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“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you imagine.”

Henry David Thoreau

I love this quote – perhaps it’s because I am, in fact, a dreamer. I always have been. And, the wonderful thing about dreams is that they often come true. Years ago, I dreamed about opening a shop in a quaint little village near my home. I dreamed about what color I would paint the walls, what kind of merchandise I would carry and even what scent the candle, burning on the counter, would be. After awhile, I bought a composition notebook and started keeping notes on all these dreams. I’m sure you can guess where I’m going with this – yes, I opened that little shop of my dreams and I loved every minute of being a shopkeeper.

Four years ago, I hung the CLOSED sign on my front door for the last time and my husband and I moved to upstate New York, but I’m still daydreaming about things I’d like to do and see. And, like before, I still think about all the little details that make the dreams come to life. How about you? Do you daydream too? Do you imagine how you’ll feel or where you’ll move to or what you’ll buy? Well, then why not do what Thoreau suggests and move confidently in the direction of your dream because it really is possible to live the life you imagine.

Happy Sunday!


  1. says

    What a lovely dream, I’m so glad it came true for you. I have some dreams that are impossible but it’s still nice to dream them anyway :-)

  2. Laura says

    I was thinking about that St Pats just the other day! A good memory for sure. I told Denise the story last week when we were in the village. How you wanted to give $ to every homeless person we came across. Denise went on an Irish soda break baking tear this week while on vacation. She gave most of it away but we are at 4 and counting ! Love you all! Let me know if you’ll be heading to the island at all this summer. And I’ll do the same if we can head upstate. I don’t have a sitter for Sandy this summer as Mom will be having surgery. But we will talk about that in person ❤

    • says

      I would have loved to taste all of Denise’s loaves of Irish soda bread. I could eat it for 3 meal a day and never get tired of it. We’ll talk soon. xoxo

  3. says

    Hi Susan,
    I imagine your little shop had all kinds of cute things in it, just like your home. How wonderful that you got to do that.

    I often daydream about my studio. I would love my studio to be in a charming building amongst other studios. There would be a central area with lots of sunlight streaming in, a fireplace, comfy areas to relax, and of course, a coffee/tea bar. It would be so much fun meeting friendly like minded makers and artists and to be inspired by their work–and it would get me out of the house. LOL! And, sigh…

    Have a great Sunday, Susan!

    • says

      I love your dream, Cindy! It sounds like you’ve envisioned an amazing place to create.
      I hope you find exactly what you’re looking for. I believe there’s an old brick factory somewhere in
      Rhode Island that sounds a lot like what you’ve described. Don’t give up on your dream.

  4. says

    I needed to read this Susan. It’s a lovely post! So many of us let life pass us by, thinking we have to settle for the status quo, when really there is so much to see and do. I wrote a short post about it a few weeks ago actually.

    If I recall, your shop was on the east end of LI, or somewhere thereabouts, yes? I spent some time in Stonybrook while in college and grew up in Syosset, moving to Westchester when I was 24. A lifetime ago it seems!


    • says

      Yes, the shop was in Babylon Village on the south shore of Long Island.
      It seems to me, Doreen, that you live your dreams. You’re always trying something new or off
      an an interesting adventure – a wonderful way to live! xo

  5. says

    Absolutely a best message for the day . . .
    Thoreau’s words ” . . . live the life you imagine . . .” is a wonderful mantra . . .
    I would have loved a visit to your shop . . .
    (I lived out a “shop dream” myself . . . )
    Thank you for visiting me today . . .
    Love ~

  6. says

    I would have loved your shoppe darling bean! I know without even having seen it.
    I too dreamed a dream once that was way beyond the pale! LOL!
    but it made me feel so good thinking about it. and it still does!
    I wanted to have a rest retreat for young mothers. they could come for free and have two days.
    two whole days of deep uninterrupted sleep! and good healthy food served to them…
    a crystal blue pool to swim in … massages and manicures and pedicures if they wanted them.
    and a beautiful trail through the wooded area and gardens of the old mansion itself… which was the retreat.
    in the mansion would be large oriental rugs on beautiful burnished wood floors… lamplight and paintings. a grand piano if anyone cared to play. a music room for simply listening.
    and of course… a quiet beautiful room just for meditation and moments of sweet solitude.
    cozy chairs for reading from the well stocked library… an atrium full of green palms and orchids with old brick walls and white wicker loungers for catching sunlight rays in the winter…
    all free to them! I think we should take better care of our mothers!
    there is more. but this is already WAYYY too long! and i’m so sorry!
    I always do that with you. like a friend across the table having coffee or tea! LOLOL!!
    I think it is your gift. you inspire that kind of friendship feeling.
    anyway. thank you for this wonderful post of yours. I love any words of Thoreau. AND yours! XO♥

