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I’m so glad to have my kitchen mojo back. I’ve been making lots of good, old fashioned, cold weather comfort food – chicken parmigiano, flounder stuffed with crabmeat and spicy chili loaded with veggies.
The house always smells so good when you put on a pot of sauce and let it simmer on the back burner for a few hours.


And, what a quick simple dinner we had when I brought home some crabmeat stuffed flounder that just had to be baked in the oven for 20 minutes.


Baked with a pat of butter, a sprinkle of garlic powder, salt and pepper and a squeeze of lemon, it comes out of the oven moist and delicious.


Add a few potatoes and broccoli and yum!


And one of my cold weather favorites – chili.


A pile of veggies…



ground beef or turkey, beans, crushed tomatoes and spices…



Of course, I have to add some crushed red pepper, a bit of cheese and a swirl of olive oil. Perfect on those cold, rainy evenings we’ve been having.


Next week the kitchen will be filled with the wonderful fragrances of Thanksgiving. And, oh, the baking! Grandmas’ apple turnovers, pumpkin cupcakes and a couple of pies – I’m really looking forward to it.

What’s been going on in your kitchen this week? I hope you’re enjoying the deliciousness of the season as much as I am.

Thank you all so much for your comments. I really enjoy reading each and everyone of them.



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      Thank you, Shanda. Yes, it’s nice to be going through my recipe books looking for new things to try and going back to the good old comfort foods that we love this time of year.

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    When it’s cold out, my kids request pancakes for every meal! Of course, I have to limit them, but pancakes, lots of pancakes over here! 😉 Your meals look amazing as always, Susan!

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    That looks delicious! Chili is one of my very favorite foods, all year long. Tomorrow I’m making potato soup. I’m looking forward to the Thanksgiving food too.

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      Thanks, Laura. Potato soup sounds delicious and something I haven’t made in years. I wonder how it would taste if I used regular potatoes and sweet. Hmmm – I may have to try that.

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    since i’ve never had that mojo in years i wouldn’t recognize it now if it ever DID come back! LOLOL!
    but i’m thoroughly enjoying yours dear bean.
    the pictures are absolutely delicious. i can smell the heavenly scents of all that comfort all the way from here!
    happy thanksgiving! xo♥

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    Although I’m a vegetarian, this food makes my mouth water – for the comfort and lusciousness of it, the richness and love in it. Winter is such a lovely time in the kitchen.

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      Oh, yes, Sarah, winter is definitely a wonderful time to be in the kitchen. I don’t eat meat often – I made the chicken parm for my husband and I had rice pasta with a delicious, garlicky marinara sauce. I’m learning that you can make wonderful comfort food without using meat.

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      I’m betting that your chili is just delicious with yellow onions, Kathy. I use whatever type of onion I have and it usually turns out pretty good. It tastes a little different each time I make it because I always add something different – whatever I have on hand.

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    I’m all for the cold weather comfort food! Yours looks delicious!
    This week is all about Thanksgiving prep…..and tasting while cooking. (that’s the best part!)
    Have a great Thanksgiving week!

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    You always have the best recipes and they sound quite healthy. I love crab meat stuffed into other sorts of fish. it adds a sort of sweetness. I’m looking forward to the aroma of turkey through the house, too! Holidays…love them!

    Jane x

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      I love scent of turkey roasting in the oven too, Jane. It gives the whole house that special holiday smell. Of course, the stuffing and spiced pumpkin coffee help. Any, you’re right, crabmeat adds a bit of sweetness to the fish. YUM.

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      Hi, Doreen. I like buying organic, unprocessed and fresh food whenever I can. Of course, I have my moments and Thanksgiving dinner will be one of them – I’m already dreaming about stuffing, creamed onions and pie with fresh whipped cream.

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    This time of the year is the best time for cooking… I love the way it makes the house smell… a little music… a few friends… a great way to spend the day

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