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I’m finding that the older I get, the more I embrace the joy in simple things. Like the night I went to close the shutters in the bedroom at dusk and saw the most amazing sunset. Or sitting down with that first cup of coffee in the morning – what’s better than that?

I loved accompanying my daughter to Barnes and Noble where she likes to spend a couple of hours writing with a big cup of coffee. I wander the aisles, checking out the best sellers and spend ages scanning the covers of their huge selection of magazines – I brought a pile back to the table and sat and went through each of these, cover to cover. The morning just flew by and I enjoyed every minute of it. For the price of a cup of coffee, I had the pleasure of reading all my favorite magazines and some I’ve never seen before.

How about a trip to JoAnn’s Fabric, with a gift card in hand. I walked from one end of the store and back again before deciding on a beautiful piece of fabric to make new pillows for the living room to give a nice, spring feel to the room – on sale at half price! It made my day.

This winter, we’ve actually had much more rain than snow. I love these peaceful, rainy days. They’re perfect for a bit of crochet or sewing. I started a pincushion that I’ll finish this afternoon – yes, it’s drizzling again.

I hope you’re enjoying all the simple moments in your day. You can find them even in the midst of the busiest of times – all you have to do is look!

Have a beautiful week.



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    Lovely post . . .
    I too . . . seem to take time to enjoy the simple things . . .
    Bright sun here over the weekend . . . the brisk wind didn’t seem to matter . . .
    with that bright sun “walking along” with me.
    Loved hearing about your Barnes & Noble morning with your daughter . . .
    We need to take those “small, more simpler moments” into our life . . .
    it helps us breathe . . .
    Looking forward to seeing your fresh new pillows . . .
    They will bring a breath of fresh air . . . I am sure . . .

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    Isn’t life all about the simple things? And is that a coloring book I see?
    This is such a peaceful and beautiful post, Susan. I hope you are enjoying each and every moment.

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      Yes, Julie, that’s a coloring book and some colored pencils. I read that it’s like meditation so I thought I’d give it a try. It’s the closest I’ll get to anything artistic.

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    Love the look and sound of all the simple things here and yes colouring is a wonderful relaxer, must do more of it here….I try to read a bit too….crazy happenings in my neck of the woods, but summer is a crazy time of year HOT lol

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    Susan, I just returned from Barnes and Noble and bought some of those same magazines!! I could get lost in that store for hours! :) Pretty sky!

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    Thanks for sharing the splendid sky, and interesting magazines, and the sweet sewing project, and the colorful design…simply wonderful, Susan. March is coming in like a lion tomorrow with wind and rain, but I went out this morning and took photos of the pretty early signs of Spring around me and posted them. Your inside Hyacinth is the size mine was last year. I planted mine outside after the blooms were spent and the bulbs are blooming now although I have not been able to smell their sweet scent yet…still they are promising! Happy Leap Day, and I hope your week ahead will be simply lovely. xx

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      We’re not really seeing many signs of spring in these parts, Gracie, but it’s only a matter of time. I can’t wait to see tiny buds popping out and everything turning green. Definitely looking forward to all of that.

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    we had a thunderstorm last night. how I loved it!
    rain here is so seldom that I never want to miss a drop of it.
    I sat in my chair by the big window and watched the lightning and counted until the thunder. we did that as children to see how ‘far away’ the storm was.
    I love this post.
    rainy days are my favorites. they’re like presents to unwrap.
    just as you’ve unwrapped yours here with us. and it was wonderful.
    and… barnes and noble is a place where I can spend happy hours too!

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      Hi Liz – It’s just a close up photo of the fabric I bought to make some pillows for the living room. Thought it would be a welcome change from the dark brown paisley pillows I’m using now.

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    Lovely. I feel the same. I love being in love with the simple things. I find myself marveling at so many little things. It is a good feeling, a happiness that carries me from day to day,

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      I feel exactly the same way, Barbara. Do you think it has something to do with growing older? We’re not so busy running around that we have time to appreciate everything a little bit more.

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    I’m getting caught up with you, Susan. The pictures of your meals in your last post have me so inspired to make seafood more often. The Thai noodles look very interesting, too, I’ll pick some up. I hope you and your husband are feeling 100% now.

    I love how you keep busy creatively. Even browsing a bookstore is so peaceful. I go into a trance in a bookstore or library. I’ve had a Nook for a long time and I actually have a few in my ‘virtual library’ I haven’t read. Lately I’ve been wandering the book aisles in Target and those covers and titles scream my name! I have a stack of books on my nightstand and I have to make a vow not to buy more until I plow through them! Magazines, too. It is a great pastime on a cold dreary day, but I also like to sit in my patio in the summer reading for hours.

    Your pillows are going to look beautiful. I envy those who can sew because I do love to switch out pillows and curtains often. Sadly, I don’t have patience for the math and measuring! lol!

    Thanks for your visit, your comments are always so sweet! :)


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      Funny that you mentioned the Thai noodles, Jane, because that’s what I’m making on Friday with shrimp and snow peas. Love meals that only take a few minutes to make and taste delicious. If I had a supermarket like yours nearby, I’m sure that’s where I’d be spending a lot of my time.

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    Now that’s the kind of day I like. Thanks for this post to remind me to slow down and just enjoy life. Things around here have been very demanding of my time and I just want a day like yours. The cold I’ve had is finally (fingers crossed) going away. I believe you were right about the 100 days…….

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    You had me at your first sentence, Susan. And I do think this is generally something that comes as we mature. Gratitude for the simple things is the key to it all, I suspect! Lovely post! xCathy

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    I was just thinking about this recently Susan. Sometimes when I see a beautiful sunset I can’t imagine anything prettier, and I appreciate it so much more than I ever did in my youth.

    Your fabric looks lovely, and the barn picture is beautiful.


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      Hi Doreen – I love the barns around here too. And, yes, it is wonderful to be in the present and notice all the wonderful things around us. One of the perks of getting older.

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