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Hello, dear friends! I can’t believe it’s been months since I was last here in this space – I’ve been hibernating, hunkering down and being very, very lazy. We had a couple of nice warm days this past week and I seem to have come back to life, working on projects that haven’t seen the light of day in months, re-acquainting myself with the kitchen, spending some time outdoors and visiting with friends.
I think I was getting a bit of cabin fever, watching way too much news, which can’t be too good for you.

I finally picked up the afghan that I started way back in 2015. It was supposed to be a Christmas gift for my daughter that year and then again this year. Well, better late than never, I guess. Now that my life seems to be getting back on track again, I began another afghan that I’m making from some of the yarn I have left over from other projects. I’d like to donate this so I’m hoping it’s done before the temps hit 90 degrees!

I’m even in the mood to cook and bake again, finally. I haven’t used my crockpot at all this year and I’m trying to find a few recipes that are both healthy and tasty – anyone have any suggestions?
I like the idea of getting dinner going in the morning and not having to think about it all day.

Wishing you all a happy week ahead!



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      Hi Helen – It’s good to be back. I really have been quite lazy this winter – lots of coffee, hot chocolate and books, shutting out the world. Hope all is well with you. xo

  1. Laura says

    Glad you are back! Missed this very much! Hoping we can catch up in realtime real soon! Love to the family! I can taste that Irish soda bread just looking at it! Love you Laura Bell

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      Hello, dear Laura Bell – Hope all is well with you, D and pup. I’ve been on an Irish soda bread kick lately and there’s still 2 weeks until St. Patty’s day. Remember the year we all went into the city for the parade? The good old days for sure. Love to all of you. xo

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    Hi Susan and welcome back. I’ve missed hearing from you. We are starting to wake up from winter here, too, in Illinois. It’s been a very mild and practically snowless (January and February) winter for us. I’ve enjoyed it, I must say.

    I do have a slow cooker recipe for you, Sweet Potato Chili. I wrote about it on my blog in 2015. It’s one I still enjoy very much, thought you might like to try it. Here is the url: https://cindyricedesigns.wordpress.com/2015/11/13/sweet-potato-chili/

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    Hi Cindy – I just checked out the chili recipe and it looks delicious. Thanks so much for sharing.
    We had a relatively mild winter here too. The snow always seemed to be just north of us.
    Thanks so much for stopping by.

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    Hello Susan, and welcome back!

    For crock pot recioes that are healthy, you can’t be Pinterest.

    We’ve been on the road since the end of December, enjoying warmer weather. Unfortunately what comes along with that at times is spotty internet, so I haven’t been bloggging either.

    How nice that you donate your treasures! I know it takes a fair amount of time to make an Afghan so it’s especially sweet of you to give it away, and I’m sure very much appreciated.


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      I hope you are enjoying your travels, Doreen. I’m sure you’re happy to be in Florida this weekend – the temps dipped down to single digits. Brrr.
      Thanks for reminding me to check pinterest for crockpot recipes. Always such a great source of info.
      Enjoy the rest of your journey! xo

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    I have thought of you and wondered how you were..:)

    I love that plaque and it’s words.
    I have always felt like that..and now my circle is within my family..it got smaller with the years..
    Good for you and getting back into the swing of things..creativity is a Godsend..
    Love that quilt!

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      Hi, Monique – Creativity is most definitely a Godsend!
      I get such pleasure in dabbling in this and that though, unlike you, I haven’t gotten into painting – I’ve absolutely
      no talent in that area.
      Hoping all is well with you and your beautiful family. xo

  6. says

    oh dearest bean!
    I have been waiting for this post. can you see my big grin?

    I see absolutely nothing wrong with hunkering down and hibernating from the world for awhile.
    you’re like a beautiful plant that gets its nourishment from solitude and quiet days and gentle times.
    and if the world might want to misconstrue that as “laziness” … it simply is NOT!
    I see it as room to grow. time to rest and renew. and when the world’s vibrations are off kilter we need that time more than ever. at least I do.
    and now… it’s becoming spring again! and here you are!!! with such a gorgeous post.
    you never disappoint.
    and i’ll be trying to find that book at my library. :) XOXO♥

  7. says

    Oh, dear Tammy, you always know the perfect thing to say and that is why I miss you so much!
    Yes, you are so right – I think I needed time to just “be.” And, I know you know exactly how that feels.
    How have you been doing? Have you given any thought to starting something new? You are missed by so
    many, but you have to do what’s best for you and only you can decide if and when the time is right.
    Take good care of yourself, dear one. Sending warm hugs your way. xo

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    We must be sisters as I have been doing a lot of hibernating. Our weather has been strange. One day fairly nice then I wake to cold and snow. I get all set to do some yard work and then I wake to snow. So I read and then read some more. I am suppose to be organizing and packing things up for the future big move, but somehow that just doesn’t inspire me.LOL I really want spring NOW. It was good to hear from you!

