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March is just flying by! I spent some time at the flower show with dear friends this month and was really bitten by the gardening bug. It’s still a bit too chilly to do much in the garden, but it won’t be too long now. Visions of pots overflowing with colorful blooms are filling my head these days.

I also spent a wonderful day with my daughter and granddaughters at the Bronx Zoo. I haven’t been there in years and found myself filled with wonder and awe as we went from one exhibit to the next gazing at all of these incredible animals. I can’t wait to go back again – we weren’t able to see everything in just one visit. As much as I enjoyed the zoo, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for these beautiful creatures being held in captivity.

I’m also in the middle of re-doing my office/guest room. We replaced the carpet with hardwood floors and as you can see, there’s stuff piled up everywhere. The guest room bathroom even has a tub filled with my stash of fabric! I’m going out tomorrow to hunt for some shelving and a console to put the TV on. Then it’s time to get everything organized. I can’t wait to have it finished. The contents of this room has overflowed to our bedroom so I’m really looking forward to having everything in its place again.

And what have you been up to? Are the temps in your area allowing you start planting yet? Are you also in the midst of a big project at home? Whatever it is that you’re filling your days with, I hope it brings you joy.

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    Ha! I love the animals! I haven’t been to the Bronx Zoo in forever. It’s a great time of year to go. I bet you had a ton of fun!

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      The animals were really magnificent, Kim , and I enjoyed myself immensely! Can’t wait to go back again and see all that we missed in the first visit.

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    The first few photos were gorgeous, and then there was a tiger! I wasn’t ready for that!
    Sounds like your spring is a busy one with the home renovations and gardening plans.
    With the warmer weather, I’ll be heading back up to the high desert….no tigers there! :)

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      LOL – Sorry about that, Julie. I couldn’t resist including that handsome fellow’s picture!
      It will be interesting to see what kind of treasures you find up in the high desert.

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    You are busy, Susan, and I enjoyed seeing some of what you have been seeing thanks to your great photos in this post! I have not been to a zoo in many years, and I understand your mixed feeling about the animals being in captivity. The ones you showed us thankfully look very healthy and well cared for. We have been doing some planting…some bushes that have long names I can’t remember but they promise to produce purple berries in the Fall. We planted a Hellebore [pinkish] which I am very smitten with. Cheers for your decorating projects! [I love hearing about your material getting stored in the bathtub briefly] I have managed to throw out some more old paperwork and almost have my taxes ready to submit, and done a bit of knitting and crocheting here and there, too.
    Wishing you more happy productive days. xx

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      How lucky you are to be able to get outdoors and start your planting, Gracie. We still have freezing temps at night here in NY so it will be awhile before we do any planting.
      Sounds like you have a bit of decluttering going on at your house too. It’s amazing how quickly paperwork can accumulate, isn’t it.

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    It is still a wee bit chilly here in Scotland for planting out, but I am happy with my spring perennials, my snowdrops were lovely this year and have just started to die back, my daffodils are looking great and my tulips are just starting to come up X

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    alas… no projects or gardening… but much JOY! :)

    the light in these beautiful pictures is amazing.
    every single one of them.
    oh my.

    and to ease our pain upon viewing animals in zoos now…
    it was said to me by a keeper once who loved his work…
    most now are bred in captivity. they have only known their environment there.
    they weren’t ‘taken’ from the wild. so it’s all they’ve ever known.

    and for the most part major zoos have realized the importance of giving them much greater space and as close to natural habitat as possible. he said those under his care seem content. I don’t know if that’s true. but it made me feel a little better I guess. better than them being extinct. and for some that would be the reality! it’s those HORRIBLE ‘little zoos’ you see on roadside attractions that should ALWAYS be outlawed. uh oh. why cannot I not leave a short comment!
    once again.
    much love to you dearest bean!

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      I agree – so many of the animals have plenty of room to roam, but there was one in particular that I felt sorry for. It was a vulture with a huge wing span that was in a small cage filled with trees and greenery. When it went to spread it’s wings, there was just not enough room. And, the gorillas, which are used to very warm temps, had to stay indoors. And, no, my friend, you haven’t gone on too long – I love reading your beautiful words – always! xo

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      That’s funny you mentioned those patches of light in the photo taken by the window. I wasn’t sure you could tell what that was.

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    Hi Susan! I love seeing all of your spring photos! It sounds like you are having a lovely one so far. We are actually having a real spring this year. Temps are in the mid sixties during the day, but still nice and cool at night. My daughter turned seven years old on the a few weeks ago, and she keeps my husband and I both very busy – she is a joy for sure. I received a LLBean catalog in the mail yesterday, and I thought of you as I admired the summer flip flops. I remembered seeing several pairs on your blog last summer and commenting on how I wished I had ordered a pair for myself. They are all so lovely! I’m just trying to decide which ones to get for myself this year!

