Oh, how I love the new year! It’s a chance to start fresh, a clean slate. I’ve treated myself to a new planner (haven’t bought one of those in years) and a new notebook. I get such a thrill out of the fact that I get 365 days to spend the way I choose. Of course there are a million things that I do just because they need to get done – cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc. – but how I spend the rest of my time is up to me. What a gift!

One of the first things I like to do is envision what 2015 will look like for me when I look back on it at the end of the year. Because I’m a big believer in manifesting whatever we want, I write down a description of my year that is very specific. I don’t write down simply that I want to lose weight, I note exactly what I want to weigh. I don’t say I want to earn more money, I use an exact dollar amount. I’ve used this method before and my biggest dreams have come true. Am I getting too woo woo for you? Well, I really am a big believer in “As you think, so shall it be.” As Esther Hicks says, whatever we think about, we get more of. So, I prefer to shoot for the moon!


Another thing I like to do at the beginning of the year is to get myself (somewhat) organized. It’s the perfect time to tidy up drawers and closets and get rid of whatever I no longer need. My daughter told me about Fly Lady years ago and how she suggested setting a timer to help get things done. It’s a great idea and I’ve been using it for big jobs and small ever since. On days when I don’t feel like devoting hours and hours to a particular task, I set the timer. For example, when my closet looks like it could use a bit of tidying, I set the timer for 15 minutes. I feel like I’m in a race with the clock so I stay focused and get the job done. There are times when the timer goes off and I keep going – it’s getting started that’s the hardest part. It works for me and it keeps me from getting distracted. And I really love the feeling of freedom that comes with de-cluttering.


Oh, and my favorite – a new composition notebook. I love to keep it handy to make running lists of ideas for projects in the house, different things I’d like to try, recipes, and whatever else comes to mind. I find if I don’t write things down, thoughts just drift away, never to return. With my notebook I can jot down a great quote or the name of a book I’d like to read and have it handy when I want to use the information.

So, I’m all set to jump into 2015 with plans and projects and great expectations! How about you? Have you made resolutions or set goals or like me, envisioned the way you want your year to look? However you’ve chosen to begin your year, I hope it fills you with great joy.

With love,



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    Dear Susan … I am so enjoying your “little space” and all that you share here. I too love the feeling of the new year and all that lies ahead. I set goals for the new year. My goal for 2015 is “slow and simple” living. I want to cherish each and every moment and not hurry through the year. It seems each year goes by much quicker than the one before. I have our Home Journal that I keep updated that I would be lost without. I love keeping things simple and organized. Sweet pleasures and simple blessings for 2015. ♥ Teri

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      Hi Teri – I agree with you that each year goes quicker than the one before. That’s why it’s important to live in the moment and squeeze every drop of joy from each day. I love the idea that you keep a Home Journal. It seems the older I get, the more important it becomes to write things down! Happy 2015.

  2. Laura says

    I too love the feeling that comes with clearing the clutter! Thank you for the timer idea and the being more specific with our goals! I too cannot wait for the day I have 365 days to do as I please! It’s coming sooner than i ever thought, Thank Goodness! Always could use the guidance from a “big sis”

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      Hello my Laura, You do have 365 days this year! You’re not at work 24/7. When you’re not working, you have to think about how you want to spend your time and TALENT!!! I’ve been using a timer at home and in the shop too, for years – I’m very easily distracted and it helps me focus. Love you, honey bunch!!! xoxo

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    I had to come visit after you commented on my blog. (Thank you for that!) Notebooks and lists are a favorite of mine, too. When you write something down it takes more effort than just thinking about it so I feel like I take it more seriously. I’m still in the process of listing out everything I want to make happen in 2015 but it feels good to have a head start on that. Happy 2015 to you and I hope you’ll come back and visit me again! :)

    • says

      Thank you so much for visiting, Evie. My notebook just makes everything easy – no pressure. And yes, I’ll definitely be back to visit. Good luck to you.

  4. says

    I love all these ideas, Susan, but the one that really interests me is the description of the coming year! Do you sit down and do it all in one go? I’m intrigued!

    Tell me.