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      Strange weather here too, Sharon. It went down to 9 degrees last night and was in the 60’s during the week.
      That’s quite a stretch. Won’t it be wonderful to see the buds on the trees again? Won’t be long now. xo

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    Great to see you back and you made me hungry with those food pics, still doing the low carb thing and tripping around a bit in New Zealand currently xo

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    Lovely to see you back again Susan, and what beautiful photographs. That quilt looks just gorgeous. I agree watching too much news is really bad for the soul. I now limit myself to one news bulletin per day and guess what, the world seems a better place. X

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      Thanks for the kind words, Penny. You are absolutely right about the effects of too much news. And, watching
      before bedtime can be toxic. I’m going to follow your lead and limit myself. There’s too many better things I can be doing.

  11. says

    Welcome back my friend!! There is soooo much I love about this post!! That Irish soda bread. That sign. Most of all, I have to go to Amazon now and order that Julia Cameron book!!! I read The Artist’s Way years ago and this one looks like it’s just what I need at this point in my life. I’ve been wanting to locate The Artist’s Way and re-read that as well. It seems to have gotten lost when we moved. : (

    So happy your nap is over!! : )

    ~ Wendy xo

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      I’m enjoying the book, Wendy, it’s keeping me on my toes. I just do one chapter every week or two, but she gives you exercises to do everyday/week. Sometimes we need a little shot in the arm.
      I have to stop with the Irish soda bread – it’s addictive!

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    Susan, I have missed your posts!! So much pretty and I love that book you’re reading. I need to go peek at that! Enjoy your cozy, lazy days.

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      Thank you, Kim. It’s good to be back, though I must admit, slowing down for awhile felt wonderful.
      Glad to be back in the swing of things.

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    I’ve miss you, Susan! I wondered if maybe I neglected to come by…that’s happening more and more. Thanks for the nice comment. I love that you love pop music, too. It just makes me feel good. My daughter plays classic rock in her car and it depresses me. I want new, feel good music!!

    I agree with you cooking a bit in the morning. I’m pooped by evening and I’ve taken to making a few frozen meals or pizza for dinner and that really goes against my vow to not eat processed food. I’m lazy about lunch, too, and sometimes I eat leftovers when I should have a salad. I bought tons of veggies and good stuff and several smaller plastic containers with lids. I make up a few salads to have for part of the week. The key to freshness is to layer the dressing on the bottom, then your greens. Place a layer of plastic wrap over that and then add your fresh ingredients like beans, olives grains, cheese…this keeps the greens from wilting. Then just toss it together on a plate! I actually look forward to lunch!

    I read the book The Artist’s Way. Someone in Gatlinburg recommended it to me, a lady who shucked her corporate job, moved to Tennessee and now paints in water colors and oils. She has her own shop and also holds classes. I told her I wanted to do something with my writing. She took me aside, told me about the book, and I went out to my car and ordered it on Amazon! I don’t know if it was the book but I’m now writing for 2 newspapers! :)

    Hopefully spring will be here soon. The sun is out so thats a treat.

    Hope to keep seeing you in the blog world more often!

    jane x

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      Thanks so much for stopping by, Jane. I’m glad to hear about your 2 newspaper gigs – I know how happy writing makes you. It’s definitely what you’re meant to be doing. Well, that and decorating. lol
      I read the Artisit’s Way so many years ago too. Her new book is geared more for people of a certain age, but
      definitely very similar to Artist’s Way. I’m enjoying it and the exercises that go along with it.

  14. says

    Looks like I need to do some catching up with you . . .
    Love the photos . . . a chance to “imagine” with each peek . . .
    Reminds me of the blog, Posie Gets Cozy . . .
    (I hope I have that name written correctly.)
    I experimented with a recipe the other day . . .
    Chicken Scampi . . . kind of . .
    I need to keep tweaking it . . .
    I will send you the recipe, if you’d like . . .

  15. says

    Hi Susan! It is nice to see a post from you! Happy you are doing well and staying warm and cozy. I love your teakettle! What is the brand of it? I’m in the market for a new one!

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