, but it’s pretty!) I Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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      Hi Julia – your flowers sound beautiful and I love the idea of planting lettuce in pots. You’ll have to let me know how that works out for you. It’s sounds wonderful to be able to go to your patio and pick fresh greens for your salad.

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