    • says

      Yes, Sue, I do the vision of the year in one sitting. It’s something I think about at the end of the year and when I write it down I’m really specific about how I expect it to turn out. It doesn’t take long because when I finally sit down to do it, I know what kind of outcome I want and the words more or less just flow.

  5. says

    I am intrigued by your idea of envisaging the year ahead. I have never done that, and in fact this is the first year I have decided on a ‘word of the year’, though I have occasionally set New Year resolutions in the past. My word for this year is ‘Organisation’. As a stay at home mum, I find that I lack the sense of urgency that used to attend my days at work, which in turn forced me to be organised, so my aim for the year is to regain that sense of organisation, which should benefit the family, and ultimately free up more time for me to pursue my own interests, as I (hopefully) won’t be doing laundry in the evenings/ thinking of our evening meal an hour before we eat/ realising we have run out of a household essential on a day when I can’t get to the shops, plus a hundred and one other little things that make me feel disorganised. Here’s to the year ahead! X

    • says

      Hi Penny – Yes, isn’t it amazing that when we have jobs outside the home, we somehow manage to stay more organized at home? I’m definitely not the most organized person in the world but there are a few things I’ve learned to make my life easier. I throw laundry in the washer first thing in the morning, I do household chores in the am, make my bed as soon I wake up, and sometimes, like today, I make something to have for dinner so I don’t have to think about it later. I like getting things done early so I have time to do things that I enjoy. xoxo

  6. says

    You have me reconsidering my resistance toward setting specific goals, or at least to writing them down, Susan. There is a part of me that appreciates the truths you typed, however. A few days ago, I typed to a friend that it is exciting to imagine the creative goodness we could be involved in during 2015, because I truly believe that, and I also believe in the wisdom, “as a man thinks, so is he”…now to write down what I am thinking :-) I am looking forward to your posts reflecting your progress! xx

    • says

      I honestly don’t do much in the way of resolutions, Gracie – just write down my vision, which is actually kind of fun. I love that you plan to be involved with lots of creative goodness this year. What could be more fun than that! xoxo

  7. says

    They sounds like some great plans for the year – I knew I really wanted to think about my plans this year and Christmas was too busy for proper thinking so I’ve set myself January to make the plans and then the rest of the year for world domination – or something like that!

    • says

      I love it! After the craziness the holidays bring, it’s nice to have a bit of time to catch your breath and be able to think a little more clearly. January is the perfect time to decide what you want the rest of your year to look like. I hope its a great one!!

  8. says

    I’m in the process of clearing out my wardrobe a bit at a time. Setting a timer is a great idea. This isn’t a job I like doing though I do like it when I end up with a de-cluttered wardrobe. And possibly the necessity of having to buy some new clothes!

    • says

      I love setting the timer for jobs I dislike. I tell myself I only have to do it in small increments and it keeps me from getting overwhelmed. Thanks so much for stopping by, Gillian.

  9. says

    I agree completely with that sesnse of a clean slate at the beginning of the new year. Anything is possible. Especially when you are focused on your goals. I also write down my goals for the day each morning. It helps me remember what is most important today.

  10. says

    Envisioning and writing things down can do wonders for the manifestation of our goals, as you have found. There is something defining and focused about doing things the ‘old school’ way like getting an actual book (love the composition book you illustrated…brings back memories).

    It’s so true that time can slip away from us in the blink of an eye and before we realize it, so few of our dreams and goals have been realized. One of my favorite quotes comes from Andy Rooney…’life is like a roll of toilet paper. The closer it gets to the end the faster it goes’.

    Here’s to a happy and productive year for you Susan (and me!)

    • says

      Love my composition notebooks. I have a smartphone I leave notes on, I have beautiful journals that I write in often (love my manifestation journal) and then there is my old fashioned notebook that all the info ends up in. I guess old habits die hard. Have a great year Doreen!

  11. says

    I saw your new planner go by on Facebook and I had to pop over, Susan! I have the same one, as I too am a lover of pretty paper, notebooks and planning! I am a true pen and paper girl and I love the idea of dreaming in black and white….or pink, or blue or marble! 😉 Happy New Year, it sounds like you’re enjoying it already! :)

    • says

      I love pens and paper too, Kim! There’s something about writing down a thought that brings it to life. And I love being able to look back on things. Hope 2015 is wonderful year for you!

