Flowers And Feasting

Today, on one of the warmest days we’ve had so far this year (50 degrees!) we ventured out to the NY Botanical Garden for the Orchid Show and an afternoon of eating and food shopping on Arthur Avenue in the Bronx – 3 blocks of Italian restaurants and markets. We entered the beautiful conservatory filled to the brim with spectacular orchids and greenery around 10 a.m.




Every display was spectacular, filled with beautiful color and lush greenery.







And then it was time to leave the arboretum for Arthur Avenue. We had an incredible lunch at Mario’s, an old fashioned Italian restaurant with delicious food and decor that looks like it came straight from an old movie set.


We topped off our meal with a chocolately cappuccino – be still my heart!


Then we were off to do a bit of shopping. I loved every shop we visited – the smells of fresh baked bread, pastries and different cheeses filled the air.



There were outdoor displays of canned tomatoes, roasted peppers, olive oils and olives.


As well as fresh seafood




I couldn’t resist snapping a shot of this Al Cappone staue in front of a cigar store.


As we headed back to the car, we stopped for a moment to listen to a young student playing this painted, old piano in front of the market.


Wow! What a day. Of course, we didn’t come home empty handed. There was olive oil and different breads, cookies, cannoli, etc. along with a few odds and ends from the arboretum gift shop. It was really quite an experience that I enjoyed from start to finish. What could be better than beautiful flowers, delicious food and the company of good friends? The laughter and camaraderie are truly good for the soul.
Here’s hoping you’re planning something good for your soul today.

With love,



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      It was a lovely day, Kim. And the weather turned out great with the sun shining brightly in the afternoon. Just another week and a half until Spring is here officially!

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    Wonderful!!! At the end of the worst of your cold winter (I hope :-) I’m so glad you could visit such a beautiful place and see lovely flowers and purchase and eat such yummy looking food, Susan. Even though our winter has been mild I was delighted to see some of what you saw. Thanks for posting! xx

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      Hi Gracie – Yes, it looked as if you had a very mild winter. I think we’re over the worst of it now. Looking forward to Spring!

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      Hi Jan – It’s always fun to have a day out with friends, doing things you haven’t experienced before. So glad you stopped by.

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    What a wonderful way to usher in the first hint of Spring! I loved seeing the sites with you. Everything looked utterly beautiful and delicious. Thanks for sharing.

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    The arboretum has a beautiful design. I love the architecture, and the orchids inside are so stunning and colorful! A couple years ago I went to a chess tournament held in the conference room of a Botanical Garden in the middle of winter. Believe me, that was a *wonderful* place to be!

    Neat looking market as well!

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      Hi Bethany – The conservatory at the arboretum just takes my breath away – it’s so beautifully constructed.
      Having a chess tournament in a botanical garden in the middle of winter had to be spectacular!!

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      It was such a treat to be outdoors on such a beautiful, sunshiny day. Hopefully we’ve got lots more of them on the way, Shannon.

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    Beautiful pictures. I’m hoping to get out this weekend and do a little sight seeing in my own town. I’m definitely ready to get out and about. Thanks for sharing.

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      Thank you for stopping by, Barbara. Yes, do take advantage of any nice weather you may have and do some local sight seeing. There’s often so much to see right in our own home town!

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    What a gorgeous day. Thank you for sharing it with us. I have quite a soft spot for orchids. Such exquisite beauty. I always wonder how something so gorgeous can actually exist.

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      Exquisite beauty – that describes these amazing flowers perfectly, Bibi. The sun coming through the window panes of the conservatory and the lush greenery made the experience truly blissful.

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    It’s it amazing what a conservatory can produce in the middle of winter! What beauty to fill your eyes and senses. Looks like it was an amazing day. I love to listen to street musicians sometimes you hear something really spectacular. There are two smells that I love… Fresh cut grass and baking bread! sooooo gooood :-) Have a lovely weekend!

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    Oh my . . . how lovely the Arboretum must have been.
    Love the orchids . . .
    And all the Italian shops and treats . . .
    I wish I had been with you!
    Call me please, the next time. (Smile)

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      Hi Lynne – Yes, the arboretum was just amazing! I won’t be going back to Arthur Avenue anytime soon though – I ate waaaay too much, but everything was just so delicious.

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    Wow, sounds like the perfect day to me! It doesn’t get much better than gorgeous flowers and delicious food. Glad you enjoyed yourself!

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    Oh goodness, all those flowers, just stunning. And then the rest of your day, it sounds just wonderful. So glad you enjoyed it.

    Wishing you a lovely week ahead.

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    Arthur avenue is truly the real ‘Little Italy’. I’ve been to Marios, which like most of the restaurants is indeed excellent, and the cannoli! Oh my!

    The last time I was at the Botanical Gardens was for their Christmas Train show several years ago. It’s a lovely building with amazing architecture, and your flower photos are gorgeous!

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      I meant to go to the train show over the holidays this year, but time got away from me. The cannoli came from Morrone’s Bakery and was really delish! Thanks for stopping by, Doreen.

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    Where ever we travel, we love to hit the market in the town center. This one looks fabulous! I would have had a hard time deciding what to buy and when to leave :)

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    I’ve been to the Botanical Gardens on many occasions but never for the orchid show. Such lovely photos. We went a couple of years ago for the train show. I’m not sure if you’ve ever seen it but it is beyond words. Everything is made with nature. There is a replica of Yankee Stadium, waterfalls, etc., etc. We went in the winter and the kids loved it. They had different holiday activities and decorations and, magically, it began to snow while we were there. One of those times when you knew you were exactly where you were supposed to be at that moment. : )

    ~ Wendy

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      Hi Lottie – It was a very colorful day – from the magnificent orchids to the foods piled up on the street. A great experience.

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    Tusinde tak for dit svar. Jeg er nu snart færdig med dag 2 og jeg ELSKER både linser og bønner! Da jeg har meget brug for kalk, på grund af svage tænder, er det vel ok at erstatte mælken med kalk piller med vitamin D, ikke?

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