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Can you believe we’re already into the first week of February? It seems like just yesterday I was taking the ornaments off the tree and packing away all the decorations. Well, I’m going to enjoy the rest of the month and then look forward to spring. I found some daffodils at the Market this week-end. At $3.00 a bunch I just had to pick up a couple. They give the house such a happy lift. And with all the snow we’re expecting this weekend, they’ll remind me that spring is only 6 weeks away. I’ve already got visions of uncovering the outdoor furniture and planting flowers dancing in my head.

I was attending a dinner with a few of my friends a few days ago and we all brought a dessert to share. I decided to make a couple of cake layers. Since I only needed one, I wrapped the second in clear wrap and foil and popped it in the freezer. I love having a few layers on hand for those sudden sweet attacks. You can defrost them and make some frosting, whip up some fresh cream and serve it with fruit or put a crumb topping on before you bake and have instant coffee cake! On this occasion, I sliced one of the cakes into cubes. I had made a container of macerated strawberries earlier in the day and right before I left the house I whipped some cream and popped the cake cubes into a plastic bag. When it was time for dessert, I simply piled the cubes into individual plastic cups, topped with strawberries and then the cream and it was ready to serve – easy peasy. To make the layers you can either make your favorite yellow cake recipe or simply use a cake mix. They’re so convenient to have on hand.

Well, as you may have noticed, I finally finished my afghan. YAY! I really like the colors, I enjoyed working on it and it will definitely keep us warm on those chilly evenings. BUT……….. the darn thing turned out so cock-eyed it made me laugh. I don’t know what I did on the first few rows but I never really noticed the mistake until it was all finished and I layed it on the floor to have a look before I added the 3 rounds of border. I don’t think I ever made anything so lopsided before, but I decided to love it exactly as it is. Have you ever done anything like that – not noticed your mistake until you were finished? I’ll have to be a bit more careful next time around.

I hope all of my friends who are experiencing a lot of snow and extremely cold temperatures are keeping warm and cozy and for those of you in warmer climates, enjoy it! Whatever the weather, I hope you’re finding some happiness in your life today.



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    I’ve definitely found an error after I’ve finished a project. Particularly on something large like an afghan, you don’t ever have it laying out flat to see how it looks! I’m with you though, I would just go ahead and use it, and I bet no one else will ever notice it besides you, because they won’t be spreading it out flat on the floor, etc.
    It sure is a beautiful color – congrats on finishing!

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      Thank you, Darlene. It was one of those things I thought I’d never finish. Now I get to start something new – you can bet I’ll be paying more attention.

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    I think we’ve all done that at least once, Susan. It looks beautiful and cuddly and that’s what matters. Plus it was made with love by YOU.

    Stay warm!

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    Hi, Susan. Yes, I knit the dishcloths out of cotton purchased at JoAnns or Michaels. Called Sugar ‘n Cream and there may be others. I have such a large stash I don’t have to buy more for some time.
    The cotton does shrink, so I usually make them an inch or two longer than the final size I want them to be.

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    Hahaha… That is funny because everything I make comes out cockeyed and it makes me smile and sometimes laugh too. I tell everyone that all the stuff I make has a birth mark on it… its my special signature… Its like making lemonade with all the lemons in my life right? I love it and I get a kick out of it! I love the pattern in the blanket very nice! Those flowers are so pretty! I loved watching mine grow when I lived in California but here in Nevada they do not grow so well but there are others to watch in the spring. have a great week

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      Well, I’m so glad I’m not the only one making mistakes, Eva. I think the most amazing thing was that I didn’t even notice until I was done.

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    I love the colours on your crochet blanket, and your trifle pudding looks really delicious! Sounds like you are enjoying these cold February days. Like you, I am looking forward to spring C

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    The afghan is lovely. As a quilter I have made a few errors–that makes it your own original design.

    This is the time of year when a bunch of fresh flowers is a welcome sight. It is also the time of year when I redecorate. And declutter. It’s like the circle of life. :-)

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      Thanks, Linda – it certainly is my own original design. It is a great time of year to declutter and get life in order. It makes you feel good, doesn’t it?

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    Love your bright yellow bit of sunshine for these snowy, wintery days . . .
    And the “easy peasy” cake idea is a keeper . . .
    One would never know looking at your afghan that it is crooked . . . LOVELY!
    Happy six more weeks . . .

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    Pretty much anything I make has something wrong with it. LOL But I’m ok with that. I like the commenter above who called it a birth mark. That’s a pretty cool way to think about it. I’m jealous of all your snow. It feels like we won’t be seeing any at all this year. On Sunday it’s supposed to be 64 degrees!! :/

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      I have to say the snow is really beautiful and they get the roads cleaned up quickly that we’re only “stuck” in the house if we choose to be. Enjoy your 64 degree temps. It sounds lovely.

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      Thanks, Monique. Found the daffs at the market and they made my day. Hibernating is the word of the month. We’re getting snow every few days and bitter cold temps. I’m enjoying it and hoping you are too

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    Dear Susan … I love your touch of spring, Yellow daffodils are perfect to add a bit of sunshine to our home. Your dessert looks yummy. The colors you have used for your afghan are so pretty as well. We have a light covering of snow on our lawn that fell yesterday afternoon. Friday, Saturday and Sunday are to be in the 60’s here and may even make it into the 70’s. So what little snow we have will be gone with our spring time temps. Warmest Blessings ♥ Teri

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      I can’t believe that you have snow on the ground and it’s going up to 70 degrees this weekend. The weather has really been crazy. Enjoy your time out in the sun!

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    Happy February to you! I just love this post – the daffodils are so cheery, the dessert looks delicious, and your attitude about your pretty afghan (“I decided to love it exactly as it is”) is inspiring. I need to adapt that attitude about life in general – love it exactly as it is! Thanks for lifting my spirits today.

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    Your blanket looks just beautiful, just love the colours and the pattern – was there a particular pattern you followed that I could link up to have a look see?? I’m up to my eyeballs in granny happy flower squares – I’ve got about 40 to go of around 150!!! Then to join them and do the boarder. Oh I chuckled at your mistake, but you are right to love it just the same :) Love your snow photos, looks so inviting but I know that not to be true!! Although, I’d love to be invited for that darling little dessert. Jan x

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      No pattern, Jan. Just double crochet and then a bit of a border on the outside. Sounds like your happy flower square blanket is keeping you busy – I can’t imagine making 150 squares. Enjoy your weekend.

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    Beautiful blanket; I love the colors! Your snow pictures are so amazing. I adore the one with the colorful houses up against the white snow. Very pretty! Try to stay warm and cozy inside. Happy day to you! :)
    Blessings to you,

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    I live in the mountains of California, and we have not had even one flake of snow this year. My daffodils are blooming! This drought is just so frightening… I would love snow.

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      Oh, Michelle, I’m sorry to hear that you’re having a drought with spring on the way. There’s still time for some snow and lots of rain. We’ll keep our fingers crossed.

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    The blanket looks fabulous – like others have said, I bet no-one else will notice its little foibles. Apart from the blanket I am making in chunky yarn, which holds its shape really well, the draping ones always end up a bit skew-whiff. I think its worthwhile just to be able to use that word actually :)

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    Oh daffodils do brighten up a room. Congratulations on finishing your afghan! It is lovely. I am learning to embrace mistakes in my own crafting and find they add charm to the piece.

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