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The other day, as I drove up the hill to a local farm, taking in the incredible scenery, I was once again struck by how fortunate I am to be surrounded by such beauty and wonderful farms and farmers bringing us the freshest, most delicious produce and dairy products. I feel incredibly blessed.

Another of my favorite places to visit is a tiny french patisserie tucked away behind Main St. That’s where I found the wonderful brioche, croissant and little butter cookies the size of a quarter. Some is enjoyed the day it’s purchased, some of it goes into the freezer, all of it is delicious! Times have certainly changed – gone are the days of soft, white Wonder Bread of childhood. Though, to be perfectly honest, that bread still is perfect for “Thanksgiving sandwiches” as well as tomato and mayo sandwiches.

I don’t know if you’ve ever picked up an issue of Maryjane’s Farm – it’s a sweet magazine filled with
simple, green, healthy, crafty ideas. Anyway, in the most recent issue I found a recipe for a “Dutch Baby.” It’s a delicious, custard-y pancake with ingredients that are just popped in the blender and then baked in a cast iron skillet for 10 minutes. I substituted the regular flour for gluten free and decided I would use less butter than the recipe called for next time (you can see that when I added the batter to the pan, the butter dribbled over onto the top) but topped with a dash of sifted powdered sugar, it was heaven! Half way thru, I decided to add a touch of maple syrup, but, honestly, it wasn’t necessary. It was perfect for breakfast, hot from the oven, but I had visions of it topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, some seasonal fruit and a dollop (or two) of fresh whipped cream. Alas, it was just a vision.

Whether fresh veggies from your garden, or a trip to your local farmer’s market, I hope you are all enjoying the deliciousness of this season too.

Have a wonderful weekend!



  1. says

    Well this sure made me drool lol On a low carb thing so craved all I could see there Susan ☺
    I am successful with herbs in my garden and love them in all the things I cook.
    Nice you are able to purchase such fresh tasty things in your area ☺

    • says

      There’s nothing like using fresh herbs in your cooking, Wendy. And yes, It really is wonderful having so many fresh fruits and veggies available straight from the growers. We eat very well all summer.

  2. says

    I think I am actually drooling, Susan!! I am going to have to grab a copy of that magazine now. Do you think Barnes and Noble is still open this late? 😉

    • says

      LOL. It’s a very sweet, country style magazine. The “Dutch Baby” pancake (more of a custard) really is delicious. But, like I said, I could have melted 1/3 of the butter called for in the pan. It was a very good mistake though!

    • says

      It’s the first time I ever made it and it was delicious! Now I want to see if I can reheat it and have it still taste good.
      Hope all is well with you, Sharon.

  3. says

    I’ve never heard of a dutch baby!
    coming here is like a little glimpse of heaven.
    I love the way you live!
    I love WHERE you live!
    can’t fully explain how your posts always make me feel.
    just call it GOOD!

  4. Laura says

    I shared your blog with Denise and you’ve gained yet another fan!!! Every time I turn her on to a new place she’s moving there so…….Have a great weekend. Maybe we can catch up next week! Love you, love to the fam!

    • says

      LOL! I was always like that too. I usually picked locations that were very far upstate and very remote.
      Enjoy the holiday weekend. Love to you both! xoxo

  5. says

    I am just like you driving around where we live..feel so lucky.And I still marvel at what I see.
    Your buys look have a lot to be happy for:)Have a great weekend.

  6. says

    Thank you for the magazine suggestion. That’s a new one for me. Farmer’s markets are one of my favorite things about summertime. Happy 4th to you, Susan!

  7. says

    Happy fourth of July to you as well, Karen. I love being able to go straight to the farm or one of the farmer’s markets – it really takes the guesswork out of what to have for dinner.

  8. says

    You take the most enticing photos of food and scenery. How I’d love to visit some of these places. The Dutch Baby sounds awesome. I’d like to find this magazine…not sure if its available here,

    Have a great weekend and holiday!


  9. says

    What lovely scenery and it’s good that I am having breakfast right now because your food pics would make me very hungry were I not ! :) I love cherry season…just purchased a big bag of them yesterday to split between my place and the kids.

    • says

      I love cherry and strawberry season too, Deb. I eat them plain, add them to plain yogurt and smoothies and make big bowls of fruit salad. It’s all so good.

  10. says

    Hi Susan! I had a subscription to Mary Jane’s magazine for a year and enjoyed it very much…I will have to pick up a copy again one day :) I’m glad you are enjoying the bounty of the land around you…so lovely, and similar to where I live. I hope you and yours have a safe and happy July 4th celebration. We are planning to visit friends who live close by on the bank of the Clackamas River.

    • says

      Hi Gracie. I don’t subscribe, just pick it up on occasion, when I see something that interests me on the cover.
      I enjoy the homestyle crafts and recipes. Have a fun fourth!

  11. says

    Gosh Susan you live in such a beautiful area! It looks so lush and green, and spacious! I like the look of the custard pancake, so calorific but so good!! You always make the most of the seasons X

    • says

      Calorific – I like that word, Penny. I think when I use less than the 3 tablespoons of butter it calls for, it won’t be too bad. There’s only a half cup of flour and 2 tbs of honey, and 4 eggs in it so if you’re eating 1/6 of the pancake, it wouldn’t be too bad. At least, that’s what I’m telling myself.

  12. Judy says

    You got that right. I was dying for a tomato/mayonnaise sandwich yesterday. I had 2 delicious tomatoes from my patio plant. Made it on sour dough bread, which is wonderful for toast. But I was wishing I had my old wonder bread. Certainly a little disappointed. My husband enjoyed it, but then again he would eat anything.

  13. says

    That Dutch baby looks delish. I have a recipe for a blueberry puff pancake to be baked in a cast iron skillet – maybe it will make it onto the menu this week!

    • says

      Hi ,Amy. I love all the produce available this time of year – Not only is it delicious, but it makes meal prep a breeze!

  14. says

    I love Mary Jane Farm, my girlfriend gave me some old issues and they are great. Isn’t summer wonderful with all its bounty of fresh fruit, vegies and green landscapes! Mmmm those custard pancakes look really yummy. Love the sweet dog so cute

  15. says

    I pick up an issue every now and then, Eva, and always find something that appeals to me. And, yes, this really is a glorious time of year.

  16. says

    We ARE so very fortunate to live in such a bountiful area. Your photos certainly do the food justice Susan.

    I’ve made Dutch baby’s before and love them. Not only are they delish but pretty to look at, especially as soon as they come out of the oven.

    Now you went and done it. I’m hungry!

    • says

      I loved the Dutch Baby, Doreen, but as I mentioned, I think I could cut the butter down quite a bit – it spilled all over the top. Not that I’m complaining, mind you. It was oh, so good.

    • says

      Hi Amalia. One of the benefits of living near so many farms and dairies is wonderful food this time of year. Yes, I’m very lucky.

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