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      LOL – I remember that photo, Julia. I do love my flip flops once it warms up. I haven’t looked in the ll bean catalogue to see if they have any new ones. I think I have quite enough.
      I’m glad you’re enjoying your sweet little girl so much. Their childhood goes so quickly that it’s important to savor every moment with them while they’re young. xo

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    That desk ..you can put magazines on the end? Love:)

    No big plans yet..not quite there yet..we had the tree trimmer yesterday..my winter tires get removed Monday..:)

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      Yes, Monique, you can put magazines or books on the end of the desk. I’m trying to keep the clutter to a minimum, but I do love my books and magazines.

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    Hi Susan.. So nice to meet you.. Thanks for stopping by my blog.. Love all of your busyness.. Looks like a lot of fun.. I can see we have a lot in common.. Smile.. God bless..xo

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    You have been having lots of fun. I stayed away from the garden show this year as I am still into getting ready to downsize. living in this three story log home near 4000 sq ft is way to much. Let alone the 9 acres. I want small now. Something that lets me have more fun than chores. Thanks Susan for sharing the gorgeous pictures. I am drooling from afar. LOL

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      Good for you, Sharon! 4000 sq ft is huge. We moved to a 2 bedroom town home and there are times I wished I lived in a smaller space. For now, I try to keep clutter to a minimum and it really does make life easier. Good luck to you. That’s a big job.

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    The first sunshine of spring is a siren call for gardeners, and re-doing an indoor space is another good way welcome the change of season. All of your pictures make me glad.

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      The penguins were very sweet. It was like watching toddlers playing. I enjoyed every minute of our visit to the zoo as much as the kids did, Amalia.

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    I am with you about the animals… it is wonderful to see them up close but it’s not natural for them. YES! Projects everywhere… I am hoping to change our bedroom around this weekend depending upon how I feel and then my office/exercise spot if time allows. What is that flowering yellow bush? I just love that bush and see it around but no one can tell me what it is… I guess I could go to Home Depot and ask them lol. Oh all of a sudden the yard is filled with chirping birds… I have not heard them all winter, love the sound. Our morning dove came first then the hoot owl and the quail, rabbits and mice are all active again. We even have a Ginger tabby cat living under the shed in the back yard. I am going to try to encourage him to stay and keep the mice population in check. He is the first feral cat we have seen in the three years we’ve been living here. We have coyotes and I am sure they keep them away. Have a great weekend xo

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      The flowering yellow bush is forsythia. It’s one of the first plants to come to life in the spring, and brings with it wonderful memories of childhood.

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    Your photos are beautiful Susan! I was wondering where they were taken, until of course I read you were at the zoo. I imagine that’s a bit of a drive for you? I feel as you do, but Tammy is right. It’s better than them being extinct.

    I’m so glad you stopped by, as your blog is one that I no longer get updates on since changing my email/blog. I’ll be sure to resubscribe.

    It is snowing now, as I’m sure it is for you too today. Even though we were away, Spring can’t get here fast enough!

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      Thanks for stopping by, Doreen. Did you ever think you’d be coming home to snow and freezing temperatures? What happened to spring? Hoping it will be back soon.

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    Hi Susan, You have visited and commented on my blog a couple of times now so I thought I should pop by and repay the love. Similar to you, I’ve been working hard at organizing my office area and starting to really like the results. How are things going for you there?

    Your photos are lovely and all your food photos make me hungry and inspire me to cook more. Thanks for stopping by. I’ll be back here to say hello again soon.
    xx Jen

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      Hi Jennifer – Thanks so much for stopping by. My office/guest is still waiting for some shelving so I can put anything away. Getting close though.

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    Spring has been playing hide and seek this month. This weekend we had our second big blizzard in April.

    I remember my parents and siblings talking about how we all went to the Bronx Zoo when I was little, but I was too young to remember. Fun to see your pictures, however I have mixed feelings about all of the animals in captivity, too. They are sure beautiful to see though.

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    I am just catching up on reading the blogs I enjoy—my computer has been “in the shop”. I have the same exact thoughts about the zoo–I love to go and see the animals but feel somewhat sorry for them. I have not been on my blog in quite some time–the business of Spring and possibly taking new paths. ☺

  16. Emma says

    I hope that eventually zoos will become extinct. It is cruel to keep animals confined, animals that in their natural habitat travel miles. Why is it that humans think they have the right to cause distress to animals for their own enjoyment?

    Animals that normally hunt for their own food only being allowed to eat when humans say they can. Not being able to express normal behaviour with their own kind, instead being gawped at by humans. Culled or experimented on as humans desire.

    People going to visit zoos are allowing this cruel practice to continue. Whilst many will argue that animals will become extinct unless kept and bred in captivity surely to become extinct would mean wild animals would no longer have to bear this cruelty. I would rather know that a wild animal had lived and died in it’s own habitat than been held in captivity against it’s will.

    Perhaps when you visit the zoo again to gawp at those wild creatures you might think more about how they are kept in captivity for your enjoyment.

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