Make Yourself A Smoothie!!

This is the perfect time of year to get back to smoothies for breakfast. They’re cold, delicious and refreshing! Oh, and yes, THEY’RE GOOD FOR YOU! You don’t have to get fancy, just use what you have.
Today, I started with some frozen strawberries, half a frozen banana, water and a splash of agave nectar.


You can adjust the amount of water depending on how thick or thin you want it. I added some fresh strawberries, raspberries, cucumber and about an inch of ginger and gave it another whirl.


Time for the greens. Today I was down to just spinach, but you can add kale, arugula or whatever other greens you have.


And now, just blend until the whole concoction is smooth!


I had to laugh at myself as I made this. I took the lid off while it was still blending, and the vortex reminded me of Esther Hicks, author of Getting Into the Vortex, who believes that by aligning ourselves with the source within “we’re able to be the joyful Beings we were meant to be.” Yeesh! Sorry to get all woo woo on you over smoothie making! But, I have to admit, as I looked at this, I decided to put healthy eating, a long walk and loving thoughts of family and friends into my vortex today. Just saying.


And now comes the best part.


Of course I had to add a bit of lemon to it to give it that extra zing. You can add whatever you have available – blueberries, pineapple, apple, peaches, any assortment of greens. I always feel like I did something nice for myself when I make this for breakfast. No matter what’s on the agenda for the rest of the day, I know I’ve had a good dose of fruits and veggies. And I’ve put a few good things into my vortex as well.

Are you a smoothie person? What’s your favorite combination?

Sending you wishes for a beautiful day. Thanks so much for stopping by.



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      I’m not generally a breakfast eater either, Kathy – I have to be up a few hours before I think of eating. These are much easier for me to tolerate first thing in the morning.

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    Yum!!! You are so right, I always feel like my halo is a bit straighter when I have this for breakfast 😉 hahaha I love adding mint, chia seeds and even a sprinkle of granola on top – it’s just too cold here at the moment,13 degrees 55 f brrrrr, but it’s nice for a change. Jan x

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      yes, you’re right, Jan – definitely not smoothie weather by you! I’m a big fan of mint so I’ll definitely be adding that.
      Thanks for the tip!

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    I must admit . . . The fruity one looks more appealing than the spinach one.
    Really truly, tastes yummy?

    I have made fruit smoothies with some HMR protein powder and they are very good. I usually have blueberries in mine. They are plentiful here and usually have a bunch in the freezer too . . .

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      It was just one smoothie, Lynne. I added the spinach at the end. I love blueberries in mine too, but, we were all out. Next time.

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    Love smoothies and currently great for me as have one hell of a sore throat, some bug that bit me almost a
    month ago….banana skim milk blend I love and a weird one of beetroot/carrot/hint of ginger ☺

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      They both sound delicious, Wendy. Have you tried honey for the sore throat and gargling with salt water? That seems to help me. I hope you’re feeling better soon.

  4. says

    YUM! We love smoothies at our house, and its a great way to sneak veggies into my little one’s diet. Wonder why I have never used cucumber? I’ve added kale, spinach, etc, plus an array of fruits, but no cucumber! Good idea!

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    Yum! Since it’s winter in Melbourne smoothies are too cold, it steamy hot soup time!
    Wow! I also listen to audio books of Ester Hicks.
    Susan, I think we’d make marvellous friend!

    Love Sita :-)

  6. Laura says

    I’ve been doing smoothies for the past year, my favorite is spinach kale , Apple , pear with cranberry juice for the liquid. You have to watch what you put in them sometimes or you can actually find yourself gaining weight! When I use berries I use either chocolate or vanilla almond milk and sometimes I actually add almonds! Happy Mothers Day to my big sister! Love to Amy too! XO oh yes and also a magic bullet works terrific for smoothies and is a quick and easy cleanup!

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      Hello, my little Laurabell! That sounds delish! There’s so many good combos for smoothies. Someone suggested adding mint which I definitely want to try – sounds good for summer, doesn’t it?
      Miss you and D. love you.. xoxo

  7. says

    My kids would love this…they are teens and very into healthy eating all of sudden…but only if it’s “yummy”! I think this fits the bill! :)

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    Yummmm, I have been making my own smoothies every since I found the green smoothie girl a few years ago and I love them. I have not tried the ginger in one yet I’ve been a bit trepidatious about that. Is it a strong flavor? and Does it matter how much you use?

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      Ginger is a strong flavor, but I happen to like it. Just try a small slice for starters and go from there. It’s so good for you, it’s worth trying.
      Have a great weekend, Eva!

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    Yes!! I am a smoothie person! I (try) to have a smoothie a few mornings a week. My smoothie usually consists of a cup of almond milk, half cup of oats, a banana, a big handful of spinach, and a cup of frozen fruit – usually strawberries, blueberries, or peaches. Happy Mother’s Day weekend to you!

  10. says

    My favourite smoothie is mango, banana and strawberry made with cranberry juice. I’ve never added greens and now I wonder if I’m missing out on something.

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