Lazy Days of August

It’s hard to believe there’s only three weeks until Labor Day weekend. Where did summer go? I’m living in the moment and enjoying each and every day.
















I love this time of year! I think I say that every season, don’t I? We still have time to enjoy the long, warm days of summer but there’s just the slightest hint of autumn in the air. There’s still time to enjoy the lush green mountainside views and gorgeous sunsets. Sitting in our tiny courtyard late in the day with a large glass of iced tea with lemon and fresh mint while enjoying a good book – what’s better than that. I just noticed the abundance of basil in the garden which means I better add pesto making to my to-do list for next week. I usually freeze small batches, but my neighbor just told me she puts hers in mason jars with a bit of olive oil on the top before sealing and it lasts about 8 months on the shelf.

Speaking of time in the kitchen, I’ve been missing in action lately. We’ve been eating lots of salads and sandwiches, maybe a take-out pizza and tons of fruit. I just haven’t been in the mood to cook much lately, but I can feel that shifting. I feel the urge to start cooking and baking again – I’m sure my husband will be happy to hear that.

I hope you’re all taking advantage of these last few weeks of August. We still have plenty of time left for swimming, vacationing, gardening and just plain relaxing and enjoying. And to my friends on the other side of the world, I know you’re looking forward to spring.

Have a wonderful week and thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. I really enjoy hearing from all of you.



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      I noticed some of the treetops have a couple of golden leaves and my pots of flowers are getting very tired looking. It’s all okay though. I love autumn too. I just don’t like to rush the seasons.

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    Hi Susan!

    I love your LL Bean flip flops! I almost ordered the navy polka dot ones – I wish I would’ve! I just ordered a new rain coat from them yesterday, a fleece jacket, and a cute play dress for my daughter. We are taking a trip to Portland, Oregon over Labor day weekend, and I wanted to be sure to have a rain coat with me just in case. We are also gearing up for my daughter’s first day of kindergarten this Thursday! Your patio looks so lovely and inviting – I could spend hours there. And your food always looks so delicious. I am so ready for fall and the cooler days, so I can get my cooking groove back on again.

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      Those flip-flops are my faves. My daughter includes a pair with my birthday every year. A trip to Portland sounds wonderful – enjoy yourself.
      What a very special time for you – your daughters first day of kindergarten. Better bring your tissues.

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    The season of summer is in its wind down but still many days left to enjoy the fresh bounty of fruits and veggies. Loved seeing your photos of what you are enjoying . . .
    Until the next time . . . keep enjoying your life!

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    I LOVE! Your reading spot! looks very comfy cozy but I have to say you have me very intrigued with the frame and the yarn??? What is that? I love the weaving pattern but what does it make? is it a place mat? pillow topper? afghan topper? My Nana made me a frame one time that made pillow toppers with pompoms! I loved it… Oh! I should make another frame and make pompom pillows again! lol Have a great week

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    We had a top of 11c (51f) but it was sunny for a few hours so I walked the dog and lapped it up!! Looks like you will enjoy the last days Susan – appreciating all the seasons is a lovely way to be :) Your salads always look so appealing and I have total peach envy!! I can feel the juice running down my chin. Jan x

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      Hi, Jan – the peaches are heavenly – sweet and juicy. I think we’ll still be able to get them fresh from the farmer’s market for a few more weeks so I’m enjoying them everyday.

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    So many pretty and delicious photos, Susan! I’m with you, I am still trying to squeeze in a few more weeks of summer. Fall is beautiful, but there’s plenty of time for that…later! 😉

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    I live in flip flops in summer..they are my day shoes..slippers..going out shoes..but yours are way prettier..

    I am intrigued by your..”loom”?And find the wool so pretty!ovely pastoral views too..I got out of my car and shot a them..

    your courtyard is lovely too Susan..:)

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      I’m a flipflop girl too, Monique. It’s such a pleasure to be able to just slip them on and go, isn’t it. Like you, I’m fascinated with barns and find myself stopping to take pictures.

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    It has been a “wild Summer” of busyness here in northern Indiana and although I am mourning the end of summer, I am looking forward to the shift of seasons in hopes of a shift of normalness to my days. I have been looking ahead to a change in cooking also as our menu sounds like yours lately!

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      Yes, I feel like I’m running out of ideas for meals in this heat, Lynn Marie. Next month we’ll be back to make delicious comfort foods, but let’s not rush the season.

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    What is that loom you’re using? It looks interesting and simple and like something I might like to try to whip up some gift dishcloths with!

