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I think I spoke too soon about the gorgeous spring-like weather we were experiencing here in the northeast last week. On Tuesday, dear old Mother Nature had a change of heart and we were blasted with over 18″ of snow. Of course, the news broadcasters were happy to give us plenty of advance warning so I had time to run to the local grocery store for all the necessary snow supplies (you know, bagels, mini peanut butter cups, ice cream) along with hoards of other locals.

It started around 2 a.m, kept up until 6 p.m. and I enjoyed every minute of it! I declared it an official snow day which means no cleaning, no laundry and cooking is optional. I hung out under a quilt with lots of coffee, a good book, a crochet project and the latest edition of Victoria magazine. It was full of all things floral and transported me to a world of bright colored blossoms, a charming cabin in the Smokey mountains, April Cornell’s beautiful studio in Burlington, Vermont and a fabulous house tour in New Orleans. The flowery beauty made me forget, for just a moment, that there was a blizzard going on right outside my window.

As much as I enjoyed my official snow day, and I really believe in living in the moment, I will admit to being just a tiny bit excited at the prospect of spring – seeing the melting snow give way to buds on the trees and bushes, bulbs shooting up out of the ground and turning into beautiful daffodils, tulips and hyacinth and feeling a warm breeze on my face as I sit outdoors with a good book. Soon, I tell myself, soon.


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    WOW that is a lot of snow and makes me feel quite cool here while we have extra hot days here….we are
    waiting on Autumn kicking in here lol lol and able to crochet/knit easier instead of in front of air conditioner xo

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    I love your idea of being snowed in. and the blizzard supplies… would be mine too!
    maybe hot fudge to go on the ice cream. :)
    this whole post is bliss.
    you know I always used to love the old Victoria magazine. and I haven’t even read it since it’s back.
    THANK YOU for reminding me of it. the pictures in it truly ARE “bliss” as it says under it’s name.
    now I will get the latest copy for sure. and reacquaint an old friend. xoxo♥
    your little one in the cozy bed says…
    “i’m too short to go out there. wake me when it’s over.” LOLOL!

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      Molly was quite a trooper and, as you can see, had to rest up from all the effort it took to walk outside in
      this. I used to subscribe to Victoria magazine years ago, but I think this is only the second time I purchased a copy since it came out again. The pictures in this issue were exquisite and really put me in the mood for spring with all it’s sunshine and flowers.
      Hope all is well with, Tammy. Miss you. xoxo

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    Same here..a blizzard..huge accumulation..weirdly so..apart from the added work it gives my valiant husband..I don’t mind:)
    Yrs ago..yrs ago..80′ 90’s I never missed an issue of Victoria..then it disappeared..and so did I..I have 2 issues friends sent me..I should look for it again:)

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      More snow on the way today, Monique.
      I really don’t buy too many magazines these days, but there are a couple I really like
      and pick up on occasion. I consider it a treat. xo

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    I was thinking about you this week, wondering how much snow you would receive, but the one thing I didn’t wonder was whether or not you would make the best of it. :).

    We received about 20″, but of course we’re not there to experience it. At least we won’t have a drought this year!


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      Lucky you, Doreen! Enjoy your time down south and take your time coming home. With snow predicted
      for today, it doesn’t look like time winter will be ending any time soon up here in the north. xo

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    Major curve ball, for sure, Susan!! We only got a few inches, but the rest of day it hailed, snowed, sleeted and then froze. We were dealing with ice, ice and more ice. That’s ok, we had a snow day, too. Fun!!

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      I thought you lived in sunny California, Kim.
      And snow or not, I know you never run out of things to do. You’ve always got
      a great project going on. xo

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    Wowza, Susan! What a cozy little world you had for a few days. We got only about 6″ here in northern IL, and we already see lots of grass. I hope you get some warm temps to bring back your springtime. We did all get spoiled, I’m afraid. I used to subscribe to Victoria in the 1990s. I love that magazine.

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      I don’t usually pick it up, but this months issue was just so beautiful, I couldn’t resist!
      Full of everything floral. Very inspiring. xo

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    I love your snow supply list!!!!!! I must get that magazine as I am in bed with a nasty cold. I think I need your supply list too. Stay warm and enjoy!

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      Aw, I hope you feel better soon, Sharon! And stick with chicken soup and toast. I just got on the
      scale and gained 3 pounds from all the candy and Irish soda bread! It was fun while it lasted though.

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    What a lovely post. And thank you very much for stopping by and leaving a footprint in my comment box. What a lovely post … loved the snow pics, your puppy pic, the Victoria pages. You made it all feel cozy.

    Wishing you a beautiful day…

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    I like your idea of a ‘snow day’ with normal duties suspended. You certainly had a lot of snow! We have had another mild winter in Scotland and spring has begun. X

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