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My daughter just texted me saying that there’s 99 days left in 2016. That was a wake-up call! There’s still time to do lots of the things I “meant” to do. I’m always so full of good intentions.

I’m happy to realize that I still have plenty of time to finish up the sewing and crochet projects I started, but let fall by the wayside. Still time to get back to the 10,000 steps a day I was doing before the heat of summer got to me. And, the list goes on and on.

Thanks for that text, Amy. Just what I needed to get my act together. Sort of like the bugle that Tammy from The Peanut was talking about recently.

What will you do with the next 99 days? Wishing you all a beautiful weekend.



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    That is so funny, Susan. My daughter literally stopped me in my tracks the other day when she announced that there were only 101 days left in the year. Of course, she was trying to figure out how many days there were until Christmas vacation from school and happened upon the number from there…but it shocked me into action. Tammy’s bugle post coupled with my daughter’s announcement has me motivated to get moving, too!! :)

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    Yikes, I had no idea! That’s crazy! In my mind the year just started. I had better get a move on. Like you, I still have so much to do. Thanks for the reminder, Susan. :)

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      I felt the same way when my daughter texted me with that information, Cindy. I’m still working on an afghan that was supposed to be a Christmas gift last year. Time to get a move on!

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    There’s always more on our ‘to-do’ list than time to do it, and no matter what anyone says, you’ll never convince me time doesn’t go faster when we’re older lol. It’s a conspiracy I tell ya’!


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    I am with you . . .
    My 10,000 steps flew by the wayside during the ” hot and steamy!”
    Still has been quite humid here . . .
    But a new commitment has been made and I am “on my way!”
    Happy Fall Steps . . .

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      I think we’re going to finally be dropping into the 60’s and 70’s around here – my kind of weather! I’ll have no excuses for not walking then, Lynne.

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    good grief dear bean!
    you would think i’m on another continent.
    I have a bone to pick with gmail. I always get the email of your new posts a day late.
    but even though that always makes me late to the party I get to read everybody else’s comments which is fun.
    I love our little community here.
    and guess what… it’s supposed to RAIN tonight and tomorrow here. YAYYY!
    I simply cannot wait. it might as well be christmas right now. i’m that excited.
    rain in my stocking! LOLOL.
    but… i’m glad it’s almost 90 days away.

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      Happy to hear you’re finally getting some rain. I hope it cools things off a bit for you. I can’t believe you’re still in the 90’s – I’m hoping that autumn comes a bit earlier for you than it did last year, dear Tammy.

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    That’s scary! I feel like it’s still July! Not only the weather but I just don’t remember where everything went and I have no idea if I will be on time for fall or winter! I keep seeing things in humps…”After I do this or get that done I can move on to…” Grrr…I want to decorate and bake and get out for walks but everything is so rushed. The reminder is a good one though. Clean up my act and prioritize!

    Happy Fall, Susan!

    jane x

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      I’m sorry things are feeling so rushed for you, Jane. Are there any things you can eliminate from your list to make life a little easier? Sometimes we have to step back and re-calculate our priorities. Go out and take a peaceful walk in this beautiful fall weather and go home and bake something delicious. You can get to all the things on your list tomorrow.

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    Oh goodness, that means it’s even less until Christmas… which means if I’m going to make anything handmade at all – even ornaments – I should probably get a move on! Eeek!

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    What a fun prompt . IN the next 99 days I hope to keep my 50lb weight loss in maintenance. Its not fun but its working. I hope to KNIT more hats and donate them and gift them.
    I hope to focus on more clearing of our woods and getting the land in better shape.
    I want to survive the shelter GALA and help it behugely successful

    I want to milk my phone along! No new phones and fees for me!

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    That doesn’t sound like very long! I like autumn and winter very much, so my plan is to enjoy each and every one of those 99 days and do my best to be kind and loving each day. I would also like to continue with my decluttering; I am workimg my way slowly through each room in the house trying to minimise surface clutter and clear drawers and cupboards to make house work a little easier x

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      I love your outlook on fall and winter, Penny. I feel the same way.
      Decluttering is such a worthwhile endeavor – makes life so much simpler when we get rid of all the “stuff” we really don’t use.

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    Hi Susan,
    It is an awakening lol, I have a friend on face book that posts usually once every other week how many days left til Christmas all year long. This year will be special as we have a grandson to spoil :-) have a great week

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    Wow, that sure puts the year in perspective! I guess it’s time to do all those things it was too darn hot to do all summer! Fall has always been my favorite season, so I cannot complain. Hope you are enjoying what’s left on 2016!

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    Somehow I missed your reminder, so now I just have 89 days to appreciate before 2017! Like you, though, Susan, I want to appreciate each day…unwrap it as a gift and live in a loving way. I especially love this time of year. Two years ago I was visiting back in your neck of the woods at this time of year and the memories of good times with family and friends is a treasure. Wishing you well! XX

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