100 Days Left!


I recently read that as of Tuesday, September 22nd, there are 100 days left in this year. Wow – I still have time to do all the things I haven’t gotten around to do this year. The projects I started but never finished, losing another 10 pounds (oh, I’d like to lose lots more but I’m being realistic,)
the goals I made for the year but haven’t quite realized. And the list goes on….

But I feel like I’ve been given a reprieve! One hundred whole days! What to do, what to do. Well, of course the list making has begun. I actually feel excited, like I’ve been given a gift.

How about you? What are you going to do with the last 100 days of 2015? If you’re anything like me, I’m sure you’ll come up with lots of ideas.

So glad you stopped by. Have a great week!



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    100 days!
    a nice ring to it.
    i’m a ‘starter’ kind of person.
    i love fresh starts! LOL.
    and this gives me plenty of fresh start days. :)
    the most beautiful cool life giving rain all day here.
    i am just soaking it all up like a little green tree whose leaves are eager to turn!
    happy autumn dear bean! ♥

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      And Happy Autumn to you too, Tammy! I’m glad you’re enjoying your beautiful rainy day. We’ve had lots of sun here in NY and I’m enjoying every minute of it.

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    This certainly gives me a new perspective! I have so many things happening between now and the end of the year. I’ve been focusing on how busy I’m going to be and how much I need to get done — planning two birthdays, two trips, a baby shower, etc. I’m reminded that it is all gift, as is the next 100 days!

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      Wow, you certainly have a lot going on, Karen. Not to mention all the holidays coming up. The good news is that you have a little more than 3 months to plan all of this.

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    Great post, Susan, and 100 days is indeed a gift! I know how much I enjoy Autumn, with the cooler temperatures, the changing colours on the leaves, the abundance of root vegetables and at great prices, which I love so much! Thank you so much for sharing this inspiring post! :)

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    Good grief 100 days……I feel I have wasted most of the year lo and oh yes many projects to complete.
    I have at least done a bit of sewing and must finish a crochet play mat, just need to sew up all the squares……

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    Not sure how to respond to that…………. Actually I need at least double that. I am on a down sizing kick and that is not easy. But better now than when it actually happens. Right. Goodwill is loving me these days.

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    What a wonderfully positive statistic! I hope to achieve lots in the next 100 days. We have a really busy autumn this year, and I am relishing all this family time with my lovely boys. I am also hope-hope-hoping to buy a sewing machine, which I have never had before, so that is really exciting for me! X

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    Dear Susan … I was just thinking about it being almost Fall and how the days of 2015 have so quickly slipped away … now I am thinking of how I want to make the very most of these ♥ 100 ♥ precious days left in this year. Thank you for the sweet reminder. Fall Blessings ♥ Teri

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    Finding a balance in goal setting and celebrating each moment is ever a challenge, isn’t it, Susan. My goals tend to be too lofty and my plans to reach those goals are often ill conceived. It is good to pause and think about it as I especially enjoy Fall and Winter. Thanks to you I now realize that I have 100 days to invest in the rest of 2015. I am enjoying focusing on completing an autumnal toned shawl, and planning little handmade gifts as Christmas gifts for some loved ones…along with completing the hum and drum of routine activities in my days. Wishing you a Happy Hundred days…and beyond :) xx

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    Wow! That is hard to believe! And I know they will probably go by so fast. I plan to enjoy each and every day, and I am looking forward to the holidays, too. Things are just starting to settle down for me a bit (thank god) after a very busy and hectic year so far. I do believe the rest of this year will be quiet and joyful for me.

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    What a great way to look at the rest of the year! I tend to get a bit wind-ey down this time of year, a bit ‘oh well, I’ve done about as much as I can on my list’, but this has given me a boost to seize the rest of the year!

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    Only a hundred days left!!!! Well the first thoughts is Christmas knitting and making and the second is aaaargh. I think I’d better go and make some plans!

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