Since the beginning of February, we have had snow, ice, temperatures below zero, more snow and high winds.









I’m not sure if it’s the bitter cold temperatures or all the snow we’ve been having, but I have been lolling about, not accomplishing much of anything this past week. I had very good intentions about starting a few different projects but never seemed to get around to them. Even my latest issue of Where Women Create Businesses, which I always look forward to reading, was skimmed through and put on the side.

If truth be told, I’ve been watching a lot of past season episodes of Parenthood. I was reading about it somewhere and thought I’d check it out on Amazon. I started with season one and quickly became hooked. I’d promise myself I’d just watch one and then think, “just one more.” I just love it, but I decided to limit myself to just one or two episodes a day and get on with my life. It’s really been a great way to spend these icy cold days, when I don’t want to leave the house.

It’s also been a great time for comfort foods. I’ve made soup a few times – I never get tired of soup – hot oatmeal for breakfast with nuts, raisons and cinnamon and some homemade quick breads. I will also admit to eating my fair share of chocolate on Valentines Day. It was a holiday, I told myself, so have another piece.

I must confess to daydreaming a bit about spring. I’m a strong believer in living in the moment and really enjoying each day as it comes but I have to admit the thought of making plans without worrying about road conditions or being snowed in is beginning to sound appealing. It will all happen soon enough though and in the meantime I’ll just enjoy what is. How about you? Are you enjoying the moment or doing a bit of spring daydreaming of your own?

Hope you’re having a great day, no matter what the weather is where you are!



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    I heard on the news that your side of the country is due for more snow – we drove over the pass on Valentines day and the ski areas here in WA are already closed! What a crazy year! Soups, yummy breads and an entertaining show sound like good ways to make the best of things. Wishing you clear roads and plantable garden beds soon!

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    Hope you’re going to get those “clear” roads soon. You’ve had way more than your fair share of snow and cold weather! Comfort foods and TV watching sound good to me!

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    Beautiful ice, roses, and delicious looking food! Folks in the east are sure getting hammered by a hard winter..and on one hand I’m grateful to be warm and on the other hand, I MISS WINTER! Your blog is so easy to read and I come away with a peaceful feeling. Just really nice, Susan.

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    P.S. I meant to answer and say YES! I am doing a bit of Spring day dreaming and Southern Califoria thinks it’s already Spring. I am anxious to start planting but a sudden freeze could happen again. We had one and it killed so many things. It’s terrible to see things turn black overnight. Have a lovely Tuesday, Susan.

  5. Suzie says

    Wow it looks really cold where you are….love the photo of the icicles…and your homemade goodies look delicious. I also try to live in the moment, makes life so much more rewarding I think. Stay warm .

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    Hi Susan … enjoyed all that you have shared. We have had such a mild winter here in Kansas this year. Although in the past week we have turned colder and we have had snow off and on for a few days. Our roadways are clear now and we have just a little snow covering our lawn. I do love winter days when we can snuggle inside, putter in our little cottage and enjoy quiet, peaceful, and homey days. I love those kinds of days, where there is nothing pressing that has to be done. Enjoy warm and cosy days snuggled inside. ♥ Hugs

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    Hi Susan! I just read your comment on my blog and wanted to stop by and say ‘hello’ and thank you for visiting. Please forgive my absence but I’m sure you understand. Believe it or not it’s been rather chilly in Florida too. Of course, nothing like what we are headed for next week, but it’s so ironic that our current place is on the beach but it’s too cold to be on it!

    Sounds like you’re dealing with the weather exactly like I would be…eating and cooking…cooking and eating ;). Nothing wrong with that I say.

    I wish I could take your advice and stay down here longer, but duty calls, or in our case, jury duty. Ugh!

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      Oh, I was hoping you might be able to change the date on the jury duty and enjoy Florida a little longer. Well, hopefully things will be warming up here soon – it might even be up in the thirties when you get home!

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      Let’s look on the bright side, Lynne – Spring will be here in about 4 weeks! In the meantime, we can find ways to enjoy ourselves in spite of the cold, grey days.

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    It has been cold here as well. Yesterday I was just telling the little grandson that is here before school that we’ve not had one snow day where kids could enjoy the snow…it’s been bitterly cold and windy each time.

    Lovely photos! :)

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      That’s amazing, Deb, isn’t it? And if they do go out, they have to come in shortly after. I think they can still enjoy a snow day, however. Seems like they’ve have plenty of them this month.

  9. Laura says

    Hi Susan! Parenthood is one of the best shows! I was so sorry to see it end. What else can we expect from Ron Howard? A show that promoted family & was not filled with sex and violence. Enjoy watching it to the end! You can knit me a scarf while you do! Love ya! Laura

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      I’m up to season 3 and enjoying every single episode. I’m trying to limit myself to one or two a day now. I can’t believe that it has ended and I’ve only just discovered it.

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    I think (hope!) we’ve had all the snow we’re going to get this year. There are definite (lovely) signs of spring all around. Your food looks delicious.

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      The only signs of spring around here are the flowers I bring home from the market! But, I’m sure it won’t be too much longer before the snow is gone and the daffs and tulips begin poking their heads up through the ground. What a welcome sight that will be!

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    I love winter but I must confess that I am looking forward to weather in the 30s and 40s so I can walk without being bundled up! I wasn’t able to walk when it was frigid out and that was frustrating. Now my pup, he is wishing and hoping for spring!!

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      Our pup will definitely be happy to see spring arrive too. There have been days when her little feet get so cold, my husband has to carry her.

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    Love Parenthood:) You must watch until the very very end..
    When they all leave the field..
    Miss it already..Bitterly cold here..sub zero F every single day..
    Looks cozy at your home..

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    Gosh you really are having such a cold snap. We are very fortunate , winter innScotland has been mild this year, spring feels just arounds the corner. I think you are doing the right thing, staying indoors, making lovely things to eat,name watching great TV shows. Sounds ideal! X

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    Susan, I am longing for spring, too! The giant piles of snow at every street corner and the completely frozen harbor is really beginning to wear on me! Yu seem to have much better coping skills than I! 😉

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      I guess you just have to try to find the beauty in it all, Kim. There’s really not much we can do about the weather, so we might just as well accept it and know that spring gets closer everyday.

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    It’s hard to imagine you being so bogged down with snow when I’m sitting her in a singlet with the air conditioning on!! The beauty of the internet and overseas connections hey! I’d die for a bowl of that gorgeous looking oatmeal with the walnuts and raisins – yummo!! Do you have it with cream and brown sugar…my nan always made ours that way when I was a child…I haven’t watched parenthood but I usually have a few series on the go and I think in your current circumstances, if it’s cold and you are snowed in, why not !! Especially if it keeps you entertained, I love nothing more than being engrossed in a show you love and your crochet in hand!! Jan x

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      Hi Jan – I use honey in the oatmeal and I will confess to the occasional splash of 1/2 and 1/2. I honestly don’t mind this time of year, but my husband would love to pack his bags and head to Florida where it’s warm all year long. I like the the change of seasons.

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    Living in the moment is so fun, I remember one particular day in the spring time… The sun was warm on my face, the air had a crispness to it that made my face tingle and I felt like hugging the sun, soooo…. I wanted to do something that I hadn’t done since I was a child. Looking around to make sure that no one was watching I threw my arms wide, pointed my face to the sun and stood there turning around and around with a smile on my face feeling love for absolutely everything in, on and around me. I have to say it felt really good :-)

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    I’m definitely day-dreaming about spring. I keep meaning to get my seedlings for the garden started but that requires trekking out to the garage to get the pots and such and my desire to stay indoors and hibernate wins out every time I think about it!

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