    • says

      Oh, of course I absolutely love this whole concept, Tammy. If one of us should win the lottery, your dream will come true. And, leave it to you to be so sensitive to the needs of others – no surprise there. Your description is so perfect – imagine what a respite that would be for mothers of small children. I will come and work for you. LOL

  7. Tina Zucconi says

    MY DEAR DEAR SUSAN, Thank YOU…. Talk about living you’re dream, IT was YOU, many years ago …who CHALLENGED me TO do Just that… I don’t know if I ever would have opened my shop, if not for you…. I miss my ” HYACINTH ” , those were WONDERFUL years. Hyacinth truly was a gift to myself that fed my SOUL… AND you’re Warm and wonderful COUNTRY PEDDLERS IS SORELY MISSED… here I am way out West, and looking for my next project…. and YOU, my friend are in a Great section of NY and you’re BLOG is ALL OVER THE COUNTRY, you’re sharing your warmth and friendship with soo many people…Keep up the GOOD WORK…. Miss you, and LOVE YOU..

    • says

      I remember the day we walked down Main St. looking at storefronts for you. Those were very exciting times, weren’t they. We were both so lucky to have out dreams come true. I can’t wait to see what your next project is – New Mexico is a wonderful place for creative women like yourself. And, your magnificent crystal creations!
      Love and miss you too! xoxo

  8. says

    Perfect post, Susan. You see, today is my birthday – 49 – so it’s a great time to reflect and dream. I have that same composition notebook filled with with ideas. Time to get working on them…

  9. says

    This is very ‘Oprah’, Susan.
    I would love to see what your shop looked like. Do you have pictures of it that you could share?

    • says

      LOL I was always a big Oprah fan. Do you remember her year of doing “remembering your spirit?”
      It was through her that I discovered Eckart Tolle, Sarah ban Breathnach, Marianne Williamson, etc and
      their lessons all stayed with me.
      I think I posted a photo of my shop a few years ago. It might have been on Facebook. I’ll have to take a look.

  10. says

    I dream of moving to a small town. I dream of the house we’ll buy. I dream and dream and know that dreams DO come true.
    Thank you for this post, Susan and I’m so glad your dream came true!

  11. says

    Having a small shop near the lake was a longtime dream of mine…I think it might have been a possibility if the downtown area had more businesses. And of course, many people did not live there year round so I saw many shops close after a few months. I’d love to see some pictures of your shop and hear about it in a future post. It’s very inspiring.

    I have my dreams, they mostly involve things I want to push myself to do. I dream of going to the lake alone for a week and not having to utter a word except to my dogs. Just read, meditate, reflect and enjoy nature. I also dream about ways to better myself…like lose 40 pounds and I create a visual picture in my head of how I would look, the type of clothes I’d like to wear. I guess these aren’t your average dreams such as going to Paris or skydiving! lol! I guess I don’t have to dream big to be happy! 😀

    Jane x

    • says

      Spending a week along at the lake sounds like heaven, Jane. I think that’s a dream you should make come true.
      Imagine being able to make decisions based on what you, and you alone, want to do…….eating cookies and tea for dinner, enjoying a good book, wandering about outdoors with nothing but your thoughts to keep you company.
      I say go for it, make that dream come true! xo

  12. Jeanene Ferrara says

    What a beautiful shop and a beautiful YOU! From the first time I walked in there I felt so warm and COZY and never wanted to leave. Our long talks our laughter and our tears will be something I will never forget. They will be dear and special to me always,My dear friend! I don’t comment on here but I had to let you know I love and miss you so much!
    Never stop dreaming!

    • says

      Oh, Jeanene – how wonderful to hear from you! I think of you often and hope all is well with you and your family.
      I remember the first time you came into my shop with Gina – we were all reading “The Secret” at that time and we had an interesting conversation about all the new “woo woo” ideas we were learning. And, that was just the beginning of our journey together. So many sweet memories. So glad you stopped by here – stay in touch. I love and miss you too. xoxo

  13. says

    What an inspiring post, and you have certainly encouraged others to share their thoughts and dreams too! I day dream constantly, I always have, and can’t imagine life without another life going on in my head! X

    • says

      You sound like me, Penny. There’s definitely a whole other world going on inside my head.
      And, why not? Those dreams help to get us where we want to go.

  14. says

    I love this post and all of the comments. I would’ve loved to have visited your shop, I’m sure!! I always wanted to have a shop and I’ve been collecting things to fill it with for years. I opted instead to sell on Etsy and an occasional craft fair. My dream now is to have my photos get more exposure and make some money doing what I absolutely love to do. Taking steps now to make that start to happen. : ) I hope you’re keeping safe in the weather we’re having. We have 14 inches and counting here in Cornwall on Hudson! xo

    ~ Wendy

  15. says

    We survived the blizzard of 2017 and are now looking forward to St. Paddy’s day, and, hopefully some warmer weather. What do you sell on Etsy? I’ve always been curious about how that works.
    Keep up the photography – you just never know, it could be the start of something really big!

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