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    Dear Susan … I so enjoyed your “Lazy Days of August” posting. It sounds like a perfect August to me. Thank you for sharing. Also, I thought that I would share the Homestead Blessings website with you. I think that you can browse their website and there may be little excerpts of the DVD’s for you to look at. I think that you may be able to purchase the DVD’s there as well. Hugs ♥ Teri

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      Thank you, Teri, and thanks for the website for Homestead Blessings. I checked it out on amazon too and I’m thinking of the soap making and craft editions. They all look so interesting. Hope you’re feeling better. xo

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    wow. my darn ‘microsoft mail’ is always a day late. i subscribe. but it doesn’t get around to telling me until a day AFTER anyone posts. but then. I guess it’s old and tired. it’s a program from 2007! LOL. i’m lucky it works at all.
    i’m always late to any party. :)
    this post susan is a feast for the eyes. one image after another so beautiful!
    the tomatoes so perfect they don’t even look real! I could just TASTE them in that salad!
    our nights are cooler now. that’s our first sign things are changing. even if the days are still an oven… in the high 90’s.
    hug your molly girl for me! ♥

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    Some of your landscapes look so similar to some areas around my neck of the woods. Very pretty!

    We were away for the weekend and upon returning the basil shot up like crazy. Thanks for the mason jar tip Sue!

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      The landscape shots were taken from my car as I drove up a hill to a farm stand – I couldn’t resist. it does seem like the basil has really shot up in the last week or two. Looking forward to pesto.

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    Thank you Susan, I’m certainly looking forward to Spring, I think I’ve been getting the “winter blues” since I was a teen! Enjoy the last of your warm weather, soak it into your bones!

    Sending a flying kiss :-)

    Love Sita ♥️♥️♥️

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      I know what you mean, Sita. Seems the winters are getting longer and cabin fever can definitely set in.
      Im sending a flying kiss right back to you. xo

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        don’t patronise me. You missed my point. I’m not bored by the topic because it is clearly important. I was bored by the style of the article. Living in London I have no idea what the background to this story is. Had it been in context and written more for a layman than a lawyer, I wouldn’t have had to struggle so hard to work out what the author was on about. It was a criticism of style, not content.

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    Hi Susan, Your photos are so vibrant and GREEN. My lawn looks like straw and most everywhere I go I see the same sight. We are struggling with no rain for so long. (except for last Friday for a few hours). We are the Evergreen state and even the trees are in peril. So just seeing your photos makes me happy.So tanks for lifting my spirits.

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      You’ll have to put your froggy boots back on and start doing another rain dance, Sharon. We have short showers here and there and it really helps.

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    What beautiful pictures, Susan, as always! Seeing New York State again with its beautiful green farmland is a breath of fresh air (we didn’t make it home this year). The food looks so yummy–can I come for lunch sometime? It’s getting quite cool here–this morning we woke to find the porch iced over. :( Our summer has been way too short, but of course, there is something good in each season.

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      Iced over? We’ve been having a heat wave here. I didn’t realize you were from NY – I’m not vey far up-Orange County and I just love it! Do you miss NY? It looks beautiful where you live now.

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        I grew up mostly in Oneida County, out in the country. It was beautiful and I loved it so much–but honestly, I don’t miss it much now–I’m too busy loving the Colorado mountains I call home with my own sweet man and kids. :)

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        I never realized what an &#nag0;or2anizatio82l freak” you are. Really impressive. And a great sense of humor and witty to boot. Am glad that you and Ami are such good friends.

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    Beautiful photographs Susan, I liked seeing your weaving loom, look slime it is going to be interesting. We are the same as you,mI can start to feel the first nip of autumn in the air. We have had a very poor summer in Scotland,with lots of rain, but the last few days have been beautifully warm, and it has been lovely to feel the sun again x

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    Oh dear! What has predictive text done to my comment??! That should of course read ‘ looks like it’s going to be interesting’ ! Teach me to double check before hitting ‘publish’! Good thing we are friends…….x

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      LOL. I always hit publish before I double check. I’m glad you’re enjoying a few warm, sunny days over in Scotland before autumn arrives, Penny. Lovely weather here as well.

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    So many great photos in this post. Your living room is one that I could curl up in with a good book. That tomato sandwich looks absolutely delicious.

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    Hello…. What a lovely blog you have here…

    Karen sent me over, and so glad she did…

    Love your saying that you love every season! I try to do this also! :-)

    Gentle hugs,

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      Hi Tessa, so glad you visited. I read your blog as well, but I’m not able to comment because the drop down doesn’t include name/url, but please know that I’m there!

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      Hi Jill – I love my tiny little courtyard too. The flowers, however, have seen better days. Another sign that summer is coming to an end.

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    Hi, Susan! Thanks for posting :) I enjoyed my visit, and felt so at home. I was just thinking today that it is almost a year since I last visited NY, MA, and PEI…sigh…such a good trip. I have lived in so many lovely locations and find I wish I could be at my favorite spots all at once!

    When we lived in NY the former owners of our last home had planted a peach tree that blessed us with the most luscious fruit which we could enjoy around this time of year.

    Your lap loom project is very pretty and I’m glad you are enjoying it. I have a lap loom that I want to use, but somehow I always seem to get sidetracked with other creative projects; so your industry inspires me!

    We are grateful to be getting some rain in our area of the Pacific Northwest this weekend. I am praying the rain will help dampen the wildfires.

    May you and yours continue to enjoy your days…whatever the season :) xx

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    Our summer isn’t ready to let go just yet. It is still very hot and humid. But I like keeping an eye out for signs of autumn in the early morning hours or the changing of the light. Love that multi-colored yarn.

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