Pacem In Terris – Peace On Earth

Saturday morning, my friend Marion and I took a short ride over to Pacem In Terris, a breathtakingly beautiful sanctuary of inspiration, art, peace and mother nature at her finest.







This is the sanctuary, once an old mill, that has been restored. It is now lit by candles and is the perfect spot to sit in silent prayer or meditation. It is also the site of beautiful musical performances throughout the summer months.


I love this piece. It’s called 7 generations.


And here is the inspiration for its creation.


The sound of the water from the Waywayanda River, rushing through the middle of this six acre oasis, is music to the soul. Along with the incredible birdsong and beautiful butterflies, this setting is perfect for sitting on one of the many benches and “just being.”


This sculpture was a black face on one side and white on the other.






A beautiful fountain….


and this little fellow just sitting on a rock staring into the fountain as if he was meditating.


And this piece, in its own little chapel left me speechless.


with this perfect name..IMG_2096




I can’t begin to tell you the incredible feeling of peace that overcame me as we wandered through the many grassy paths. This little piece of heaven was created by artist Frederick Franke and his wife Claske – God bless them for sharing this with us. Dr. Franke’s motto was, “The meaning of life is to see.” His sculptures were meant to help us find insights into what it really means to open your eyes and see the abundant wonders and miracles in front of you. Thank you, Dr. Franke, for this most important lesson.

Here’s hoping you take the time to see all the miracles in front of you today.



  1. Lainey says

    Being in a wonderful place like Pacem In Terris restores one ‘s soul.
    Thank you for reminding us how nature combined with art transforms
    our perspective.

    • says

      I wish I could share the feelings walking these paths brought to me, Monique. The sensitivity of Dr Franke and his wife were almost palpable. Even the stone walkways were incredible. There were carvings in them such as “The meaning of life is to see,” or “We are all one” and they are embedded with beautiful colored glass. I’m already looking forward to going back.

  2. says

    These pictures brought tears to my eyes … the Darfur Iraq Pieta as powerful in its own way as Michealangelo’s.

    Thank you for taking the time from your own meditations to take pictures that convey the beauty and power of true love.

    • says

      I took a look at the website, Gracie, and it looks very interesting. I haven’t tried meditative coloring yet, but I may give it a try.

  3. says

    My goodness what a lovely place! You have many wonderful sites to visit in your area. It makes me wonder what is around me? I am sure that there must be more than what I see driving down the road lol I will have to do some research

  4. says

    I felt a sense of peace just looking at the photos. I’ll have to pay a visit there when we move up to Orange County in the coming months. Thanks for sharing your wonderful experience with us. xo

    ~ Wendy

      • says

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