  12. says

    I too get an organizational itch as if it were Spring..Moreso supplies.
    Love everything home.
    Happy New Year..

  13. says

    I use the timer trick, too, when I have a project to tackle! I really appreciated this enthusiastic post; the last two years have been challenging in my corner, so I’ve found myself looking into 2015 with some trepidation. It is good to remember that positive attracts positive.

    • says

      You must absolutely focus on all the things in life that bring you joy, that you are most grateful for, Shannon and know for sure that 2015 is going to be a wonderful year for you. xoxo

    • says

      Hi Sharon – Thank you so much for stopping by. I remember a few years back when I’d set the timer for 10 minutes before I left for my shop in the morning. I’d get my desk top neatened up or the laundry folded and put away. I think it works for me because I seem to have trouble focusing on one thing at a time. Any little thing to keep myself on track (sort of)!!!

  14. says

    I too have been in de-cluttering mania since the New Year and I feel so much lighter and clearer in my head!

    I’m so with you on the being precise about what you want to achieve in the coming year – makes it so much more likely to happen!

  15. says

    Oh my goodness… I love fly lady! She really made a difference in my life! I love making lists, organizing, and putting things into order as well. I love that Esther Hicks quote! I’ve made some goals for this year that I am really excited about achieving. Here is to perseverance and achieving our goals in 2015

    • says

      Oh, I’m really not all that organized. I do my best and let it go at that, but that fly lady tip has been a life saver for me. Here’s to having a 2015 that makes us very happy!!! xoxo

    • says

      Hi Teresa – I’m so jealous – I’d love to be heading out for a swim. It sounds wonderful. On the other hand, I’m perfectly content gazing at the snow through my window, working on my afghan. Thank you so much for stopping by. oxo

  16. says

    Susan you are so right about it being a gift! I think I’ll grab that statement and run with it :) I love the beginning of the new year too and am taking a break from re-decorating my kitchen and giving my bedroom a revamp! I’m using my favourite tea cups in the kitchen on a shelf that did house photo frames but I love these tea cups, a cheap way to do it too! Thanks for the reminder about the timer, I did that ages ago but must do it again. It’s amazing to me how wonderful it feels to declutter but it really is the getting started that is the hardest!
    Good luck with a wonderful 2015!
    Warm regards,

  17. says

    Your blog is lovely, and I nodded my head a few times as I read this post. I buy a new composition book–always a black one–every few months. I fill them with all kinds of thoughts, ideas, brainstorms, or wild hares as one of my grandmothers would say. :)

    Happy new year, Susan! I’m adding you to my bloglovin-followed-blogs soon. :)

  18. says

    I don’t know what it is about writing it down that’s so effective, but it really works. I’ve come across my lists that are years old and have been surprised at how many goals have manifested themselves! Happy 2015!

    • says

      It’s amazing, isn’t it. Years ago, I wrote down what I wanted my perfect day to look like. Many years later, I was standing in my shop and a friend of mine dropped in. She took off her coat and began putting out new stock, and doing a bit of re-arranging to make room for everything. I had an ah-ha moment when I realized I written this down years ago when I described my perfect day. Writing down what we want can definitely be very powerful!

    • says

      Hi Deb. You must be so excited about opening your easy shop. It’s a big step, but nothing to worry about. It will all work itself out and you’ll be on your way to becoming a successful entrepreneur! The very best of luck to you.

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  19. says

    You really are an inspiration. I think being more detailed in our goals is a great way to keep us on track. Being vague…we’ve set the perimeters too wide. I could use a notebook. I’m always writing on scraps of paper and losing everything!

    Thank you so much for your visits!

    Jane x

  20. says

    Hi Jane, Thanks so much for stopping by. I honestly feel that if we hope to manifest something, we should know exactly what it is that we want. Makes sense. And I’ with you about writing things down on little scraps of paper – it just doesn’t work.

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