A Gift From Mother Nature

This weekend, my husband ran a 5K race at an arboretum about 30 miles from home. My friend talked me into tagging along so we could take in the beauty of this gorgeous setting while the guys ran. It was definitely worth setting the alarm for 5:45!


As the runners took off, we left to go exploring. The sights were incredible!



You can see the early morning mist lingering in most of these photos.



But the colors and textures of everything were just beautiful.IMG_1715

I loved this old greenhouse…


and the beautiful statuary scattered around.




I was mesmerized by the beauty of it all.





I’m so glad I didn’t opt to stay home in bed and miss all of this! It reminded me of all that Mother Nature has to offer either in our own backyards or a few miles from home. And, all of this beautiful scenery was absolutely free.

I came home feeling refreshed, my spirits lifted. What an incredible gift! I hope you were able to spend some time outdoors enjoying yourselves too – digging in your garden, a walk around the neighborhood, a park, the beach. It’s all there for our pleasure.

Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks so much for stopping by.



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    What beautiful pictures you took! I loved looking at all the flowers, statues, etc. and what a wonderful way to spend some time on Mothers Day weekend!

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    So beautiful . . .
    The walk through your photos felt like I was walking with you in the Arboretum . . .
    Congratulations to your hubby and the 5k . . .

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    Breathtaking Susan…just breathtaking! What a blessing to be in the midst of such exquisite beauty, with your husband running, and up early in the stillness of the morning. Sounds like a wonderful day!

    Lovingly Sita

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    I had to giggle at the different type of morning you and your husband had – your’s would suit me just fine 😀 What a beautiful area you live in!! We are in the middle of a bitter spell – wind, rain, hail and the odd rainbow…I spent yesterday morning sitting rugged up watching my girls (my chickens), picked some vegies for lunch, collected eggs, ate the last of the strawberries and I felt pretty content and happy with my lot…it doesn’t take much does it. Jan x

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      I would love to have been able to go into that stone cottage, Lynn. It’s closed to the public, but I like to imagine what it must have been like, back in the day.

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      Hi, Kristen. It must have been the stone cottage that made you feel that way – I could definitely picture that scene somewhere over in England.

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    Love the beauty in it all! Places like these fill my soul with gratitude, awe and happiness. I am happy that you went and ended up experiencing something so spectacular

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    Absolutely gorgeous images. The cloud/fog added to the colors. The peace was palpable!
    WE had rainy cold weather, but I felt loved by my family so it was all good.

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    Oh, my goodness, I’m so glad you thought to tag along with the runners! Your pictures are stunning. They are definitely frame-worthy! The statuary and old buildings are beautiful. I once visited an arboretum years ago and it wasn’t half as lovely. Good for you.

    I caught up on a few posts…I thought it was sort of odd that I had missed so many so I signed up for emails again (I think again). Anyway—I’ve never done the smoothie thing, I’m always on a low carb sort of plan so I can’t sweeten anything up too much nor have much fruit. My daughter loves them and absolutely has to start her day with one. I’m glad she does, so many younger adults either don’t like or don’t cook veggies.

    Thank you for your visits. I hope to be more of a reliable visitor in the future!!

    Jane x

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      Hi Jane – Notice I wasn’t one of the runners! Thanks for signing up again. I’m not sure what happened, but you’re not the first one to tell me they weren’t receiving my posts. I switched to mail chimp so maybe that will help.

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    How beautiful a day you had. I was treated very well by my son who took me to brunch and dinner, brought me flowers and apple pie. But the best treat was he helped me in the gardens for the whole afternoon. He did the heavy work and I the light work. What a thoughtful mothers day gift it was. I love surprises like that. It is so nice to look at when it is all clean and tidy and beautiful.

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      It sounds like you had a perfect day, Sharon. Your son sounds like a wonderful young man. You must feel very blessed. I’m so glad you got to enjoy your Mother’s Day.

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    Your visit to the Arboretum looks so beautiful Susan, there is something about being outside in all that greenery and surrounded by trees that does the soul good! X

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      Hi Penny – It really did fill my soul – just beautiful. I imagine it to be quite beautiful where you are too, in that land of my ancestors.

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      Thanks for stopping by, Amalia – It was incredibly beautiful. Since it’s so early in the season, I didn’t think their would be much to see, but the soft colors of everything just blossoming was really breathtaking.

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    Overcast and misty! My favorite running conditions. Looks like a lovely morning. It’s always so refreshing when we take the time to enjoy simple moments like these.

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    It’s always lovely to be somewhere like that early in the morning, earlier than you would usually be up – the world feels totally different at that time of day.

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      The world does look different, Lotta. I’ve actually been making a conscious effort to get up earlier to enjoy that special time of day.

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    What a lovely way to start the day Susan! Like you, I wouldn’t normally want to wake up that early, but certainly the romantic and ethereal mist made it worth it. The gardens look so elegant and they remind me of some I saw in England. Although it was many years ago, they were truly unforgettable.

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    Such wonderful photos!! The weather has been so beautiful. I’ve been outside taking lots of photos again. I missed it terribly over the winter. It was so cold and so cloudy all the time. I love the return of the light!! : ) I’ve been catching up on your posts. Thanks for sharing your recipes. I’m going to make the chicken and snow pea recipe for sure!! Have a great rest of your week!! xo

    ~ Wendy

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