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I’ve been hanging out in my guest room/studio/office a lot lately. I’m determined to get my afghan finished (after almost a year!!!) with only about 8 or 9 nine more rows to go. Then it’s on to tucking in all the loose threads and doing a bit of a border. I’m chomping at the bit to start something else but I really want to get this project DONE!

I have a lap loom that I received for Christmas that I can’t wait to play with. I haven’t used one before so I thought I’d look for a youtube tutorial, though it doesn’t look to be difficult.

I have a small stash of fabric, cotton for quilting, upholstery fabric and a few pieces of lovely toile. Some of the toile is Waverly fabric that I purchased at Mill Ends on Long Island and the rest I actually ordered from France. The pictures on this are so beautiful I was never able to cut into it because of the stories these pictures told. I think I’m ready to take the leap now, though. I was thinking how nice some of it would look with a bit of embroidered embellishment.

What are you working on? Are you, like me, trying to finish up a single project or do you have several things going at the same time? Some of you amaze me with the speed you are able to turn out one finished project after the next. I’ll have to step things up a bit!

Hope you’re having a great day!



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    I am absolutely incapable of working on one project or reading one book or talking about one subject at a time (see what I mean?)

    Right now I’m working on a cloth book for my newest grandchild, trying my hand at rust dyeing, stitching a pillow top called Triangulation about our 2500 mile journey last fall, repairing two pairs of my daughter’s designer jeans, adding Kantha to two shirts … uh, this is embarrassing 😉

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    I am working pretty hard on several projects trying to wrap them up before I start anything more. I tend to work on too many things at one time but I always like to finish things. So for now – finish the applique on one quilt top and get a star quilt top finished also – but at the same time I am quilting another top on my hand frame. And we won’t mention the 3 others in progress that I really want to finish too :)

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    You are making great progress on your blanket, Susan! Bravo! I especially like the effect of the variegated yarn rows amidst the solid rows. I have way too many projects started. I admire your discipline.

    I am feeling better from the cold I had two weeks ago and am trying to get back into a more productive routine…but I have to admit that your suggestion that I rest sounds good : ) I need to be more focused on doing less so that I can accomplish more???

    Wishing you a happy week. I am going to knit on my cowl tonight. xx

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      I hope you’re feeling a little better, Gracie. Sometimes those nasty colds take awhile to leave our systems. Sometimes you just have to give in and rest so you can get over it and back to business as usual!

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    You have some lovely things on the way there! It will be interesting to hear about the loom and to see what you make. The fabrics are lovely, I have never used any toile, but it is so beautiful isn’t it! Hope you have fun with all of your different crafty things. xx

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    I find myself wanting projects to go faster sometimes. Blogging seems to add to the pressure and I agree that other folk seem to reel out finished blankets on an almost weekly basis. No way I can hope to go at their pace! An exhibition I visited last year in the Dales in Yorkshire made me think though. It was all about celebrating slow and careful work as a meditative as well as productive process. That’s what handmade is all about and crafting is all about enjoyment. We shouldn’t put so much emphasis on finishing – its the doing that counts xxx PS love your blanket by the way – the variegated yarn is lovely

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      I absolutely agree with you, Kathryn. I joke a lot about how much time it takes me to finish something, but the truth is, I enjoy every minute of it. I’m definitely not racing to the finish line.

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    A lap loom . . . thanks for mentioning . . . I created many a piece years ago on my homemade lap loom.

    I have been venturing out and doing my own acrylic creations . . . and enjoying!

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    I have just started a new quilt project. It is a large 37″ block of a Dahlia Bloom. It is not at all what I am normally drawn to but decided to step outside the box on this one. I am using fabrics from my stash and it may be for our new grandchild that is “coming in 2015″! I also have an embroidery block of the month series I did about 10 years ago and never put together into a wall quilt that I dug out and is staring at me from my work table. I am contemplating what type of fabric I want to use to set it together. And then there are about a “jillion” projects going on in my head at all times. ☺

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      Oh, I agree. The projects going on in our heads is the best part. As we sit working on a project, we’re already plotting the next one and the one after that. But, it’s great fun, isn’t it?

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    Your quilt and fabrics..LOVE..
    I have always been fond of toile and really most things handmade.
    I made a few Christmas ornaments this January..for next Christmas.. 2 friends..and I was itching to send one to Europe.
    Love getting things done in advance.
    Not sure what is next..but always something going.
    You will be so happy once you set your quilt down..finished and love it.
    I am sure a smile will cross your face.

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      I love all things handmade too, Monique. I can’t believe you already made ornaments for next Christmas. That’s wonderful. I don’t know how you find the time with all the wonderful cooking and baking you do. You should write a cookbook!

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      Thank you, Carie. I’ll be happy to finish the afghan and move on.It will be nice to see it folded neatly and sitting on the side of the sofa, ready to be used.

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    Oh heavens..I always have a project of some sort..but none are of the long term sort. I used to do that, but was cured of it when I took on making a quilt. A KING sized quilt. TO THE FLOOR! My first quilt. It’s packed away..but I should get it out and use it. King size to the floor..and by the time it was finished..I have never taken on something big like that again. I spray paint things..etc..quick things that allow me to see the results…say..in an hour or so? :) Less?
    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and commenting.

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    I love the colors of your afghan! I am between big projects (not counting two quilts that have been in the works for longer than I want to acknowledge.) Trying to finish the stack of half-read books piled around my bed!

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    Your photos are gorgeous, all that fabric! I always have a couple of projects going at one time. I need the distraction to keep me interested in them. Sound silly but that’s just how I work. I usually have a big project going and a few smaller ones.

    Have a good weekend.
    Birgitta xx

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      Thanks so much for stopping by, Brigitta. I’m looking forward to starting new projects too. Good luck with your
      “cafe au lait” shawl!

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    What a beautiful collection of craft materials. I’m in the new year process of still clearing out the clutter and re organizing the house. With 4 kids i’m pretty busy with motherhood and daydream about what projects I want to get my hands into. Thanks for visiting my blog.

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      Hi Holly – Where does all the clutter come from? I just tossed out a full garbage bag of things that were sitting around here in my office. Feels much better now. So glad you stopped by.

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    Last night, I finished a crocheted blanket (granny stripe) for my daughter. Seeing all the ends you have to weave in gives me a little shudder. I think that’s the worst part. Your afghan looks lovely, such nice colors.

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      Those ends are making me shudder too! When I’ done with the blanket, I’ll sit and watch a movie (or 2) and get that part of the project done.

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    You make me want to crochet, looking at your delightful afghan. There were years of my life when I did that–even taught classes. But it seems that part of my life has dissolved into other pursuits at the moment. Perhaps I will circle back around to crocheting, slowly, contemplatively, quietly, one day again.

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      That’s what happened with me. I hadn’t picked up a crochet hook in at least 20 years, and someone online inspired me to to start again. I’m just doing a basic double crochet back and forth but I’d like to try something a bit more challenging next time. It’s been very relaxing.

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